Doin’ the time warp.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s football from the nineties!

Expected post game quotes:

Mark Richt:  “I’m just feeling blessed we got the win.”

Willie Martinez:  “That’s not a 38 point defense.”

Dave Neal:  “I kept waiting for A. J. Bryant to break out.”

More later –  I’m too drained to type much else right now.


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13 responses to “Doin’ the time warp.

  1. RaleighDawg

    I am a Martinez apologist/defender, but we shouldn’t be having these breakdowns and misalignments in game 10 of the season. Our D looked lost for whole stretches of the game. Anxious about Auburn. Very concerned about Tech. Still, at least we didn’t lose to Wyoming. Is there anything outside of Eric Berry that can be salvaged by Tennesse next year?


  2. peacedog

    In terms of game stats, Kentucky yardage doesn’t look too bad in aggregate but they had 210+ yards in kick returns. And they ran far, far too easily. We made some plays but overall seemed incapable of doing anything about it. The MoMass fumbles didn’t hurt us thankfully and he had a terrific gameotherwise.

    That was surreal, though.


  3. Im a Martinez apologist and I’ll say now it is time for a change. Not bc of the score or frankly anything that happened in the 2nd half since the offense was setting KY up, but bc of the the two drives of the first half.


  4. Raycom Sucks – “When Will A.J. Bryant break out?” – What’s Bryant’s number? Who’s that player?


  5. dan

    I think Cory Phillips had a great game.


  6. Baxter Sanford

    Ronald Bailey definitely needs to work on his coverage.


  7. Joe

    Our OL and DL recruiting has simply been deficient. We need some beef. Sitting here watching LSU/Bama and they both have grown ass men on their lines.

    I feel strongly that Toby Jackson would be one of our starting DE’s right now had he made his grades. Our DL is totally deficient right now. I hope Owens comes back next year.


  8. Yeah, I agree Joe. I think going forward we have a plan and the bodies to dramatically improve our O-Line, but I’m concerned long term about our D-Line. At any rate, WM’s defenses just can’t get off the field when they need to.


  9. brad

    How come Coach Searels and put together a decent group with so many young kids but we can’t get it on D with guys have a good bit of experience?

    GATA Andrew Gully! I flipped when I saw a white guy on D and he got himself a sack no less. His quote after the game was the best:

    “I wouldn’t say I was in shock because I’d been going with the ones,” Gully said, “but I was just thinking, what could be better than this? I’m starting at UGA.”


  10. Aubrey

    If I were Richt, I would’ve fired Martinez as soon as he got off the plane back in Athens.


  11. Thomas Brown

    vols 27-21 over the last 4 years now. Impressive.

    That is not even in the Top 50 football programs. In the BCS, the vols drop from Number 75 to 3-7 back not in the Top 100 teams this year for the vols.

    Georgia Tech drops out of the rankings as well.

    Over the last 4 years, the vols and Georgia Tech have the same winning percentage.

    Georgia Tech, don’t forget Lost to 2 Mediocre Teams Virginia Tech and Virginia, a couple of Middling 6-4 cupcake playing teams.

    This is just not material, with no good win, to be the 1st 3-Loss Team. The best 3-Loss Team is way back outside the Top 30 – other than LSU who has Lost to Number 1 Alabama, Number 3 Florida and Number 11 Georgia.

    Don’t forget that it was 7-28. And, that was against the best team Georgia Tech has played.

    Orange Bowl. This nincompoops of this rag such as Mark Bradley were talking about Georgia Tech being in the Orange Bowl. That was this morning.

    Tonight reality creeps in.

    Pennsylvania State’s Loss will drop the old coot 6 spots in the Rankings from Number 3 to Number 9.

    It does Ohio State no favors either, not a 8-2.

    Oklahoma State, who has beat no one, will find UGA jumping them in the Polls. UGA already was in the Top 10 of every single BCS Computer Poll. TCU will also find UGA jumping them this morning.

    Frankly, I would love to play Joe Papa again.

    LSU will not drop much. Les Miles is an idiot to have not brought in the next LSU Quarterback, who will have to be the Quarterback next season, anyway. They would have won the game, if they had because John Parker Wilson did nothing, either.

    Georgia should be Number 11 in the Polls in the morning with our 2 Losses to Number 1 Alabama and Number 3 Florida.

    That was a great game today against Kentucky. Kentucky is a fine football team. It was 1 of the greatest football games of The University of Georgia history. I am absolutely certain that the Tech fans (both of them) changed channels and were watching our game with their game out of hand 7-28, hoping that UGA would lose. We did not. Demarcus Dobbs jumped up, got his big paw on the pass from the 14-yard line, one-handed it, and tumbled into the arms of his teammates UGA Winning 42-38.

    Georgia had 2 consecutive punts blocked at the end of the game. Mohammed Massaquoi fumbled the ball on 2 consecutive long passes, and yet made the game-winning catch from Matthew Stafford for 42 yards with 2 minutes to go to set up Knowshon Moreno’s 3rd Touchdown Run of the game and the 15th of the season.

