Mumme Poll, Week 10

A few less balloteers, a couple more teams… and, Mike Leach, bitches!


T1.   Alabama (43)

T1.   Texas Tech (43)

3.     Florida (42)

4.     Penn State (40)

5.     Texas (35)

6.     Southern Cal (4)

7.     Oklahoma State (3)

8.     Oklahoma

9.     Utah

T10.  Boise State

T10.  TCU

12.    Georgia

13.    Ohio State

14.    Missouri

15.    LSU

T16.  Ball State

T16.  Georgia Tech

T18.  Michigan State

T18.  North Carolina

T18.  West Virginia



  • Team receiving top five consideration, even though it didn’t appear on all of the ballots:  Oklahoma.
  • This is the first vote without a single school being a unanimous top five pick.
  • Time spent voting remains consistent, at 15-45 minutes for the majority of us.
  • There’s a pretty strong consensus for the top eleven schools, with the numbers dropping off from there.
  • As you can see, there wasn’t too much struggling over the top five, but there was considerable agonizing over the last slot on the ballot.
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9 responses to “Mumme Poll, Week 10

  1. dean

    I apologize for missing the deadline. The resort we stayed at in Disney had internet access in the room but did not have a computer anywhere on site for the customers to use. I didn’t think about asking if they had rentals for the rooms until now. Again, sorry. I don’t want you to think I just bailed on ya.


  2. My ballot and comments are up as well.


  3. Dean – no problem, man.


  4. NM

    Neither Texas Tech or Bama was unanimous? I’m not saying either of them is spectacular or the best team, but I can’t think of five better ones.


  5. That didn’t surprise me as much as Oklahoma being left off one ballot entirely.


  6. Macallanlover

    While I see how some might not have had Texas Tech in the top group (no, it wasn’t me!) since they have moved up quickly, how can anyone not have Bama? Undefeated SEC team not in the Top 5? Sheesh! Now they may go down in Red Stick this weekend, but they certainly deserve a high ranking going into the weekend.

    I also have to wonder about a ballot with no Oklahoma in the Top 12. There may be some tough decisions at the bottom of the list, but OU isn’t one of those. Also, how can Oklahoma State only get 3 Top 5 votes after the way they played on the road against Mizzou and Texas? This Saturday night in the Big 12 promises to be another entertaining evening for CFB fans.


  7. Auditdawg

    My ballot submitted was as follows, top 5 noted by asterisk:

    Texas Tech*
    Penn State*
    Southern California
    Georgia Tech
    Oklahoma State
    Ball State

    I don’t feel as bad about including Ball State now, that I see others did as well. They really were just a plug for me. There are about 10 good teams in America right now, then there’s a precipitous drop-off IMO. Oklahoma State to me is on the outside looking in for the top 5. If they can knock off Tech this weekend, they will move up. I hate keeping Southern Cal so high, because I like to vote on a resume based style, and I feel theirs is sorely lacking. I’m really not impressed by you blowing out Wazzu and Washington. GA Southern could proly blow those two teams out.


  8. Munson's_call

    Did you ignore GT needing a blocked field goal to hold off Gardner Webb? I know Tech didn’t have the starting QB or the 2nd string but still. They shouldn’t have that close of a call against a BAD Div. 1-AA or whatever they are called now team.


  9. Macallanlover

    Auditdawg, I have to admit that I am startled by your ballot. You have three non-BCS teams in the top 12, and Ga Tech too? I am certainly aware of th record of the three non-BCS teams you have listed, but are you factoring in the opponents at all? If not, how can Boise State, who beat Oregon on the road not get more love than Ball State who has no quality wins at all? Not challenging your right to submit whatever teams you wish, but clearly we are using different criteria. Also, from your ballot you are saying Georgia Tech is the best two loss team in America? I think Paul Johnson is doing a fine job at GT this early on, but I haven’t seen anything that indicates there are 107 other teams in CFB who would be underdogs if they played Ga Tech.