I didn’t see that coming.

52 points in Baton Rouge?  Wow.

The Wiz has the pic of the day.  This guy didn’t see it coming, either.

He just wants one corn dog.  One.

He just wants one corn dog. One.


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8 responses to “I didn’t see that coming.

  1. What a fantastic win! Bring on the Gators!


  2. Auditdawg

    To quote Office Space “Damn, it feels good to be a gansta'”. Go Dawgs !!!


  3. kckd


    I’d say we still haven’t played a complete game. That’s good cause usually there is one game where we completely dominate on BOTH sides of the ball. Defense left a lot to be desired. Maybe next week.

    I think it’ll be a war, but if we are able to come out and score often and early, it could have a snow ball effect.

    And remember how everyone said a one loss SEC team was a shoe in for the title game. Well look again. Now on collegefootballnews.com’s bowl projections they have evidently two one loss SEC teams playing outside the NC game. Penn St. (yep, a freakin’ big ten team again, gets in with no losses over two one loss SEC teams). Un freaking believable.

    And some people think this system is great. The regular season is a playoff, blah, blah, blah.

    I wonder if the NFL fans would love a system where one team gets 14 of their 16 games against average to horrible opponents, while three others play 8 very good teams, 6 decent teams and two cupcakes and then let everyone take a vote at the end.


  4. Christian

    +1 for the Corn Dog reference

    Great victory – hanging 50+ on LSU is unbelievable.


  5. RedCrake

    I wouldn’t worry too much about what CFN thinks. They have Tennessee as being in the Music City Bowl.

    This would require them to be bowl eligible! Ha!

    They have to win 3 out 0f their last 4 for that to happen: South Carolina, Wyoming, Vanderbilt, Kentucky. I just don’t see it.


  6. RC

    I noticed that same guy from the screen cap during the game and couldn’t figure out whether he was giving someone the one-finger salute or adjusting his glasses. I guess it was pretty clearly the former. I wouldn’t worry about CFN, either. That site is complete crap.


  7. LOL. That is great! I’m thinking new UGA tee-shirt in the making!


  8. dean

    I couldn’t believe CBS left him on camera as long as they did. He probably got 15 seconds of air time while performing his classy salute.