Da play, da play…

Almost lost yesterday amidst the putrifaction of the special teams play and the continued slide of what was once a very good rushing defense was this gem:

Georgia at 3:55 GA UK
1st and 10 at GA 15 Matthew Stafford pass complete to Mohamed Massaquoi for 78 yards to the Kent 7 for a 1ST down. 35 38

When I do my post season list of best plays of the year, rest assured this one will be at the top, barring even more drama in the remaining three games.  (Rest assured that Green’s catch will be right up there, too.)

Everything about that play was wonderful.  The call, the decision to go back to the guy who’s been the rock on offense all year, but who had shockingly fumbled the ball to Kentucky the last two times he’d touched it.  The throw from Stafford, who put the ball where it needed to be.  The downfield blocking from Durham.  And, of course, the timing and the drama of the play – Georgia down by three on its own 15 yard line with under four minutes to go in the game.

But most of all, the grit and determination of Massaquoi, whose solid year has been somewhat overshadowed by Green’s emergence, along with the expected attention paid to Stafford and Moreno.  You know what had to be going through his mind as he caught the ball, broke a tackle and took off.  Green’s catch on the winning score was jaw dropping, but who knows if he gets the chance without MoMass’ heroics?


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7 responses to “Da play, da play…

  1. peacedog

    The Daves were claiming Stafford had gone to the sideline after the second fumble and said “I’m coming back to you first chance” or something like that. Dunno if it’s true or if they speculated after seeing Stafford walk over to MoMass on the sidelines or what. It’d be a nice leadership moment from Stafford and it was a superb redemption play to cap a huge day.

    MoMass will leave as one of our best receivers ever, I think, regardless of what the stats say.


  2. Coastal dawg

    Stafford’s quote in the Banner-Herald this morning confirmed it peacedog.

    Mo Mass is and has been a team first guy. He blocks downfield, isn’t too good to go over the middle and make the tough catch, works with the young guys (esp Green).

    He is a Damn Good dawg.


  3. Baxter Sanford

    I had a “Dave” moment after MoMass turns upfield to run down the sideline. I jumped from my chair, yelling “Run Lindsay, Run!”


  4. Christian

    +1 to all

    MoMass deserved that catch and run – and I was damn glad to see him get it.


  5. Robert

    Hats off to MoMass.



  6. Wolfman

    Agreed. For my money, the most key component all year. He’ll be missed more than people will say. Proud he’s a Dawg.


  7. Ben

    I don’t say this for any “called it” glory…but…right before Kentucky took the lead, I turned to my wife and said “we are only one turnover away from losing this game.” She not being born into the Dawg nation tried to convince me otherwise. I told her I have seen too many of these games to know what was heading our way. Then, right before the snap of the 2nd fumble, I said “Staff is gonna pass over the middle to MoMass to convert 3rd down.” Snap, pass, catch, run…ohhhhh nooooooo. Needless to say I turned back to her and didn’t say a word, just gave that I-told-you-so look. Then came your above referenced play. My only comment was “How great would it be if MoMass redeemed himself on this drive?” When he caught that ball I was screaming “TUCK IT, TUCK IT” and I, along with every other fan, really thought he was gonna score. Like I said, I only put my “calling it” up to prove the point that we have seen this all too often, but it was so refreshing to see a HUGE play from a SENIOR that cares so much. He was so down on himself with those 2 fumbles, and most other years we have had players that you know are thinking “Better not throw it back to me cause I’ll just fumble again.” In my book, TT can keep Crabtree and a possible Heisman. I’ll take MoMass and Greene. GO DAWGS!