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Alright, I’m outta here.  I won’t have a computer with me, so no posting until I get back.

Once again, there is a Sunday night game, so the window for Mumme Poll ballots will be Monday 9:00 AM to Tuesday 9:00 PM.  My ballot will be posted Tuesday and the Week 10 standings will be published Wednesday.

Everyone have a great rest of the week.


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12 responses to “Brief admin note

  1. NM

    Let the excuse-making begin:

    Headline: Gators QB Tebow fully recovered from hyperextended knee

    “He told me last year he was 100 percent before we played Georgia and I later found he couldn’t pick his arm up.”– Urban Meyer

    In other words, if the Gators lose, it’s always because Tebow was hurt.


  2. JDog

    Haha, I saw that too. I just did a little looking at and if he played with the problem knee the last two games, I couldn’t find an article about it before yesterday. So then…why bring it up now? Exactly.


  3. AceG8tr

    I have only two comments:

    1. I guess the debate about whether our defense will be significantly better than last year is over. Ditto concerning whether your offense will be significantly better than last year.

    2. Guess I was wrong in an earlier post–you should have called a blackout.

    Sorry, don’t mean to gloat. Your guys played hard. Just not their day.



  4. AceG8tr

    Sorry, one more.

    Guess you were in our heads after all. But that was not a good thing for you.



  5. Auditdawg

    Thanks Ace. Yeah, anything that could go wrong for the Dawgs today did. Florida capitalized every time. I don’t think the margin would be that large if we played again, but I do think Florida might be the best team in the country.


  6. Jim

    First, I hate the gators and hope they lose all their remaining games. The world would be a better place without the U of F.

    Back to our situation, the results are the only thing which count. We can yell at the fans who point these things out but nothing will change the truth.

    Goff 1-6 Fla
    Donnan 1-4 Fla
    Richt 2-6

    While Richt has been the best coach over all for Ga (very low bar to achieve), he was hired for his FSU experience so we would beat Fla. By any measure of recording success, he has failed. Either he moves on or he gets better. Gee, which one do you thinks happens. I’ll bet, he doesn’t move on and he does not get better with his current staff. For you losers who also did not think Donnan should have been let go, go to heck. What an embarrassment.


  7. kckd

    Richt was hired to win SEC championships. I’m not sure if winning one out every four years is good enough, but that’s what he was hired to do. With UT down and Meyer at UF, beating UF will be almost mandatory for him now.


  8. kckd

    Ace, congrats. I really didn’t mind Urban running it up or even the timeouts. You guys deserve to gloat a little bit.

    One thing about Urban though, he loves to act like he’s above it all when he gets his hands as dirty as anyone.

    Richt has apologized ad nauseum for what happened last year and has said that if he’d known what was gonna happen he wouldn’t have done it.

    At the press conference yesterday, he said he had no problem with Urban calling the timeouts. He had them to use. He saw no problem.

    Yesterday, Urban said the celebrations don’t win games like this, preparation does. He then said something like he doesn’t do that celebration stuff. In other words, trying to act like he’s above it all. I don’t have a problem that he called the timeouts, but afterwards, don’t try to act like what you’re not.


  9. AceG8tr

    kckd–I actually am in the minority of Gator fans who believe Richt when he says he didn’t plan it. He’s a class act–you guys are lucky to have him, just as we are lucky to have Meyer. I know you guys don’t think much of Meyer, but I have the feeling that may have something to do with his 3-1 record against you. 🙂

    He coaches young men to be better players and good people–you can’t ask for anything more.



  10. Joe

    Just got home from the game. Strangest football game I have ever seen. I have never seen one team so thoroughly dominate a half of football only to be down 14-3.

    Sure not sure that the better team won, even after the lopsided score.

    Good luck to Matthew Stafford. I hope that he is an awfully good NFL QB. He is a mediocre college QB whose best years are in front of him.

    I hope Knowshon comes back. We should be better next year, especially if we have a QB who can manage a game and simply not LOSE THE GAME.

    Can still be a good season with victories over Auburn and Gtu. Let’s play the young guys a lot. I look forward to playing down to the level of a middling Big 10 team on New Year’s Day.


  11. Joe

    Also, at what point does the SEC really take a look at whether Penn Wagers is ethically professional enough to call a game involving the University of Georgia?

    That spot on the first drive was the most egregiously false call I have seen since Al Ford, Wagers’ predeccessor cheated UGA out of the victory against Gtu in 1999. The bogus spot was clearly a shot across the bow from Wagers to Coach Richt that said that UGA would not win yesterday if the refs had any say in the matter, whatsoever. The guy is really a clown and should be disallowed from ever calling another SEC game.


  12. Bobby Fenton

    I never had a problem with Richt after last year. I never had a problem with too many UGA fans after last year either. Who I had a problem with was tv announcers and idiot columnists like Mark Bradley who starter slobbing Richt’s ballsand calling what happened last year “genius”, when I thought along he did more of a favor for Florida in the longrun than he ever did UGA. That’s all that ever really upset me about the whole thing.

    That’s what made yesterday so satisfying. It wasn’t anything to do with UGA fans for Richt himself. Mark Bradley et al can kiss my ass though. At least we don’t have to hear any more “motivational genius” garbage.