Captions wanted.

Let me just say that every once in a blue moon, I approve of the AJ-C’s pot stirring.

Jorts would be an improvement. (Photo courtesy Frederick Gibson)

Jorts would be an improvement. (Photo courtesy Frederick Gibson)

I beg you, please give me your captions in the comments.


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32 responses to “Captions wanted.

  1. dean

    HOLY CRAP!!! Words can’t describe how damn funny that is.

    See kids this is what happens when you grow up a gator fan.

  2. Mackie


  3. To me the best part is the girl behind him…….wearing jorts.

  4. Timmy,

    I am your father.


  5. Turd Ferguson

    “Amidst speculation about Urban Meyer’s motivational tactics heading into the Georgia game, photos have leaked of Tim Tebow modeling the new uniform that the Gators plan to unveil this Saturday in Jacksonville.”

  6. BP

    Tim Tebow really is Superman!

  7. “Any touchdown celebration has to come through me!”

  8. Rusi the official position of girls and jorts is that it is ok provided that the woman in them is not hideously overweight and that the jorts in question are short or daisy dukish.

    All male Jorts are open to ridicule.

  9. Grown men(?) should never wear their kids underwear in public.

  10. This Gameday uniform is available in the Geranimals department at the WalMart in Palatka.

  11. cookinandsmilin

    The taters are supposed to be placed in the FRONT of the speedo…

  12. Boz

    Urban Meyer has called for a denim out of this Saturday’s game. Nike has produced jorts for the entire team to wear. It’s gonna be sweet.

  13. cookinandsmilin

    I’ve lost my evil twin, “Mullet Man” into a sea of imposters…

  14. Boz, +1 on that denim out. That’s fabulous.

  15. bulldoginexile

    Ron Zook, here to ruin the day.

  16. Dylan

    Tim Tebow’s Undergarments

  17. GPOOE’s lesser known sidekick, Jort-boy

  18. AlphaDawg

    Foreskin Man to save the Day!!!!!

  19. Joachim Noah! I want your autograph!

  20. Hobnail_Boot

    F that guy.

  21. teddy dupay

    not even game day, just going to class ya’ll.

  22. J Donnan

    Obviously a fake, designed by a Bulldog fan. How do we know it was designed by a Bulldog fan? The outfit allows him to lick his own balls and sniff his own butt, like the cur that he is.

  23. Robert

    Wow. What a dunce.

    1) Tommy Tebow models his younger brother’s Halloween costume, which hides his identity–and his manhood.

    2) WWE reject personas flock to Gator games to fit in, and it works.

    3) The F stands for ‘feisty’!

  24. Dr. Tom


  25. I think we all know what the kneepads are for.

  26. …and in the orange and blue corner… what the fuh…

  27. RedCrake

    Florida coach Urban Meyer spoke to this fan after last weeks game and later commented, “That will forever be in the mind of Urban Meyer…hidden away in deep, dark places that I only explore when the missus is out of town.”

  28. CLTDawg

    I ain’t sayin’ he’s gay, but I’m pretty sure he’s held one in his mouth on a bumpy road.

  29. Russman

    “F” is for fuego! This guy is a star on the Mexican wraslin’ channel. Oh, by the way, what that green thing hangin’ out his arse?

  30. Bobafet7

    What does the “F” stand for?