Envy and jealousy: gallows humor edition

In case you haven’t noticed, Michigan isn’t enjoying a very good season in the first year of Rich Rodriguez’ regime.  In response to a reader’s query about how to deal with certain failings of the Wolverine offense, MGoBlog’s Brian Cook offers some succinct advice:

Bet on Michigan’s opponent. This is called a “hedge,” and works great in the financial industry!

That made me laugh.  I mean, I’m not floating in the same emotional boat right now, but if that ever were to come to pass, I’ll wish I had said that.

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  1. Max

    I thought this was even better seeing what we did with the 3 man line that one time vs LSU:

    “Look into Buddhism, which teaches you to let go of earthly cares other than three-man lines on potential running downs. Even Buddha hates that.”

    LOL, I hate no pressure, give em time to pick you apart!