Short attention span theater

A few random things bouncing around my brain that aren’t worth the effort of a full post:

  • I think the matchup I’d be most likely to spend my money on today would be Texas Tech’s offense against Southern Cal’s defense.  I honestly have no idea who’d win that battle, but it sure would be fun to watch.
  • You want to see an example of why the ACC defines mediocrity this year?  OK, here’s one.  In its titanic 28-17 win over Virginia, Wake Forest punted on every one of its second half possessions. (h/t Dr. Saturday)
  • It’s not great what it says about either team, but a look at Vandy’s remaining schedule reveals that the closest thing to a lock for the Commodores to obtain bowl eligibility this season is their home game with Tennessee.
  • You know who else is quietly sucking this year?  5-5 Illinois, that’s who, after an ugly loss to Western Michigan.  And with remaining games with Ohio State and at Northwestern, there’s a distinct possibility that the Zooker’s crew could be looking at a losing campaign.
  • Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati, for all the marbles in the Big East?  The BCS has to be thrilled.  The Mountain West has to be puzzled.
  • Jarrett Lee.  My God, a freshman.  My God, four interceptions.  Did Les forsee this when he showed Perrilloux the door?
  • Speaking of that game, the GPOOE™ ain’t gonna throw four picks in the SECCG.  I’ll predict right now if Florida can make John Parker Wilson look ordinary, the Gators win going away.
  • With Penn State’s loss, most of the pundits are confidently predicting a Big XII-SEC matchup in the BCS title game.  What happens if Missouri pulls off the upset in the Big XII championship game?


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9 responses to “Short attention span theater

  1. Bobby

    look, i’m no acc fan, but as far as the sec has fallen this year, i think we might want to quit dogging the other conferences! i mean we just barely got by the same team (kentucky) who the weak before beat…..wait for it….miss st. 14-13! and we’re the third best in the conference! yes alabama and florida are great! but there are too many teams in this conference right now who absolutely stink! the acc has no major teams, but with the exception of nc state, all are above 500. and actually descent teams, considering vanderbuilt has beaten ole miss, south carolina , and auburn, yet at home lost to the coastal division last place team…wait for it….duke! ohh yeah, not to mention florida lost to ole miss, and ole miss lost to wake forest! so let’s hold out on the sec is great this year, we’re the only ones buying it right now! we kinda just look like a bunch of whiners!


  2. Hobnail_Boot

    What happens if Missouri pulls off the upset in the Big XII championship game?

    I’m glad you asked, Senator. In that scenario, the MNC game would likely be between Bama/UF and USC.

    I mean after all, as Georgia fans, we know that a team who didn’t even win its own division can’t play for it all.


  3. Chris


    Some pundits have already started talking about the winning your own division thing, and confoundedly have not take so much issue over it as last year. wonder why….oh wait, here’s the answer: if UF doesn’t beat Bama for the SEC, they will still be playing better than everybody else so OF COURSE they should play in the MNC Game….how absurd!


  4. LD

    Chris, Hobnail means that USC could potentially play for the BCS title game when they don’t even control their own destiny in the PAC-10. Oregon State wins out, they win the conference and USC doesn’t.

    But in Hobnail’s hypothetical, I assure you that nobody will make that argument.


  5. rtr

    When was the last time Alabama got beat by anybody “going away”? Even when they sucked. I’d like to know.


  6. Wolfman

    Maybe not going away. But I remember scoring 30 pts on them in Athens a few years ago before they even got a first down.


  7. Brian

    If USC wins out in the PAC-10, they are guaranteed a share of the conference title. Remember that Pac-10, Big-10, and (I assume) Big East rules allow for co-champions. Head to head match-ups determine the automatic BCS bid, but do not affect the conference championship.

    This is the main reason that the winning one’s conference/division “rule” is BS. Under other conferences’ rules, UGA would have been co-champions with LSU and UT last season. LSU still would have been more deserving of a national championship bid, but no one could have made that ridiculous argument against us.


  8. cousinwalter

    Oregon State finishes the season with Cal, at Arizona, Oregon where they will be the underdog in all three.


  9. Since our Dawgs are no longer in it, I am actually PRAYING that a team that doesn’t win its conference/division gets to the National Championship game.

    I would pay even money just to see Mark May and Herbie’s heads explode trying to explain that BS away.