Thursday smorgasbord

Here are a few tasty tidbits on the Internet buffet line:


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4 responses to “Thursday smorgasbord

  1. stick jackson

    I think this is the issue, Senator:

    “Prince, 16-18 overall, and Willingham are among eight minority head coaches, six black, in the 119-member Football Bowl Subdivision (formerly Division I-A). The persistently low numbers have been a longtime cause of criticism in a sport in which 54% of the players are minorities.”

    The issue isn’t from 8 to 6. It’s why 8 and not 38? The Rooney Rule has been a huge success in the NFL, because it forced GMs to think about who the really good minority candidates were, rather than just talking to the three guys they closed the bar with at the Senior Bowl and picking one of them. Once the strongest candidates were identified and people took their measure in interviews, some started to get hired. And like all coaches, some have won and some have lost. But the Rooney Rule broke the (unintentional, non-racist) freeze-out that had been in place because no one knew the minority candidates or which ones of them were worth seriously considering.


  2. stick, I’m not arguing about your latter point. I’m firmly in favor of colleges adapting some sort of variation of the Rooney Rule.

    I just don’t think it’s especially relevant to the axing of two sub-par head coaches.

    Now if we wake up next year and the number of minority head coaches has dwindled further, that’s a different story.


  3. I think Joker Phillips is coach in waiting at UK. If Sly Croom can find a way to hold on for one more year, it wouldn’t shock me to have two black head coaches in the SEC.

    How much longer must Charlie Strong toil? I’ve heard him interviewed, and he’s not the greatest with subject verb agreement. But he’s a good football coach.


  4. stick jackson

    Gotcha. I think the issue will be talked about pretty prominently as hires are being made this year, but it will mostly be business as usual. I suspect things will get worse, there will be an uproar, and then they’ll slowly start to get better.