The taste of ashes

This is merely a general observation I wanted to share.

As I walked out after that debacle of a game in Jacksonville, I could hear Georgia fans’ litany of complaints:  the refs, Blair Walsh, Matt Stafford, Mike Bobo, etc.  But that’s not what was on my mind then.  What I was thinking about was the 2003 SECCG – more specifically, what I felt like when I walked out of that game.

If you’ll recall, that was the first game that Georgia lost by more than two touchdowns under Richt.  I had seen Georgia lose games that Richt coached, some downright disappointing, but up to that point I had never seen Georgia unable to control a game, not always in terms of winning necessarily, but at least to keep it close by scratching and clawing and doing whatever it took.  That includes the 2001 Florida-Georgia game, where Florida was clearly the more talented and explosive team, but simply couldn’t shake the Dawgs off.

But that didn’t happen that night in Atlanta.  And I remembered feeling a sense of shock that a Georgia team could wind up being uncompetitive to that extent.

I’ve noticed a pattern emerge in the regular season, starting with the 2006 Tennessee game.  There comes a game or two every year where there’s a half in which Georgia simply disappears, where there’s no focus or discipline from the kids on the field, where the coaches don’t seem to have a game plan or any direction over the players.  You can point to those moments as easily as I can; the second half of the aforementioned Tennessee game, the Tennessee and Vandy first halves of 2007, this year’s first half against Alabama and the second half of Saturday’s game all come to mind.

The symptoms may vary somewhat from game to game, but the illness is the same.  And it’s recurring.  And I don’t know how a program that wants to consider itself among the elite can keep doing this consistently and yet feel it belongs.

Don’t get me wrong.  No program wins every game it plays.  And every school plays an incomprehensibly lousy game now and then.  But I’m truly hard pressed to think of another national power that completely disappears on an embarrassingly regular basis as this team seems to have gotten into the habit of doing as of late.  Maybe I’m wrong, or being unduly pessimistic, but that’s how I feel right now.

The worst thing about Saturday’s game wasn’t that Georgia crapped the bed because it was playing Florida (sorry, Gator fans, but that’s the truth).  It’s the simple realization that that’s what Georgia does these days.  And so, while I was unhappy and more than a little upset when I walked out after the game ended Saturday night, I noticed there was one feeling I was missing.  I wasn’t shocked.


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  1. mattr

    I agree, basically with your comments. It seems like we are caught like a deer in the headlights. We lose composure. We have adversity and we wilt from it. I think this is a lack of leadership and mental toughness.

    Sad to say it, but I think this was something that Florida State also had in the nineties. Miami would come and smack em around and FSU would not answer. Same thing with UGA, but not defined to one team. Can’t put my finger on it, but something is definitely missing. We’ve got the athletes. It’s like we are trying too hard… I don’t know. But it seems we go tight and we can’t complete a 6 yard throw to a wide open man in the endzone.

    I have a deeply rooted fear that we have gone as far as we can go with Coach Richt. I sure hope not, but I can’t shake the feeling that that is true. I think some recruits will also come away from the Florida game thinking the same thing.

    que sera, sera



  2. Joe

    You are forgetting the largest and most memorable bed-wetting-the ’06 Sugar Bowl.

    That was the day that UGA’s program begin leaking. I do not know what must change, but we have got to find a finger for the dike.

    We had come to expect these efforts under Donnan (ronnie Daniels, Scu ’00, AU ’97, Gtu ’00) but they are starting to become pretty routine under CMR as well. Something must change.


  3. C$

    Do you think that Dink Nesmith’s case has some merit?

    P.S. I’m not trying to be a smart ass.


  4. baltimore dawg

    absolutely. i’d venture to say that the pattern you describe was clear even before yesterday.

    cmr talked about knocking the lid off of uga football when he arrived. it seems like he may need to revisit that way of thinking about his program.


  5. HVL Dawg

    I’ll take 10-2 seasons for the next twenty years under CMR than to switch horses – if this is where the conversation is headed.


  6. C$

    Well I did have a dream last night that involved Jon Gruden.

    No homo.


  7. First of all I compliment you Senator on your general level headedness, something I sorely lacked after last year’s loss to your Dawgs.

    I really don’t think you take into account the severity of the injuries your team has suffered this year. You simply can’t have the losses you have – especially on the O-Line – and function as expected. We loaded the box with eight and shut Moreno down, something that was easier due to your injury depleted line. When your team got down by several scores it had to become an aerial game, and as sometimes happens in these instances, it got out of hand.