    So, here we are. 11 players Lost for the season for The Bulldogs. Top 10 in 6 of the 8 BCS Polls and Number 11 in the other 2. Not a Defensive End on the team. Not a Tight End on the team. Both Offensive Line and Defensive Line looking mightily improved next season over this one. A far more manageable schedule next season. Still, you see the value of being ranked Number 1 in the preseason for UGA in that in seasons past, we were Number 13 to begin with, and would be no where Number 11 after such devastating blowout Losses, albeit to the Number 1 and Number 3 teams in America.

    I really like Richard Samuel.

    I really like Joe Cox. Frankly, I was disappointed that we didn’t did Logan Gray into like, for example, LSU or South Carolina to see what his running might be like. Obviously, Kentucky showed today what that type of attack means from the Quarterback. Georgia Tech would die to have Logan Gray on their roster.

    So, we might go into next season with 2 freshman back-ups to Joe Cox and Logan Gray. That part sets up well.

    Caleb King behind Richard Samuel is a good situation as well.

    Bring on Auburn, when every single year Tommy Tuberville wins some big game against some very good opponent. Auburn finds itself at 5-5 requiring a Win over either UGA or Bama to play in a bowl game.

    We are back to 1-ranked team in the Pathetic Pac-1, with no hope of a 2nd this season now.

    Vanderbilt will go to a bowl game. If Vandie Wins their Bowl Game, it will be their 1st Bowl Win since 1955 when they beat Auburn 25-13. All Vandie has to do to set this up is to either beat the vols, Kentucky or Weak Forest. They will do that.

    Fulmer should get the hell out of ObKnoxiousville now.

    Wyoming a 3-6 team.

    vols Lose.


    Who will ever forget Phillip Fulmer crying this week in the press conference that he will stay on until the end of the season, with no prospects for the vols to find any college football coach to go work for Mike Hamilton, whom I criticized the day he became the AD for the vols.

    Bama and Florida Number 1 and Number 3 are both in a BCS Bowl, setting up the most compelling Conference Championship Game, perhaps of All-Time.

    Georgia, whose only Losses are to both of them, cannot play in The Sugar Bowl. That send us to the CapitalOne Citrus Bowl.

    South Carolina, 7-3 takes on Florida at the Swamp. South Carolina is clearly headed to a 9-4 season, as I have maintained from the beginning.

    And, a Top 25 Ranking in the Final AP Poll.

    UGA could end up Number 7, or even Top 5.

    Kentucky will be a fine Bowl Opponent for someone who wishes they didn’t have to play them.

    vols stay home this year, the 2nd time in the last 4 seasons for No Bowl Game for the vols.

    Over in the West, Ole Miss’ Qualifying Win will have to come from either LSU or Mississippi State in the Egg Bowl.

    Mississippi State will come up shy of a bowl game. They had the week off.

    Auburn, has to beat UGA or Bama to go to a bowl game and that is what they will have to do. Don’t let it be us.

    At least we have them where we want Auburn, over there in Auburn, where we own them.

    We need this Win.

    Arkansas cannot go to a bowl game.

    So, I figure Florida in the Title Game. Bama in The Sugar Bowl. UGA in the CaptialOne Citrus Bowl New Year’s Day. LSU gets a Top-Tier Bowl Game as well. South Carolina next, maybe in the Cotton Bowl on-route to a 9-4 fine Season and Top 25 Rankings in the Final AP Poll. Vanderbilt in some bowl game. Kentucky in a better bowl than Vanderbilt. Ole Miss might make a bowl game, if they can beat Mississippi State. 8 SEC Bowl teams with 4 in Top Tier Bowl Games.

    By contrast, there is no one who thinks the Big XII Conference Championship Game is going to be any good whatsoever, as the Big XII Continues its slide. Texas Tech and Oklahoma each take the week off before playing each other in Norman. 1 of them tumbles, obviously. Say it’s Oklahoma who Loses. Who, then, did Texas beat this season ? No one.

    Georgia beat LSU and South Carolina. Those are key wins as this season winds down. Still, I cannot get over Les Miles not bringing in his future freshman quarterback Jordan Jefferson 6 feet 4 inches Top 10 ranked Freshman Quarterback in the nation. You will see Jordan Jefferson for 4 years, doing great as the LSU Quarterback. LSU could have played in a BCS Bowl Game this year had they played him today and they would have beat Number 1 Alabama.

    Instead, the LSU fans have to watch Nick Saban leave the field and put up his Number 1 finger to the LSU… well, I will not call the LSU fans what Nick Saban did. You know what he called them. And, Les Miles didn’t play Jordan Jefferson. Never did a game so call for Jordan Jefferson. Never.


  12. “We need some beef. Sitting here watching LSU/Bama and they both have grown ass men on their lines.”

    52 points says what?


  13. Ally

    Speaking of quotes, did anyone see this one?

    Defensive tackle Corvey Irvin: “I went up to the offensive huddle before A.J. scored and I said, ‘Man, if you get in there, I promise you we’re going to seal the game.'”

    It honestly makes me laugh out loud! I hope to hell AJ shot back at him with something like this: “Man, if you’d do your freakin’ job and stop that freshman QB, we wouldn’t have to be the only ones to seal this game!”

    Just further confirmation that even our defensive players know they can’t win a game for us anymore. But you’re right CMR, they “played really good.” Way to GATA.