John Feinstein still has his BCS panties in a wad.

In light of the new BCS contract negotiations, this John Feinstein piece (h/t EDSBS) manages to impress with both its cluelessness and its timeliness. That’s tough act to pull off, but as this passage shows, Feinstein’s up to the task.

… But the others [ed. – BCS conference commissioners besides Delany] don’t have that excuse. They need to get together, go to the presidents and say, “Enough. The BCS needs to go away before another TV contract is signed. Here is our playoff plan; here is how you will make more money with a playoff system.”

That will get the presidents’ attention. It will get them moving. It will end the pox that is the BCS…

Oops!  Looks like the train’s already left the station on that one, dude.  You can always recycle the column in a few years…



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3 responses to “John Feinstein still has his BCS panties in a wad.

  1. NM

    Gotta love how every assclown writer out there does some back of the envelope calculation to assume that a playoff makes more money (all things considered) than the current system. These people all must seriously believe one of the following implausible scenarios:

    -These guys, that are basically CEOs of multimillion dollar properties, have somehow neglected to commission *any studies* to determine if they could increase revenue by changing the postseason.
    -Or, alternatively, they have commissioned these studies, and despite the result that playoff=payoff, they choose to *leave money on the table* to keep the status quo. (Yeah, THAT sounds right.)
    -Or, if the studies show that more money is in fact being made under the current system (don’t forget possibly devaluing regular season TV contracts if we go to playoffs!), then clearly such studies are flawed and this guy’s intuitive hunch is better.

    Just how clueless do you have to be to make these arguments?


  2. HVL Dawg

    I just have to comment on the Senator’s quote of the day-

    “Until we have less than five guys that can play, I don’t think we’ll be in trouble…” (Clint Boling, AJ-C, 11/10/08)

    Give that dawg a bone! God bless the mutts on our offensive line. I’m proud of how hard the’ve been working.


  3. Carter

    Maybe I was inebriated during last years Sugar Bowl, but I could swear I heard Thom Brennaman call our RB “Nissan Murano.”