  8. dawg1

    HVL Dawg
    November 2, 2008 at 6:29 pm
    I’ll take 10-2 seasons for the next twenty years under CMR than to switch horses – if this is where the conversation is headed.

    thats something called “mediocrity”


  9. UgaMatt

    Completely agree Senator, and again a classy post by Mergz. I wouldn’t lump the 06 Sugar Bowl in there, because at least they kept fighting. I attribute that game more to the team being so satisfied with beating LSU that they got fat and lazy and WVU wasn’t.
    I do agree that something has changed though, and I’m not sure what it is either. Spurrier once said that after about 10 years kids stop listening to you. I wonder if with Richt it’s just come a little earlier. On the other hand, let’s not lose perspective here. When Richt was hired, UGA had fallen behind all 4 of its biggest rivals. Eight years in, Florida is the only one that I’d say we’re still behind.


  10. Seriously


    The rats are abandoning the sinking ship! Every man, woman, child, and dawg for themselves!

    No touchdowns and three interceptions? You guys were right – Stafford is a freakin’ genious at quarterback.

    Thanks for all the woofing in the lead-up to this game. It really made the victory that much MORE satisfying.


  11. UgaMatt

    Seriously(if this is the same Seriously that’s posted here before), for the love of Christ, you’re a Tech fan. On a UGA blog. Living vicariously through a UF win. Against a “sinking ship” of a program that’s beat Tech 7 straight years. See ya 11/29. I’ll be the one chanting “Eight straight years!”


  12. mattr

    Richt has got to do some more innovating. I think part of the problem is that we have gotten a bit stale on offense (read: predictable).


  13. Carruthers

    Yeah, LSU was real mediocre at 10 and 2 last year.


  14. NM

    10-2 is not at all mediocre. I think only one team ever (the Bowden-Richt FSU teams in the 90s) consistently hit 10 wins every year. So I’ll take it. But I’d rather lose ten times to Alabama than once like yesterday.

    Now 10-2 may not be mediocre. But Stafford might be. I doubted him heavily in ’06 (even hoped we’d start Cox), put it aside after the late success in ’07, but can’t shake the feeling that maybe we should encourage him to go pro this year. In the pros, you can have a sloppy gunslinger lose you 2-3 games a year with picks and still have a great season — think Brett Favre. Not in college.


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  16. Seriously

    UgaMatt, if you are as stupid as your posts, I do hope you’re using contraceptives. Please don’t poison the human species with your seed!

    Your genious analysis of the greatness that is Stafford nothwithstanding, your predictions for the WLOCP have proven your knowledge of football deserves a great big yawn from football fandom. Please don’t humiliate yourself with more predictions now. Frankly, it’s embarassing to witness.

    Your team was so over-rated it now boggles the mind. They were pre-season #1 ranked and now are exposed. I wasted $400 buying mid-field seats for this “game” and the mutts didn’t even show up. Heck, half the UGA fans disappeared before the end of the 3rd quarter.

    So please, spare me the sanctimony and take your lumps like any good fan would. You bragged and boasted. You lost in humiliating fashion. Deal with it and don’t be surprised when Gator fans come calling with a great big case of payback.


  17. Seriously

    49 to 10 baby, and it really wasn’t that close.


  18. UgaMatt

    I give up. Seriously, I am humbled by your vast knowledge and intelligence. Even though I never made a WLOCP prediction and I’m not sure what exactly “genious” means, I humbly kneel before your superiority.
    On a more serious note, I think I might agree with you NM. I’ve also wondered if maybe it’s time for Richt and Bobo to maybe reign in Stafford’s freedome at the line a little. It’s not Stafford’s ability to change the play I question, but it seems like at least 2 or 3 times a game there is some confusion between Stafford and a WR after we’ve audibled to a different play.


  19. Will

    If “Seriusly” is a Gator, i’m beginning to wonder if he and “fans” like him have caught on to the fact that losing to florida, to me anyways, really doesn’t hurt as much as they think. It’s the bed-wetting by the dawgs that puts my stomach in knots, not the fact that we lost another one to the gators. 16 out of 18? 49 to 10? Seriously, it’s kind of like having a high school douche bag remind you of the time you pissed yourself in the 1st grade: it’s old news, and after a while the reminder is kind of like “ya, ya, i heard you the first time”. It is what it is. The game to me is upsetting because of a personal problem. Once again the Dawgs had every chance to compete in this game, and once again we did everything in the world to prevent ourselves from competing. I hope Meyer didn’t work his boys too hard in practice. All they seem to ever have to do is show up and we’ll do the rest


  20. Proud to be a Dawg

    My Dawgs finished 2nd in the nation JUST last year and were a Tennessee loss away from playing for the SEC Championship and BCS Championship. How soon many of you others seem to forget.

