The trouble with mixed marriages

Imagine what she might have done if the Gators had lost. (h/t The Wizard of Odds)

Apparently a gator bites harder than a bulldog. Police say a couple in Neptune Beach (you were expecting anywhere other than northern Florida) got into a fight during Florida’s blowout of Georgia on Saturday. When he got his bags and tried to leave, she did what any self-respecting UF fan would: she bit him. Not gave him the tired old Gator Chomp gesture, but actually bit him. On the freaking thigh.

The look of love

The look of love

You know the punchline to this story.  Police said both Hairston and her husband appeared to be under the influence of alcohol when the incident took place.

Surprise, surprise.


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6 responses to “The trouble with mixed marriages

  1. RaleighDawg

    I saw this yesterday. I guess her husband didn’t realize that he was gator bait.


  2. I bet she has the standard issue gator girl upper arm fat.


  3. NM

    And I thought I had a rough Saturday…


  4. He’s trying to defuse the situation and leave, and she goes and bites him? She must’ve taken sportsmanship lessons from Urban . . .


  5. Rusi

    …… says Gomer Pile


  6. Typical

    That’s hilarious, and predictably sad. Florida fans have always been 1 chromosome away for a trash pile, so it’s no surprise to see this Neptune Beach redneck with the Tebow undereye Gator. Btw, Neptune Beach is to Ponte Vedra as Florida fans are generally to Georgia fans.

    The interesting thing is that while living in Jacksonville, I have become good friends with many Gator fans. Good guys no doubt – but it amazes me how few of them attended Florida. Very few, in fact. The majority went to places like W&L, Suwanee, UNC, and so on. These people do not represent the true Gator fan. If you want to see a representative of a true gator fan, look no further than the above story and photo.