Requiem for a heavyweight

Sometimes stats do tell a convincing story.

… But with Vanderbilt and Kentucky still ahead, the Vols (3-7, 1-5 Southeastern Conference) could still reach a new low. They’re one loss away from piling up the most losses in the program’s more than 100-year history. Before this season, Tennessee had lost seven games only once, in 1977.

Aside from tying Tennessee’s record for losses, this team holds several other distinctions.

It’s the first in program history to lose to a Mountain West opponent. And averaging just 16 points per game, it’s become the least productive since the 1964 squad, which averaged eight a per game.

The Vols have 47 bowl appearances, the second most in NCAA history. But for the second time in four years, they won’t be making a postseason appearance.

Tennessee also hasn’t finished dead last in the SEC since 1954, a season when the Vols went 1-5 in the conference. Unless they can find a way to win in their last two games, that’s exactly where they’ll be.

That’s epic bad.  Nobody in his or her right mind saw anything close to this coming before the season started.

My only question is whether it’s karma.


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  1. Carruthers

    Didn’t you post something about a suckitude factor, or something like that? I think you were trying to predict who was overrated.