    Of course it sucks to lose a game like they did yesterday, but that’s the nature of the beast. UGA hasn’t slipped up against an Ole Miss or Oregon State this year. They just lost to 2 obviously superior teams. It wasn’t that long ago that UF was going through the Zook Era, losing 4 games a year (just like the 4!!! games they lost last year). There is are ups and downs when pulling for your favorite team. Just ask Auburn.

    I don’t know if my Dawgs beat UF with Owens and Sturdivant, but I have to believe the game would have been closer. Thats just how it goes. If you want to jump ship, take off. 2 losses a year (to #1 and #5 currently) with CMR is 1000 times better than Jim Donnan or Ray Goff going to the Outback Bowl EVERY YEAR.


  21. Wes

    I hear you on the “not shocked” front. It’s clear that there has been a problem recently, and damned if I know exactly what it is. But I have (like everyone else) a theory.

    Tenacity and heart. We don’t seem to have it in the spades we used to. I think the reasons we’re lacking are as follows:

    1) Little home-grown leadership. It was telling during CBS’s pre-game “interviews” that Tebow said he’d dreamed of being a Gator, while Stafford said he’d dreamed of “someday playing in the SEC.” I don’t know if that’s true or not, but even if it is, his motivation to play for Georgia (the team, the state, the fans, etc.) is necessarily weaker than Tebow’s. Our quarterback is from Texas. Our running back is from New Jersey. Our top two wideouts are from North and South Carolina. I’m not doubting any of their talent or commitment, but it’s fair to say that you play harder for a team you dreamed about playing for in your back yard than one you didn’t. When Greene and Pollack roamed the field they were living a fully realized dream.

    2) Coverage defense. I don’t think Willie Martinez is a bad coordinator at all. In the X’s and O’s department he may even be superior. But there is a reason to blitz and play man that goes beyond statistical probability and schematics, and that is to breed tenacity, heart, fire, and aggression. A team that hits hard, goes after the quarterback and has to fight man-to-man is a team that gets tough, doesn’t quit, and creates game-changing momentum-swinging plays. It’s the kind of defense we had under Van Gorder.

    3) Too much passing. Knowshon carried 33 times last year against the Gators, and picked up 188 yards. This year he ran well, but got half the carries (17 for 65 I believe.) Stafford is excellent at times, and has potential. I believe Richt when he calls him “the truth.” However, a dominant team dominates, or at least attempts to dominate. We have to run the ball (collectively) more than we are. We have to stop letting Stafford try to run it more than once a week. Knowshon plays hard (sometimes too hard–I was dissapointed at his butt-slapping antics with Charle Strong) and he plays well. Give him a chance. Give Caleb and Richard a chance. Stafford can win a game for us, but there’s no reason to force him to when we KNOW that our running backs can with no chance of three momentum-killing interceptions. Let them do it.

    To sum up, I want to make it clear that I’m not calling for heads to roll, just for them to get knocked around. I think it’s possible to breed aggression and tenacity, and it’s already present in many players (Rennie, Knowshon, Southerland, Reshad Jones, Asher Allen). I want to see it present in the coordinator’s offices. The homegrown leadership thing is a matter of luck as much as recruiting, but I hope for more of it in the future.

    There’s nothing wrong with 10-2, but with wins as with most opportunities, “It’d be a lot cooler if you did.”


  22. Ally

    “I wasn’t shocked.”

    I just finished saying the exact same thing to a close friend, who was at the game. That is the sentiment that has depressed me the most.

    What make me want to throw up is the feeling that I don’t see an end to this anytime soon. I have said this since the first game this year, and I got hammered for it btw, there’s no fire, emotion, or consistent aggressiveness anymore. After the first int, we quit playing. I’m not even convinced we actually showed up.

    There is a SERIOUS problem(s) within our program and one that cmr has so far flat-out refused to acknowledge. I have absolutely no faith in his ability to make the necessary changes that will correct the problem.

    This is no longer an issue of players not executing. This is bigger and deeper. It begins and ends with coaches – you know the ones we pay millions of dollars to prevent this type of shit from happening over & over again.

    Where do we go from here? What as alum, season ticket holders, and supporters do we do now?


