What are they feeding them in Baton Rouge?

Say what you will, this is some serious beef:

… The Bulldogs lead the SEC and rank third nationally in rushing defense, allowing 61 yards a game, but will be tested Saturday. The Tigers, led by the beefy tailback tandem of Charles Scott (5-foot-11, 233) and Keiland Williams (5-11, 229), rank third in the league and 36th nationally with 178.3 yards a game.

LSU has the largest left side in the league with guard Herman Johnson (6-7, 375) and tackle Ciron Black (6-5, 325).

Whoa.  Those toss sweeps could be a little daunting for a defensive end.


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4 responses to “What are they feeding them in Baton Rouge?

  1. NebraskaDawg

    I think I’d rather face the big back than what we got next week (tiny speed backs). Of subject, but goodness aren’t these Nerd fans especially annoying this time of year. Just read the AJC posts. They have replaced any SEC team as the most annoying by far. Dawgs must come out and crush them and run them back to their mom’s basements or we’ll never hear the end of it. Just my rant for the morning.


  2. Our defensive linemen need to tie up the big boys in purple and let Rennie and the LBs clean up. Also, watch for Reshad Jones to come up large against this type of running attack. He gets to the point of attack very fast.



  3. RedCrake

    Q: What are they feeding them in Baton Rouge?

    A: Babies?


  4. A lot of freakin’ gumbo by the sounds of things.