Stray thought upon being awakened by a 2:45 AM wrong number…

You know, you’ve got to admit that if you totally disregard the circumstances leading up to it, that last four-minute stretch of the Kentucky game was the most exciting period of football Georgia’s played this year.


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5 responses to “Stray thought upon being awakened by a 2:45 AM wrong number…

  1. Kevin

    Knowing that the SEC or a MNC were not on the line, I was much more relaxed watching the game… and thoroughly enjoyed the excitement


  2. Ben

    Nice nod this morning on the Curious Index.


  3. Mr. Egger

    I agree, although that also implies you forget it’s UGA vs. Kentucky, and we should never be in that sort of situation to begin with. But I agree, that was a great end with good, strong defensive stands, some great late work by Stafford, and Massoqui not dwelling on the drops and coming through in the clutch. Not to mention an amazing catch by AJ Green that, as the Raycom Daves put it, almost Dwight Clark-esque.


  4. John

    If by exciting you mean “stretching my aorta to within microns of its tensile capacity,” then yes. Hell yes it was.


  5. To: All non-partisan college football fans

    From: The Georgia Defense and special teams

    Subject: That very entertaining Kentucky game

    You’re welcome.