  23. Ally

    And for those of you that keep saying 10-2 isn’t bad…. It’s not the 10-2 season that’s the issue. It’s the inexcuseable, unacceptable WAY WE ARE LOSING GAMES.

    This was the worst loss in the CMR era – and the second worst beating in the ENTIRE uga-florida series.

    Oh and btw, a 10-2 season isn’t guaranteed this year. I’ll say it again, if you think a win against yech is automatic, then you’re crazy as hell.

    If we play like we did yesterday a win against Kentucky isn’t guaranteed.


  24. I agree with NM, 10-2 is not mediocre.
    Out of his 25 seasons, Vince Dooley had only 7 seasons with 10 or more wins.
    CMR has posted 5 10-win seasons out of 7, and is on pace to do so again. Not a bad record in the toughest conference in America.
    Yes it sucks to beaten like a baby seal, but some perspective may be in order.
    Next season we have a bye week before the WLOCP, that should help.


  25. wes hutchison

    Nope no shock here. I was kind of expecting it. I knew at the begging of the season we had the talent to do BIG things but after Alabama I also noticed we had the ability to look lost and make very curious decisions. The one thing that hurt me the most Sat was TEBOW. I cant stand him, but god do I wish we had one player with the love and pride for his school that he does. Why are u doing this to me UGA? Why do I have to be jealous of anything orange. No i dont want tebow here but I want some pride here. We all saw were Tebow apoligised for the Ole Miss game, could you see Stafford doing this? Damnit be proud you are BULLDAWGS, I sure as hell am and I dont play.


  26. S.E. Dawg

    I don’t think coach Richt has his finger on the pulse of the team anymore. He’s just not as involved as he was in his first six years. Just my thoughts. Guess he need to sell more Ford trucks.


  27. C$

    I’ve noticed that w/ the first half of the Richt era (’01-’05) we had guys that played with a lot more passion. Some of those guys were Donnan’s guys.

    The guys we’ve had the last few years might be more talented by recruiting star standards, but many of them don’t seem to have much heart or pride.

    This all reminds me of what a shame it is that David Pollack’s football career is over. I appreciate him more and more as time passes.

    I’d also take Greene and Shockley over Stafford any day.

    Mark Richt is capable of winning a nat’l championship.

    But not as long as Bobo and Martinez are calling the plays.


  28. C$

    The most galling thing about all this was the post game interviews.

    Stafford, Knowshon, and Asher were all extremely nonchalant and all said something to the effect of, “These things happen” and several said, “The game was closer than the scoreboard indicated.”

    Curran even said that he was convinced that Georgia was the “better team.”

    I’m not asking for Tebow tears, but for Christ sakes at least pretend like these biannual asswuppins sting a little.

    I hope that during the off-season, tapes of the Alabama and Florida games play on a continuous loop in the locker room, training room, and weight room.

    Maybe these guys can be embarrassed into taking some degree of pride with the program.


  29. I don’t post too much on this site – most of you guys have your panties wound up way too tight for my taste.

    In both the UA and the UF games this year – we stopped the first scoring drives of our opponents with a turnover down near the red zone – only to have both turnovers nullified by stupid hands to the head penalties. Downhill from there, both times.

    I think the Senator hit the nail on the head, it wasn’t shocking – at all. It was old hat, baby. They freaking own us and have for just about half of my life.

    Personally, I think Ally’s comments were good and spot on.

    I lived in Florida for 15 years growing up – and I had to listen to that Gator crap year after year after year. Frankly, I am sick of it.

    But hey, at least we are not Auburn.


  30. ArchDawg

    Re: the homegrown leadership–I think David Greene grew up dreaming of playing for Auburn, but I see your point. There was an acknowledged leadership problem on the team earlier in the year, as the players stated such after the ‘Bama debacle. Perhaps there is still one. This is the third loss of this ilk in the past two seasons though.


  31. agwlsvp

    I completely agree with wes re: homegrown talent. Its something you noticed from the start of the telecast on Saturday. Tebow, as much as I hate everything that he stands for, has a raw passion for Florida football. There is an advantage for a team that has leadership from star players who have a passion to see their team win (i.e. getting the win for the intrinsic value of the win, not what it means for their career etc.).

    I love Stafford as much as anyone, but there has always (and probably will always be) something missing to his tenure at UGA. After the losses of USC & UT last year, and this year following UA and UF, where is the fire? Where is that guy standing up saying we played like crap, and we have to play better… now basically its all over, but I think that would have gone a long way to making us a better team after the Alabama game. And even now, we have to start looking to finish strong and with authority, and setting a tone for next year with emotion and heart.

