“Oh, that didn’t work today, oh well, I’ll go rollerblade.”

Given where Texas Tech finds itself in the college football world right now, if you haven’t read this New York Times Magazine article about Mike Leach by Moneyball’s Michael Lewis, you should take the time to do so now.  It’s a classic.

Anyway, with TT and Leach currently riding high, the Times went back to Lewis for a follow up, basically along the lines of “did you see this coming?”.  Lewis isn’t sure about that, but he is sure that Leach could succeed anywhere, including a big time D-1 program, or even the NFL.

The picture he paints of Leach is both quirky and fascinating.  But what I really wonder after reading both pieces is whether a place like Tennessee is ready for a coach like Leach.  In the end I’m guessing not, but you never know these days.



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7 responses to ““Oh, that didn’t work today, oh well, I’ll go rollerblade.”

  1. Prov

    Leach and Davis please stay away from UT.


  2. dean

    IMO, Leach would be a good fit at Clem[p]son. He could hit the ground running there. At UT I don’t think they have the players he needs to run his system effectively.


  3. Coastal dawg

    In a conversation at work yesterday, one of my co-workers suggested Leach was “tainted” and no one would take a chance on him.

    I nodded like I knew what he was talking about but truly have no clue.

    How is Leach tainted?


  4. Hobnail_Boot

    Leach would get run out of town if he went to UT.

    This is his 9th season in Lubbock, and in a situation with absolutely zero pressure, he’s now in his first 10-win season.

    At a football factory, he’d have been lambasted long ago. His laissez-faire attitude would rub Vol fans the wrong way, bigtime.


  5. Beaver

    Coastal dawg,

    If you’re the same CD that is on Red and Black, please go away and don’t taint another one of my favorite sites.


  6. David H.

    I noticed in the NY Times’ diagram of Texas Tech’s Ace Rip formation, the two inside receivers are on the line of scrimmage and covered up, and therefore ineligible to go downfield to catch a pass. I assume TT got the formation right when they used it in games!



  7. Coastal dawg


    That must be some other Coastal Dawg. I’ve been posting here for a while and don’t remember anything you should get your panties in a bunch over.