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Those who do not study history…

Sounds like these Dawgs have short memories.

… Still, the season-shaping halves were as much about Georgia’s self-destruction as about their opponents’ dominance.

Said receiver Mohamed Massaquoi: “Part of it was us turning the ball over. Part of it was us having penalties. Part of it was not being disciplined. And whenever you play teams of that caliber [Emphasis added} and you do things like that, those teams are going to make sure they capitalize on it.”

Except we’ve seen Georgia do the very same thing against teams not of “that caliber”.  And while nobody can put his finger on why, the head coach sees no reason to delve too deeply into it, either.

… Coach Mark Richt seems to have as much trouble as anyone else making sense of it.

And he doesn’t want to spend too much time pondering what might be an insolvable mystery.

“Well, you got to look at it and study it to see why, but you also can’t dwell on it,” Richt said. “When things don’t go well in a season or things don’t go well in your life, it’s not real healthy to dwell on those things too long.

“You want to study them enough to try to learn from it and not let it happen again, but the bottom line is if you dwell on it too long, it’s going to keep you from moving forward and progressing and trying to win the next game or trying to have your next experience in life be a positive one.

“There’s a fine line in there.”

I’m not sure where that fine line is exactly, but I feel fairly certain that Richt hasn’t brushed up against it yet.

Look, I don’t want to get into some sort of “the program is at a crossroads” diatribe here, because, frankly, I don’t think it is.  There are three winnable regular season games left to play – the last of which in particular has enough at stake to make it a point of pride to win – a bowl game to win and another eleven win season to chalk up.  Those are all important goals and right now that’s where the focus needs to be.

But over the long haul, I don’t see how the program’s collective psyche can continue to survive these one half blowouts every season without some permanent damage.  There’s one significant thing in common running through these last three seasons that have featured the Dawgs’ disappearing act:  no SECCG appearance.  Coincidence?  You tell me.

I have no insider connections to the team or the coaches, so I can’t speak as to what’s inside their heads.  I do note, though, that the reasons pointed to in the article for the problems aren’t new ones by any means.  Yes, I know the team is young and yes, I know the players have suffered significant injuries, but shouldn’t a program with the kind of stability in its coaching staff that Georgia boasts have this whole execution thing mastered to a much greater extent than it appears it does?



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I need to go rinse my eyes.

I finished watching the replay of the game last night.  I see no point in rehashing the minutiae of the second half (hint:  it’s all bad), but I’ve got to say that the speed with which things fell apart in the third quarter was literally breathtaking.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go scrub the hard drive of my satellite box.


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Mumme Poll, Week 10

A few less balloteers, a couple more teams… and, Mike Leach, bitches!


T1.   Alabama (43)

T1.   Texas Tech (43)

3.     Florida (42)

4.     Penn State (40)

5.     Texas (35)

6.     Southern Cal (4)

7.     Oklahoma State (3)

8.     Oklahoma

9.     Utah

T10.  Boise State

T10.  TCU

12.    Georgia

13.    Ohio State

14.    Missouri

15.    LSU

T16.  Ball State

T16.  Georgia Tech

T18.  Michigan State

T18.  North Carolina

T18.  West Virginia



  • Team receiving top five consideration, even though it didn’t appear on all of the ballots:  Oklahoma.
  • This is the first vote without a single school being a unanimous top five pick.
  • Time spent voting remains consistent, at 15-45 minutes for the majority of us.
  • There’s a pretty strong consensus for the top eleven schools, with the numbers dropping off from there.
  • As you can see, there wasn’t too much struggling over the top five, but there was considerable agonizing over the last slot on the ballot.
  • Bloggers mentioning the Mumme Poll:  A Bulldog In Exile; Runaround Sue’s; Picture Me Rollin; Mhoram’s Dream; The Hobnail Boot.


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