Ah, baby don’t you do it…

It’s contract negotiating time with Jacksonville again.  And it looks like Georgia is going back to its role of being the coy date.

“Every year the questions arise: Do we move back to a home-and-home series or move it back to Jacksonville,” said Frank Crumley, Georgia’s executive associate athletic director for finance and administration. “We address that every time and it’s not totally decided by us. We have discussions with (Florida officials] and the city of Jacksonville and have to present that back to our athletic board for review and approval.

“It’s still too early to tell what the sentiment is.”

Well, I’ve got some sentiment right here for you, Frank:  don’t screw this up.  As long as this is nothing but a negotiating ploy to squeeze the city, fine.  It’s certainly worked before, quite successfully as a matter of fact.  But, please, please, please, don’t take the game out of J’ville.  It just won’t have the same luster if you do.



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  1. AGREE! Please don’t move this game. It is the one time each year that I don’t have to drive for two days. Plus, it will change the intrigue of this game among the rest of the country. All these other fans are jealous that we own the game known as The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party!


  2. HVL Dawg

    The most important reason to keep the game in Jax is that we really, really, really don’t want to let 15,000 Gaytor fans in to Sanford Stadium.

    It is so hard to get the smell out.


  3. Greg

    I still like the idea of playing the game in Jacksonville one year and the Georgia Dome the next year. One year in the stadium formerly known as the Gator Bowl and in easy driving distance of their campus and the next year in the red and black Georgia Dome, within easy driving distance of our campus. The tickets would still be 50/50 in both places so little would be lost in terms of the “spectacle”.

    With Alabama, Clemson and other regional schools scheduling dates in the Georgia Dome, it would be nice for us to have a regular game there every couple of years….not to mention that it couldn’t hurt to have already played there once during the season if we make it back to the SEC title game. I think it will help Bama this year.

    Understand that I’ve been going to games in Jacksonville since the early 80’s so I understand and appreciate the tradition, but we don’t have to continue to give them the advantage of playing in Jacksonville every year just because it’s always been done that way.


  4. I really hate that whole “advantage of playing in Jacksonville” line of reasoning. It makes our fan base sound whiny at best.

    Since you’ve been going as long as you say (my first was the ’79 game), maybe you remember how it was the Florida fans who used to complain about the venue in the mid-80’s when all the momentum of the series was on Georgia’s side.

    Besides, it’s not like Richt’s teams have had trouble with road games, is it?

    It’s not a strong point, IMO.

    On the other hand, if you want to complain about Florida’s history, starting with Spurrier, of scheduling open dates the week before this game, I’m all ears.


  5. Only huge disadvantage I’ve seen out of JAX in the Richt era was those lost 7-10 seconds in ’03. But other than that…we’ll be singing when we’re winning, etc.


  6. kckd

    Whiny? The man they call a genius Senator. A guy you thought for sure was gonna be a force to be dealt with a few years ago when he took the Jacksonville job, basically laughed at UGA for playing the game their every year in a place called the “Gator” bowl and thinking there was not the slightest advantage.

    Hell, why don’t we play it in Gainesville and just sell half the tickets to Dawgs. What’s the difference?

    partying is great, but I’d rather see the Dawgs not give the Gators the slightest hint of an advantage every year. This ain’t a vacation for those guys wearing shoulder pads.


  7. Again, I didn’t hear anyone whining about a Florida advantage when Dooley’s teams were kicking Gator ass.

    Georgia’s traveled much farther than Jacksonville to play without much problem. Is it something about the ocean breeze that worries you?


  8. Bryan Carver Dawg97

    I’ve been going since 97. To me, first and foremost, it is a tradition, not only of the schools’ but for all of college football, so it should stay the way it is.

    I think it is only an advantage if the players believe playing in J-ville is and advantage for the Gators. And that was the whole point of last year’s celebration – to wipe out part of that belief. As Richt said, you come to Georgia to play in big games. This is a “big” game – made more by the neutral site nature. The players should be jacked to play in a situation like this. Sure there is a difference to be said for a 6 hour trip vs a 2 hour trip but even the players have admitted that away games can be less distracting.

    I marginally agree with a 50/50 Gator Bowl/GA Dome rotation, but even then when it is at the Dome, I still don’t think it will feel like the “Cocktail Party”.


  9. Greg

    It has nothing to do with “whining” or the fact that we’ve traveled further than Jax…of course we have. Why should we get on a plane and travel out of state for what’s technically considered a “home game” every other year, regardless of the past results of the series. If we win the next 3 or 4 meetings in Jax, I’ll still feel the same way. Over the long haul, it would just make more sense to do it on an alternating basis. Florida fans will agree with all of you “traditionalists” for no other reason than the fact that it benefits them and their school. They are laughing at you under their breath. And don’t tell me about the 80’s when we were dominating the series or the 90’s when they dominated. UF was about like UK in football before Spurrier came along and then it was a coaching mismatch of Spurrier vs Goff and Donnan. So, neither drought had a whole lot to do with the location of the game. However, those days are gone. Both teams now have top notch staffs and top 10 talent. All things being pretty close to equal going forward(and in the recent past when you look at the closeness of the point spread over the past 6-7 years), why not level the playing field in terms of the location of the game. Personally, I like Jacksonville, but seeing it once every two years would be plenty.


