Riffing off of a riff

In the beginning, there was Westerdawg’s post about the special teams.

That, in turn, begat a post of Groo’s about kickoff coverage that’s well worth your attention.

I don’t know if any of you watched the Miami game last night.  I did.  One thing that jumped out at me was the Hurricanes’ kickoff coverage.  The kicker wasn’t especially good – he didn’t kick it any deeper than Blair Walsh does on average and he didn’t seem to get as much height on the ball, either – but Miami’s coverage was smothering, as in 54 total return yards on five kicks.  The longest return the ‘Canes gave up was 15 yards.

And this was against Virginia “We Do Special Teams Right” Tech.

What was Miami’s secret?  Speed, baby.  Its coverage team is loaded with a bunch of little guys who are burners.  Guys were getting down to cover so fast that, if they weren’t making the tackle, they were at least clogging the return lanes quickly enough to make it easy for the second wave of coverage to wrap up the return.

And I’ve got to tell you as a Georgia fan, it was palpably different from what we’re used to seeing.  I had watched a replay of the Kentucky game the day before and was used to the pace of the Dawgs’ kickoff coverage.  As I sat there last night, I was literally startled by Miami’s speed on the coverage of its first kickoff.

So let me add my voice to the chorus here:  more speed, please.


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3 responses to “Riffing off of a riff

  1. Richt-Flair

    Amen, defensive ends and backup fullbacks pale in comparison to DBs, WRs and safeties as far as getting to the ball. Isn’t our mantra GATA — as fast as possible?


  2. I was also amazed at the Miami kick coverage team. They were like a swarm of hornets converging around the 10-15 yard line on every kick. To be fair, I don’t think I have seen any other team this year get down the field that fast. Certainly not a certain team wearing red and black with a big “G” on their helmets.


  3. Carruthers

    I only watched about thirty minutes of the game, and that exact same thing jumped out at me. The Miami kicked almost the same kind of balls, if not worse, but the defenders were down at the 20 by the time the returner hit his stride. How hard is this to analyze and correct?