    We as fans allowed the comeback in the second half of the UA game to cover up the awful play of the first. “Well at least they tried” was a common refrain, and one that let a lot of questions go unanswered or just chalked up to Things That Happen.

    My head says that with Stafford back we’re a better team. But does anyone else have a nagging feeling in their heart that with Joe Cox we’ll be a better team?


  32. Hobnail_Boot

    Sorry, gonna have to disagree Senator.

    This hurts because it was to UF. If it was to UT, Auburn, or Tech, I’d be mad.

    This.. this feeling I have is much deeper than anger.


  33. NM

    Joe Cox, or what about Logan Gray? How many top-tier recruit QBs would volunteer to return punts and (I think) do some special teams protection, just so they can get on the field? People wanna talk about fire, dedication, heart — that’s about as good as it gets, I think.

    Leadership isn’t about where you’re from, it’s an attitude. Matt “Just waiting to get drafted” Stafford doesn’t have it.


  34. Seriously

    Thanks for your honesty, Hobnail_Boot. All these pretenders posting comments here like “it didn’t really matter that the score was 49-10” or “it doesn’t matter that it was UF” are trying to sell a bunch of BS to a rancher. I feel certain that if UGA had won this game, all would be woofing proudly about how important this victory was, not just for the SEC or the BCS reasons, but beacuse it was UF.

    To the rest of you, that sting you’re feeling, that burning sensation, that ashen taste in your mouths, that’s what happens when pride meets humiliation. Deal with it. You’ve got about a year to get over it, then Gator’s gonna do it again.

    Side note to UgaMatt regarding “sinking ships”…

    UGA: Concluded 2007 with #2 ranking, Opened 2008 with #1 ranking, two humiliating losses (so far), currently ranked outside the top 10, several “pro-quality” (sic) players likely to declare for the NFL draft after this season.

    GT: Concluded 2007 season unranked and fired the head coach, hired a new coach with new scheme and numerous starters quit or transfered, 2008 squard is 70%+ freshmen and sophomores and has produced several upset victories.

    …but I’m sure you’re correct – it’s a sinking ship in Atlanta.

    BTW, “genious” is a humorously spelled word intending to poke a little fun at you. Sorry you didn’t get the joke.


  35. Dawg85

    I agree with the coordinator issue. Bobo’s play calling is questionable.He tries to get cute in the red zone too much.

    But the bigger issue is defense and the loss of Brian VanGorder. VanGorder’s defenses gave up 30+ points once and never had any epic collapses like Willie’s have. Under Martinez the defense has given up 30+ nine times. I know the offense really hurt the defense Saturday but sometimes the defense needs to make a stop. Georgia’s red zone defense is terrible this year. If you get there you are probably getting a touchdown.

    A couple of observations on VanGorder/ Martinez–

    1)VanGorder is a fiery guy. Tackling is about emotion and intensity. Martinez doesn’t seem to have his guys emotionally ready to play on a consistent basis. Saturday was an exception. They were fired up and played well in the first half but we’ve seen way too many games where the defense wasn’t ready to go.

    2)VanGorder seemed to have a knack for adjusting to offenses and dialing up the right call.
    Martinez seems unable to adjust until the damage is done. Good offensive teams can gash Willie’s defenses.

    I love Coach Richt and think he’s the right man for the job but we need to make a change at coordinator. Bobo might can grow but four years of Willie Martinez is enough. The guy might be a great secondary coach but he’s not a great defensive coordinator.


  36. Ok, I’m really not going to get into this with you. You’re on here to gloat vicariously, I think that says enough. The next time you catch me on a Tech board flaming away, feel free to call me out.

    I never said Tech’s ship was sinking, I simply pointed out that UGA’s isn’t. I’ve never lived vicariously through another team, so I can’t understand your mindset, but this UGA hatred is really pathetic. Tech’s having a good year, beat FSU and is leading their division. And you have nothing better to do than come to a UGA site and razz us about losing to a conference rival that clearly has our number? Seek help.

    If you think Tech’s program is heading in a better direction than UGA’s then that’s your prerogative, but go bump your gums about it on a Tech site.

    This site has always been very openminded, fair, and supportive of UGA sports. The lunatic fringe seems to stay clear of here. Fans of other schools post on here all the time, and it’s almost always respectful, insightful, and intelligent. For a long time I thought this site would be free of asshole fans of other schools acting sophomoric. I was obviously wrong.