  10. Greg, explain to me how getting on a plane for a couple of hours is a significant disadvantage over riding in a bus for an hour or two.

    I’m just not seeing this to be as big an issue as you do.


  11. kckd

    Greg, explain to me how getting on a plane for a couple of hours is a SIGNIFICANT disadvantage over riding in a bus for an hour or two.

    That’s just it, what kind of disadvantage is not significant. If it is one you are giving up year, after year, after year to a team that is considered by most to be equal or better than you on paper in a game that is likely to determine the East for years to come, then it’s significant. No matter how small it is.

    Let’s start playing Auburn in Pheonix City or Columbus every year and split the tickets. Let’s build a big arse stadium in Chattanooga and do the same with Tennessee. Heck, let’s do the same in Augusta with SC. It makes no difference and it’s just fun.

    What’s wrong with the venue change every other year with Atlanta? I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it. The fans want what Jax has to offer, and to hell with the game.

    Why didn’t the Gators complain Senator, cause the knew it was an advantage, they just didn’t take advantage of it when Dooley coached. Spurrier is on record as saying such. But somehow, you don’t think he’s very genius like when it comes to that.


  12. dean

    I don’t hear Oklahoma fans bitching about having to go to Dallas every year. Wonder why that is? I’ll bet it’s because they’ve won 6 out of the last 9. Jacksonville is not the problem. I remember we played in Gainsville in ’94 and Athens in ’95, both times getting a half-a-hundred hung on us. Spurrier made his players believe it was an advantage for them playing in the state of Florida, in the Gator bowl. That was great coaching on his part. He changed his players mindset for the game (not to mention the scheduling of open dates). I believe that’s what the celebration did for our players.


  13. Why didn’t the Gators complain Senator, cause the knew it was an advantage, they just didn’t take advantage of it when Dooley coached.

    Dude, read my lips: they did complain. Every year. There was a constant drum beat from many Gator fans for the series to go home and home.

    Point me to a game in J’ville that Georgia’s lost because of travel. And explain why.


  14. Bryan Carver Dawg97

    Terrance Edwards 02 – his hands were too tired from gripping the hand rests on the plane because of his fear of flying 😉


  15. Hunkering Hank


    That’s because they live in Oklahoma.


  16. Ally

    From a fiscal and recruiting standpoint, I’d love to see the game every other year in the Georgia dome.

    And, no I’m not a whiny Dawg fan.


  17. The business related argument is more relevant. But my guess is that a bunch of folks in St. Simons and Jekyll Island might disagree with you. 😉


  18. AlphaDawg

    I agree with the folks who wanna see it alternate between J’Ville and the Dome


  19. Ally

    True Senator, good point. But the numbers of gaytor fans on St Simons & Jekyll Island are minimal.

    I’d just love to see the city of Atlanta and my state enjoy a revenue boost from gaytors like the city of Jacksonville & state of Floriduh reap from Dawg fans.


  20. dean

    Very good point Hank and +1.

    +1 on the use of Floriduh. Well played. Also that’s one of the better arguments for rotating the game.

    From a selfish standpoint I would like to go to “The Swamp” just once to see the dawgs play but I don’t want it to be because we’ve stopped playing in Freakville.


  21. Hobnail_Boot

    Oklahoma fans don’t complain about the RR Shootout because half of their fanbase lives in Dallas.

    Senator, I don’t see why you’re so set on saying that Jacksonville isn’t an inherent advantage for UF just because we used to own the series. Until Spurrier came back to Gainesville, they were probably the most under-achieving program in CFB history. Now that the sleeping giant has awoken, it’s time to re-shift how we perceive reality. And reality is that if everything else is equal between the teams, Jacksonville is a huge logistical advantage for the Gators.


  22. Again, all I’m asking is for one of you guys to point me to a game that Georgia lost in Jacksonville because of the venue, and explain how it happened. Maybe then I’ll understand your point of view.

    Keep in mind that Richt-coached teams have lost more games in Jacksonville than in opponents’ stadiums combined.

    I’m simply not getting the “logistical” argument here.


  23. By the way, Ally, on your recruiting point, this is the one game a year where Georgia’s close to the southeast portion of the state, which gives those folks a much easier opportunity to attend a Dawg game. Doesn’t that count?


  24. dean

    The point I was attempting to make (obviously unsuccessfully) was that winning will cure the “Jacksonville is not a neutral site” blues. If Oklahoma had been getting their butts handed to them at the same pace we’ve been in the series then they’d probably be saying the same thing. The fact is playing in Jacksonville or Dallas has no bearing on the outcome of the game what-so-ever.


