Maybe the “B” stands for Eric Berry.

Picture from Ashley Todd’s perp walk yesterday:

Nice sweatshirt, girl!

If Lulu and Junior had a kid...

Feel free to insert your own caption in the comments section.


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17 responses to “Maybe the “B” stands for Eric Berry.

  1. Mackie

    I saw that on Drudge, what a crazy bitch. I’m sure that kind of garbage is exactly what John McCain needed right now. But in other news, I think I’ve found a good Halloween costume idea!

  2. Doc

    It’s George Bush’s fault!!!!

  3. The image is not showing up on the site anymore

  4. S.E. Dawg

    Yeah, I can’t see it either.

  5. Hopefully, I’ve got it fixed.

  6. NM

    Losers at football, losers at life: Yourrrrr Tennessee Volunteers!

  7. Ally

    Ok, first there’s the UT student (son of a prominent Dem) that hacked into Sarah Palin’s private email, now this? And they call us Thug U?

    Stay classy vols.

  8. Ben

    I’ve really got nothing to say, but this is fantastic.

  9. the Coondawg

    I wonder if her inmate number is BR549???
    I wonder if Fulmer is going to ask that she do a Police ride along so she wont have to miss the next home game???

  10. NebraskaDawg

    It’s Phil Fulmer’s and Liz Taylor’s illegitimate daughter.

  11. No, the ‘B’ definitely stands for “Bama”.

  12. NM

    Police: Ma’am, why did you claim to have been beaten by an Obama supporter?
    Perp: Well, we’ve already been beaten by everybody else this season…

  13. 81Dog

    well played, NM.

  14. 81Dog

    how about this for a caption:

    “Rocky Top, you’ll always beeeeee

    in PO-leeeece cussss-TO-DYYYYYYY

    Good…old…Rocky Top….

    Rocky Top fel-o-NYYYYYYYYYYYY”

  15. Well that explains a lot about Ms. Todd!

  16. Maybe we can hook her up with Disgusting Buckeye-Fan Library Masturbator Guy. Anyone got his number?