  37. Seriously

    UgayMatt, we do have one thing in common. As you noted,

    “I’ve never lived vicariously through another team”

    …and neither have I. There’s no reason for me to apologize to you or anyone else – I’m a Gator fan and have been all my life. If that bothers you, then it’s your problem, not mine. This isn’t “UGA hatred” as you assert. It’s payback. I’ve listened to it coming from the mutts for the last year and now it’s my turn.

    Despite your promise that you’re “really not going to get into this with” me, here you are getting into it with me. Clearly, you don’t have anything better to do with your time, so you seem really stupid calling me out for having nothing better to do with my time. It appears my previous assertion regarding your relative intelligence was more acurate than I had imagined.

    So, unless you happen to be the owner of wordpress, UgayMatt, I’ll feel free to “bump my gums” pretty much any damn place I please – with or without your permission.


  38. *sigh* Ok, whatever. He has a history of this and I’m not rising to the bait. Done with this post.


  39. Seriously

    Gee, for someone who is “not getting into this” with me, you certainly are getting into this.

    Thanks for the link, I had forgotten about writing this rant…

    “Feel free to return to your deep-fat fryer, perfecting your mullet, polishing the gun rack in your 4×4 pickup with rebel flag decal, and Yosemite Sam “Back Off” mud flaps, rage on about what a “great” (sic) quarterback Matt Stafford is (even though his stats are only marginally better than Reggie Ball’s), finish installing the tornado tie-downs on your mobile homes, turn on the TV and enjoy watching your relatives on Jerry Springer, and feel the relief of knowing that football season is only five and a half months away and your reason to live is once again renewed!”

    Oops! Seems like your reason to live just took a big hit. It’s also great to remind myself how all of you bitterly defended Stafford back then and now you’re blaming him – amongst other things – for the loss to UF. Could it be that the Gators are THAT good? No, it must be bad coaching, biased referees, undedicated players, cheating Gators, lack of an off week, home field advantage in Jacksonville, etc. etc. etc.


  40. Not that this will make us feel any better….and it may very have already been mentioned, but: USC.

    You can almost guarantee that Southern Cal will not show up for a full half or game at least once or twice during the year.

    It’s emblematic of the same type of symptoms that our program exudes, however: a lack of preparation, or something on the coaching staff that is causing these mental lapses.

    You can look at a long string of USC’s teams beginning in 2006 and no doubt, there’s at least one game where they flat out do not show up (UCLA in 2006, Oregon State, Stanford). A lot of USC’s victories in 2006 were second-half miracle comebacks against some less than stellar teams (Arizona, Frenso State) after they absolutely futzed around for the first half.

    Doesn’t absolve us of the fact that the exact same thing is occurring with us, and on perhaps a much grander and more worrying scale.


  41. Southern Cal was the school I thought of, as well, when I began pondering this.

    But here’s the difference I see between Georgia and USC: the Trojans always seem to get up for the big games. That tells me it’s a motivational issue for them. I can understand that.

    But with Georgia, that’s not how it’s played out. The Dawgs have been remarkably democratic in this regard – they’ve slept walked in games with great schools (Florida and Alabama in ’08), not so great schools (UT in ’07 and ’06) and a bad one (Vandy ’07) for good measure. I have no clue why that should be so.


  42. Junkyard Dawg '00

    Sure is nice to find a site w/ some intelligent discussions unlike the ajc blog…. As a die hard fan, an alumni, and season ticket holder, its hard to keep your cool after a game like that but I’ll try to stay as level headed as I can.

    Florida kicked our Asses. I hate to admit it but there are some serious issues w/ the state of UGA’s Football team. Our coaches need to really evaluate the job they’ve been doing this year. Martinez shouldn’t have a job. I’ve given up on him. Bobo should be right behind him if our red zone problems aren’t fixed by the end of the year and Richt (I will never call for him to be fired unless he continues to deflect the blame that his coordinators deserve) hasn’t done a good job keeping this team together in big games. I guess because the gimmicks (blackout, celebration) worked last year he kept trying to manufacture the emotion thing w/ the players again this year, but it obviously backfired, because we psyched ourselves out of even being competitive in our two biggest games this year. I believe the onside kick told it all and I do blame Richt for that. He sent a message to his team that we had to do something special in this game instead of just playing hard nosed football.

    And what the heck is up w/ Moreno taking himself out of the game during the middle of a drive? Especially in the red zone. That’s f-ing pathetic conditioning. shouldn’t a coach should be in his face about it?