“Richt shot himself in the foot in the discipline category.”

You know, it’s fine by me that an Orlando Sentinel writer wants to measure the head coaches at Florida and Georgia and find that Mark Richt comes up a little bit short.  But it’s reasoning like this that flat out drives me up the wall:

Discipline: Advantage Meyer. Richt wasn’t going to win this with 10 player arrests since January and two unclassy logo-stomping incidents from his team last year.

Seriously, Jeremy Fowler, why do you want to go there?  First of all, I truly believe that no rational head coach wants problem kids in his program, and I don’t think Meyer or Richt are crazy in that regard.  But how do you brush over little details in Gainesville like firing AK-47s in public places and dead people’s credit cards being stolen?  I don’t see where either program has the high ground in moral superiority right now.

And as for logo stomping, how convenient of you to gloss over this moment.

Look, next time just say “I like Urban better” and save us the commentary.  You’ll come off looking better.



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22 responses to ““Richt shot himself in the foot in the discipline category.”

  1. UgaMatt

    I wonder if he shot himself in the foot with Ronnie Wilson’s loaded AK-47?


  2. peacedog

    Further, Richt hasn’t mysteriously reduced/removed suspensions for big games.


  3. Bryan Carver Dawg97

    I was even surprised that Brandon Wood was still suspended for this game too.


  4. Bryan Carver Dawg97


    But glad that Richt made the statement with it


  5. Ally

    I’m so sick and tired of the self-righteous, ignorant attitudes from gator supporters. This kind of misrepresentation of the facts is their version of a Robocall.

    Here’s the deal: we’ll work on getting our plyers to renew their licenses on time and not park their scooters in the wrong spots if you’ll work on getting your players to not shoot off automatic weapons in public, not steal from dead girls, or start brawls in Rec Centers, K? Thanks.


  6. Never mind that we never actually stomped on anybody’s logos. The Vandy thing was an impromptu celebration over the fact that, hello, we’d just kicked a last-second FG to win the game. And not only did the Jacksonville celebration not even take place on a “logo,” it took place in the end zone that had “GEORGIA” painted on it! Does this ass crater think teams typically go out and stomp on their own logos?


  7. Kit

    I hate any and all things Florida. I’d be lying through my teeth if I said that winning in Jacksonville would be more about the SEC Championship than it would be about total, utter retaliation for 364 days of pure whining.

    I hope we beat the dog squeeze out of them Saturday. I know if I have this kind of hatred, the team must have it to. We’d better run up the score like no other score has been run up before. Then we can drive to the one, kneel on it twice and punch it in on the third try when they think the game is over.

    There aren’t enough curse words in my extensive cursing vocabularly to adequately state how much I hate Florida.

    If we lose on Saturday, I’ll need therapy.


  8. truck

    Well, I was going to say something but I think Kit pretty much nailed it.


  9. truck

    …and what is Terrence Moore going to write about after this game is history? I don’t think the man has touched pen to paper in the last 11 months without referencing the “you-know-what” in the “you-know-where.”


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  11. Fretting over logo stomping is absurd.


  12. Hobnail_Boot


    I’d like to buy you a beer.


  13. Julie

    I think one of those undynamic quarterbacks still holds the record for most NCAA victories as a starter and, as far as I know, Shockley’s paycheck still has Arthur Blank’s name at the bottom.


  14. Oh yeah, and didn’t CMR get all Richt Flair on his teams ass for the Vandy thing…

    … yeah I thought so.


  15. Richt-Flair

    Fowler = owned. By equating discipline to an arrest ratio he’s basically saying urinating beside an ATM and rubbing a pregnant woman’s belly is the same as stealing a dead woman’s credit card or selling drugs. Yeop.


  16. Ben

    Can I just say how good it feels to go into Florida week EXPECTING to win in Jax? For most of my life I’ve girded myself for a beating and been pleased when we keep it respectable. To EXPECT a win is a great feeling, and I can only imagine what it must feel like for the team to actually have confidence heading down there instead of wondering what will go wrong this year.


  17. dudetheplayer

    Cheers to you, Kit.

    I don’t think you could have nailed my sentiments for Florida any better.


  18. Wolfman

    Kit, hope you’ll be there Saturday. It’ll be a shame not to be in your presence. And Ben, you’re right. The tide has turned.

    And while we’re talking about discipline, I don’t remember any of Richt’s players ever doing something like this:

    Although, I will say, I would laugh if it happened to Tebow on Saturday, and then I would sing the Gators song.


  19. Wolfman

    Ugh. Penn Wagers.


  20. Bryant

    Hey Kit,
    Do you need help with that therapy bill?
    Florida is not 5 TDs better than GA in talent. But the Gators own GA in the head. It looks like they have the advantage coaching too. I’ve waited for this all year. This is sweeter than an SEC title.
    I’m sure you clowns will complain about Meyer running up the score but remember how badly you wanted to do the same thing to us. Fair is fair.
    Revenge? Shut up & get it on the field like the Gators.


  21. AceG8tr

    Kit–I know a good therapist–looks like you need one!

    Sorry Dawgs. All the discussion of your being “in our heads”–turns out you were right. But that wasn’t a good thing for you!



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