  25. Ally

    Excellent point Senator – I forgot about that. Scratch recruiting from my argument then.


  26. By the way, I just heard Stafford being interviewed on Belue-Kincaid. He was asked about the neutral site and whether he thinks Georgia is at a disadvantage. He dismissed the idea – the trip “over the border” is no big deal and the 50/50 crowd split means both sets of fans are equally loud.

    He loves the tradition and history of the game, too.


  27. kckd

    Senator, to ask us to point a game where we lost cause of the “venue”. That’s just silly and you know it. Can you point out to me a road game UGA lost in the Richt era due to the venue? I’ve never heard that as an excuse either, but for some reason coaches like to play home games.


  28. Then explain to me what you’re concerned about.

    Georgia under Richt is 28-4 in opponents’ stadiums and 2-5 in J’ville. If there’s a disadvantage in travel arrangements, why isn’t the first record worse?

    Stafford says he doesn’t see an advantage for Florida in the location.

    What do you guys know that he doesn’t?


  29. Greg

    Where in Oklahoma would this other “neutral” site be? The Georgia Dome is used to hosting games like this. It could be pulled off seamlessly and it would be to the long-term benefit of our program. What do you expect Stafford or any other Georgia player to say at this point? There’s no way you can point to the game being in Jacksonville as a tangible factor in the outcome of any single game so you make the argument that it doesn’t come into play. People like you will always argue that it’s not a factor because you and all of the people in south Georgia want a “local” game. This isn’t about what you want. It’s about what makes sense for our school and our team. We could debate this point for weeks in terms of how it might “hurt us”(or not) to play in Jax every year. But I would like for someone to tell me how it benefits our TEAM(not a certain segment of fans) to play this game in GATOR COUNTRY every single year.


  30. Greg

    Maybe we can work something out for all future UGA-LSU games to be played in the Superdome. Hey, as long as the crowd is 50/50, no big deal, right? I’m sure LSU would agree.

    No one in their right mind would agree to that arrangement, but that’s what we’ve done with this UF game in Jax. Even though it makes no sense, it seems “normal” because we’ve been doing it for so long.


  31. But I would like for someone to tell me how it benefits our TEAM(not a certain segment of fans) to play this game in GATOR COUNTRY every single year.

    Because it’s a unique game in a special setting with 75 years of history behind it. It’s a game that, for many kids growing up here that want to play for the Red and Black, is a big thing. Don’t take my word for that – I’ve heard many former players make comments like that.

    It’s not like the kids are being deposited in the middle of Gator Country to be at the mercy of rabid Florida fans for three days. What is it about an extra hour of travel time that makes this so awful?


  32. Vinings Dog

    Tradition trumps everything else. My first WLOCP was also ’79 and for the next three years, all I heard from the Gators was that the results would be different if we went to a home and home basis. It was gibberish then and it is gibberish now. Everyone has a great time down in Jax and can you compare sitting on a houseboat before the game to the GA Dome atmosphere? It is not even close! Money is not an issue with either school, but the Dome only holds 72K. Fewer dollars, fewer people getting into the game, etc. This is a no-brainer, and the people in St. Simons need your dollar more than the convention business folks in Atlanta. Finally, do YOU want to be the team that breaks with tradition because your team has not performed as well? I did not think so.


  33. dean

    Where in Oklahoma would this other “neutral” site be?

    Jeezzzzz, not the point. If the previous 18 game win/loss record were reversed in this series we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Economics be damned. Let’s face it, it wouldn’t have mattered where we played the Spurrier teams of the 90’s. They were better coached and had better athletes. It was Florida the team that was in our head not the state or the city of Jacksonville. Once we kept getting beat then we (as fans) started looking for excuses. If we turn the tide and start winning then playing in Jacksonville won’t seem all that bad.


  34. Ally

    Vinings, that was possibly the best argument against my “for fiscal reasons” argument. Great points.


  35. FDB

    I know Jax used to have the largest UGA alum chapter outside the state of Georgia. Is it still the case? Everytime I go to St. Aug on vacation I always see a LOT of UGA stuff on cars down there. Amelia seems like a Dawg colony at times, sort of like the AU presense in Columbus.


  36. Coastal dawg

    Jax does have the largest Bulldog Club in the Country.

    I think this game is huge for recruiting in S. GA and even into N Florida. You have to show the colors.

    I know it sucks to lose a home game and Athens misses out on the revenue, but there are very few traditions left in college football. The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party is one of the biggest whether Mr. Adams likes it or not. Let’s keep it.

    It really just comes down to us winning the Freakin game and shutting them up.


  37. sp

    I dont know if this has been mentioned, but I love Jacksonville, but I would also like the State of GA to get some revenue from the Gay-turds. I would love to see a rotation between jacksonville, and atlanta. i think we could show the landing a thing or 2 by setting up centennial olympic park for the Cocktail Party.


  38. sp

    *I know this has been mentioned