Gloom and doom

I don’t know if this is the complete answer to what happened in the second half in Jacksonville, but this quote from Corvey Irvin is telling nonetheless:

Irvin on what happened in the second half against Florida: “We were down 14-3 and we were in the locker room like we were down 28-0. I was in the locker room trying to get the guys going, and we just didn’t come out with that fire like we play real Georgia ball. I don’t know what was wrong with us. I don’t know if we were shocked or what…

You could tell from the stands that the team was deflated after the second field goal miss, but still, there was plenty of time to turn things around.  And again, the defense stepped up and stopped Florida on its first possession of the third quarter.  Hard to figure, especially when you’re playing one of your biggest rivals.


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9 responses to “Gloom and doom

  1. Senator,
    I didn’t realize it at the time, but when Stafford reached out his hand for a Gator to help him up (early in the game), he showed the philosophy the coaches must have preached all week, “This is just another game”.


  2. The Realist

    When Blair missed the second field goal, I turned to my crew and told them the game was over. Apparently, the team felt much the same way I did. I thought they came out and played well the first few minutes of the second half, but it was like they were waiting for the other shoe to drop, and the interception was the final nail in the coffin.

    I think if this were a best-of-three series, Georgia would have a decent shot at winning the other two, but this team has to get its head on straight. Looking at the quotes from the players, I’m not sure it does. And, more than X’s and O’s, or anything else, that is what scares me the most going forward. I’m not sure Richt, Bobo, and Martinez can correct the team’s mental toughness.


  3. strick9

    If we can’t win the SEC east with Stafford, Moreno, Southerland, MoMass, AJ, than who are we ever gonna win with? All the blame can’t be placed on the young OL. I know injuries have played a huge role this year, but even with the starters we have right now, we should not be getting blown out of any games.

    Poor game planning, poor play calling and poor game and player management leads to poor execution. UGA has tons of talent but they are not coached up to their potential. This team has no swagger or whatever you want to call it. CMR needs to take a long hard look at his coaching staff.

    When Irvin says that the locker room at halftime was like they were losing 28-0 is crazy. That type of thinking will get you blown out of a game. Oh yea, that’s how we lose games and therefore get no respect from the national media. Respect has to be earned on the field.

    GO DAWGS!!


  4. Christian

    As a fan, I very rarely ever take this line after a loss because I know how much effort these kids are putting into the preparation for any game – let alone the big ones (my brother played College Football) – but this quote from C. Irvin makes me scratch my head and wonder what is going on with the team.

    14-3 and they felt like the game was over?

    Where were the coaches in all this malaise?

    Most importantly, what will happen the next time they are down a few early scores – let’s say to GT at the end of the year. Will we feel defeated then too?

    Let’s take the rivalry aspect out of this (because that is more of a fan thing) but how about the fact that UGA was playing for a birth in the SEC Championship game last weekend?

    I fly my Georgia flags whether we win or lose, I just think we’ll all look back some time from now and wonder what happened against Bama & UF.

    Go Dawgs!!


  5. That comment by Irvin makes the loss twice as bad. I was upset after the Bama game, but all of the players pointed to their fight in the second half and never say die attitude as a bright spot. I agreed with that thought process.

    I think the main difference between that loss and the UF game unfortunately is that we go into the Cocktail party assuming something bad is going to happen and playing not to lose instead of playing to win. When a bounce or call doesn’t go our way, we seem to think, ‘Here we go again.’ Most fans I spoke to leading up to the game just assumed we’d wet the bed. Until we get past that line of thinking, UF will continue to own us.


  6. For what it’s worth, I blame that psychology on the coaches 90%. That is why Richt’s ploy last year was so effective. We changed the thinking and expectations.


  7. Macallanlover

    Are we assigning too much credibility to one young man’s assessment? Everyone is declaring this a team and staff problem, but I don’t buy it. He is certainly qualified to say how he felt, but how could 100 competitive men feel it was over based on a 14-3 halftime score that was actually closer than that? This is the same team that came out in the 3rd quarter of the Alabama game down 31-0 and tried to fight back. The opening five minutes of the 3rd quarter in JAX didn’t look like they were laying down. Maybe the 88 yard interception return took some wind out of their sails, but Irvin’s comments about half time seem off to me. And I haven’t heard anyone else validate them.

    Now CheapSeats’ comments on how some fans feel is pretty sound. We do have a weak, loser element among our fans who are scared of all things Florida, but I don’t think the team or staff feels that way at all. If they do, they should give up their jobs and scholarships. I cannot understand our fans, but anyone that doesn’t think this is a competitive series is simply allowing Florida trash talkers, and the media, to dictate how they should feel. I know I don’t buy it, and this past Saturday didn’t change that. Over all series lead for UGA, and a win next year (which I will predict now with the bye week) will make it 3-3 for the last 6 years. And many of the games are one play differentials. Not skeered!!


  8. 69Dawg

    The game was over with the onside kick. This demonstrated to the team that the coaches felt a sense of desperation. When it failed and UF scored quickly it was SLMF. Worst call of the CMR era. Just play football don’t get so damn cute.


  9. Thanks Macallanlover, I certainly don’t know what all fans or maybe even a majority of UGA fandom thinks, but I can speak for the ones I know. These are folks that buy season tickets and go to games, home and road. For whatever reason, and believe me it pisses me off, they have that defeatist attitude. Maybe that doesn’t project on the team, but I think 69Dawg proves the point that it does. We just play this game differently than any other game, in all the bad ways.

    I grew up in Savannah going to this game every year from 78-96, so I’ve certainly seen the Dawgs own the series at times. I hope we can see a turn-around, or as you say, at least a stalemate 50/50 record split.