My Mumme Poll ballot, Week 10

There was a little shuffling this week, obviously.


  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Penn State
  • Texas
  • Texas Tech


  • Missouri
  • Ohio State
  • Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma State
  • Southern California
  • TCU
  • Utah


  • I couldn’t penalize Texas too much for its loss – and, by the way, what a helluva game! – which meant that Oklahoma got knocked out of my top five.  Can somebody explain to me what the coaches are thinking right now, with Texas three spots behind the Sooners in their poll?
  • I suspect that once the Big XII schools get through beating each other up that Southern Cal will wind up back in my top five.
  • Bottom of the list was tough to sort out.  Mizzou has two losses, but it’s played a credible schedule well for the most part.  TCU looks better and better each week, but really was never in the one game it played against a BCS conference school.  Utah was shaky in its win last week, but it did win.  And Georgia… I seriously considered it, but I just couldn’t do it.  Top twelve teams shouldn’t get smoked like that, especially twice like that in the first ten weeks.  On the other hand, given the schedule, the Dawgs’ record isn’t a surprise at this point, either.  I basically decided to kick the can down the road for a week, as Utah and TCU will play an elimination game Thursday night.  If Georgia gets it back together in Lexington, I’ll vote it back in.
  • I dumped Boise State because the schedule is the weakest of anyone on the list and the Oregon win isn’t looking so hot these days.


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3 responses to “My Mumme Poll ballot, Week 10

  1. keith

    The problem I have with any polls, yours included, I would only rank according to who I think is better, not just their records. Therefore,there is no way I would leave UGA out of the top 10 for that reason. I don’t think that 6 of your top 12 could beat UGA.


  2. That depends on which Georgia team shows up, doesn’t it?


  3. Munson's Call

    This week was the easiest for me so far. My struggle was the last spot. Mizzou, UGA, or Ohio St. At first I took out UGA as I didn’t want to seem a homer. But then I thought how can I put Mizzou or Ohio St. over Georgia when I think Georgia would beat either of those teams more often than not? So Georgia got my final spot. Mizzou has lost to every good team they have played and so has Ohio St. At least UGA has a dominating win over LSU.