Wednesday random bits

You know the drill.

  • Here’s one of those obscure stats that gives you pause for thought when you see it:  of the nation’s top 10 punt returners, Georgia has or will face seven of them.  So far, Georgia has held up pretty well in that department, as the longest punt return it’s allowed this season is 17 yards to ‘Bama’s Arenas.
  • How do you think Tony Franklin would be doing right now at Auburn with this guy at quarterback?
  • David Hale has a good piece up about Georgia’s leadership search.
  • If you’re looking for a rundown of the computer rankings used for the BCS, then this post at The National Championship Issue is a must read.
  • Just snap the damned ball.
  • There’s another cool post up at, about which teams in the country have spent the least amount of time trailing in games this season.  One of those teams is not like the others.
  • Travis isn’t into this whole audacity of hope thing, I guess.


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6 responses to “Wednesday random bits

  1. NebraskaDawg




  2. RedCrake

    I’d have to say those time trailing stats are a little misleading for UGA as 60 of those 70 minutes are from the Alabama loss.

    Other than that game, which was a disaster from the get go and in which nothing went Georgia’s way…in which Alabama played lights out/out of their minds/to the best of their ability and UGA didn’t even bother to show up until the second half (where they outscored Alabama 30-10)…

    Other than that game, Georgia is trailing an average of 1.67 minutes per game.

    I find that pretty encouraging.

    (p.s. I love ellipses….)


  3. Frank

    In regard to Andy Staples “Just Snap the Ball” —

    How has that big bad 97-play-running offense of OU fared the last 5 years in BCS bowls? 0 and four, with 2 blowout losses, a loss to LSU in which they were completely dominated, and a loss to a midmajor on a big time stage. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but how in the hell is he going to pick on the SEC, who has won 3 out of the last 5 nat’l championships. Throw the Big 10 (the other conference he picks on) in there and you’ve got 4 of the last 6 nat’l championships. I’ll take our tortoise pace all day if that’s what it takes to win championships. And if he likes record setting offenses, he should tune in to the 2008 Sugar Bowl. How many plays did Hawaii run there?


  4. Munson's_call


    I think you are missng the point of Staples post. I don’t think he was saying the number of plays Oklahoma runs makes them a better team or is what makes them a good team. His point was they are making an effort to speed up the pre-snap decision process to give themselves the opportunity to run more plays. I don’t think he ever says the SEC or Big Ten offenses are not as good because they don’t get as many snaps off per game. He is just saying why they don’t get off as many plays.

    Also, these clock rules didn’t even exist during the prior seasons you are referring to in your post. The very beginning of Staples’ post even states Oklahoma didn’t even switch to this no huddle strategy until last January so they weren’t even using it in their BCS Bowl loses except for the last one.

    The point Staples is trying to make is that teams need to adapt and snap the ball sooner if they are that concerned with getting more plays off each game. Not that running more plays will make you more likely to win. He is just addressing coaches like Urban Meyer who whine about the new clock rules limiting the number plays they get each game.


  5. Frank

    I agree with you on what he’s trying to prove. I don’t think he sets out to discredit the SEC, but rather the coaches who are bitching. However, I’m just saying he could’ve made his point without a snarky cut down of the most successful conference in the country.

    “The entire conference continues to crawl like a tortoise.”

    Apparently there is some truth to that whole tortoise and hare thing. Again, I agree that Urban Meyer needs to shut his trap, but I don’t think the cutting remarks toward the SEC are necessary to prove his point.