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“Maybe we can talk to coach Tubs and play some music.”

As the Kentucky track meet begins to recede in our memories and the Auburn game starts to loom larger – and some of those Tigers are still having issues with “Crank That”, it seems – it still feels like things are in a weird no-man’s land.  I mean, Georgia’s currently 8-2 with the distinct probability of running the remaining table of games to finish 11-2 and in the top ten, yet it’s hard to deny that fan dissatisfaction with the state of the program is near an all time high in the Richt era.  Strange times, indeed.

Along those lines, here are a few things to ponder.

Start with these quotes from David Hale’s blog (by the way, as a complete aside, David deserves serious praise for the superlative job he’s done at his blog, as Mr. Ching left some rather big shoes to fill).

“We really weren’t having fun out there this weekend,” Irvin said. “That’s why we’re going to set everything else aside all the BCS and all the other stuff we’re just going to play football this week. Georgia’s main goal is to just get our swagger back and have fun. We’ve got to punish, man. We’ve got to punish. That’s it.”

“We need to practice everything like it’s in the game, really,” Curran said. “It’s something we’ve been not doing too well. That game tempo just flowing sometimes during the game, the offense will up their tempo, go to the hurry-up offense, and we won’t be ready with that. We’ll get caught out of position or not aligned properly.”

“We just had little mental errors and little mental mistakes out on the field players not really executing exactly what coach had planned for us,” safety Reshad Jones said. “A linebacker might go to the pitch player when he was supposed to have been on the quarterback just different little things, mental errors we had out on the field.”

“Injuries, lack of leadership, the defense is just not motivated,” Irvin said. “But like I said, we’ll have a whole different swagger this week.”

“… but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what scheme he runs or what call he makes, if we’re not executing, it’s not going to make much of a difference. He can call the best defense out there, he can change everything around and put us in the best position, but if we’re not running to the ball and playing assignment football, it’s not going to make any difference.”

Anybody notice a pattern here?  Again, it’s great that the players recognize the problems, but to have these kinds of issues ten games into the season?   It’s hard to understand, honestly.

And here’s one indication that the defense simply isn’t playing aggressively enough: a defensive end is second on the team in interceptions.  Even more, he’s only one pick away from the team lead.

On another front, Paul Westerdawg makes an excellent point about the disappointing special teams play in this post.

… Much has been made about directional kicking. At this point, it’s not where the kick lands that’s driving me nuts. It’s the actual coverage. Georgia’s kickoff coverage unit looks nothing like you see in Florida, LSU or Bama. We have three walk-ons and a third team quarterback covering kicks. Those other schools put their fastest young talent across the line.

The other thing that drove me nuts about special teams play against UK was the passivity in the punt return game.  Florida blocked UK’s punter twice in the first quarter; Georgia never even made the effort.  And it’s not like the Dawgs were rewarded for their patience with a big return, either.

Turning to Auburn, if you think that Georgia has an advantage because the Tigers are having a down year, history might suggest that you temper your enthusiasm.

… On Saturday, Georgia will play … [an Auburn team] with a non-winning record for the first time since 1999 when Tommy Tuberville’s first Tigers team came to Athens with a 4-5 record and left with a 38-21 win.

Ugh.  Don’t remind me of that one.  On the second thought, maybe Richt should be reminding his charges about that one.

Then again, Jerry over at The Joe Cribbs Car Wash thinks the luster is definitely off for this game.  That may be nothing more than the cobwebs in Auburn’s eyes as it faces another morning kickoff, though.


UPDATE: Groo has some other quotes and some other thoughts worth a read.



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Excuse me, I have to throw up now.

I really don’t know how you get from Point A in this New York Daily News piece…

If you are what your record says you are, then Notre Dame is a very average football team. The Irish are 5-4 following a 17-0 loss to Boston College on a rainy Saturday night in Chestnut Hill. They do not have a signature victory or a road win.

This is Year 4 of the Charlie Weis era – a year longer than the school gave former coach Ty Willingham – and he does not look like the second coming of Knute Rockne. The Irish are 1-15 in their last 16 games against teams with winning records…

to Point B.

If Notre Dame beats Navy and Syracuse and loses, as expected, to USC on the road, the Irish will finish 7-5. That should be good enough for them to earn an invitation to the Cotton Bowl, Gator Bowl or Sun Bowl…

Holy mother of crap, the freakin’ Cotton Bowl?  Does anyone have a sense of shame any more?


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From the Houston-Tulane game, this is one ugly hit that comes after a delay of game penalty is called:

The quarterback is out for the season with a broken collarbone – in two places.  The player delivering the hit in the heat of action (he claims he didn’t hear a whistle) or the cheap shot (it looks like pretty much every other player on the field pulls up), depending on your point of view, did issue an apology.


UPDATE: The Wiz has some more details here.

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Mumme Poll, Week 11

The Bataan Death March continues, as we lose a few more voters to life, bad computer connections and malaise over Georgia’s season.  I’m tempted to start a pool letting everybody predict the number of ballots cast in the last vote of the season.  Or maybe I’ll declare a general amnesty for the vote after the bowl games.  Who knows… anyway, here are the current standings.


T1.   Alabama (42)

T1.   Texas Tech (42)

T3.   Florida (41)

T3.   Texas (41)

5.     Oklahoma (28)

6.     Southern Cal (14)

7.     Penn State

8.     Utah

9.     Ohio State

10.   Georgia

11.   Oklahoma State

12.   Boise State

13.   Missouri

14.   North Carolina

15.   LSU

16.   Michigan State

T17. BYU

T17. Pittsburgh



  • Consolidation is the big story of the vote this week.  Three games – Penn State/Iowa, Texas Tech/Oklahoma State and TCU/Utah – really cleared out the underbrush.  There’s very close to unanimity down to the tenth slot in the rankings.
  • The Pirate abides.  Texas Tech isn’t getting any doubts now.  Argh!  Of course, we’ll see where things lie after the Oklahoma game.
  • Penn State is the first team this season to appear on every ballot without receiving any top five consideration.  I’m not sure of the significance of that, but I thought I’d share.
  • Teams receiving top five votes without appearing on all of the ballots:  Utah and Boise State.
  • If there were doubts about the credibility of this approach to voting, all I’ve got to say in response is that at least we’ve got enough collective sense to rank Texas ahead of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State ahead of Missouri, unlike the coaches.  When did head-to-head meetings lose their significance?
  • While a few voters found this week’s vote the toughest of the year, most were like me in that there wasn’t much of a struggle in decision making until getting down to the final slot.
  • Bloggers mentioning the Mumme Poll this week:  A Bulldog in Exile; The Hobnail Boot; Mhoram’s Dream; Runaround Sue’s; Picture Me Rollin.


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Stray thought upon being awakened by a 2:45 AM wrong number…

You know, you’ve got to admit that if you totally disregard the circumstances leading up to it, that last four-minute stretch of the Kentucky game was the most exciting period of football Georgia’s played this year.


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