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Question of the evening

What’s the over/under on Celebration questions in Gainesville this week?


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I didn’t see that coming.

52 points in Baton Rouge?  Wow.

The Wiz has the pic of the day.  This guy didn’t see it coming, either.

He just wants one corn dog.  One.

He just wants one corn dog. One.



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Maybe the “B” stands for Eric Berry.

Picture from Ashley Todd’s perp walk yesterday:

Nice sweatshirt, girl!

If Lulu and Junior had a kid...

Feel free to insert your own caption in the comments section.


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The continuing saga of how the mighty have fallen, Chapter 4

Chris Low points out Tennessee’s appalling home record against, well, good teams:

… This decade, the Vols are just 1-8 when hosting a top 10 team at Neyland Stadium. Their only win came over California to open the 2006 season.

They haven’t beaten a top 10 SEC team at home since winning over Georgia, 37-20, in 1999.

Tennessee hasn’t beaten a top 5 team at home since the 1998 national championship season when it beat Florida, 20-17, in overtime. That’s Phillip Fulmer’s only win at home over a top 5 team as full-time head coach. The Vols beat No. 4 Florida in Knoxville in 1992 when Fulmer was serving as the interim coach for John Majors.

Fulmer’s road record against that sort of opposition improves from awful to merely mediocre.

… The Vols have been much better on the road against top 5 and top 10 competition. They’re 3-3 away from home against top 5 foes since the 1998 national championship season. And this decade, they’re 5-6 away from home against top 10 teams.

The last time Tennessee was unranked and beat a top 10 opponent was 1989 when the Vols won at No. 6 UCLA, 24-6. The last time the Vols were unranked and beat a top 5 team was 1985 when they upset No. 1 Auburn and eventual Heisman Trophy winner Bo Jackson, 38-20, in Knoxville.

Truly sucky.  Sucky enough that if that were the record of some other SEC coach, Fulmer would be using it as a recruiting weapon.

Those soft November schedules can only take you so far, it seems.

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