Ask a stupid question…

Nevermind that his team was being embarrassed by his old club on his old home field and he looked absolutely helpless facing the rout:  Steve Spurrier frickin’ rules the halftime walkoff interview.

Tracy Wolfson: Coach, will you stick with that quarterback rotation in the second half?

Steve Spurrier: [brief snort] Who do you want to play at quarterback?

Somebody needs to post that exchange on Youtube.  Stat.



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14 responses to “Ask a stupid question…

  1. Florida running up the score on the one guy who led them (twice) out of complete who-gives-a-crap mediocrity is the height of classlessness. Enjoy yourself, Urban. Heads that wear crowns, as they say.


  2. Yeah, DN, I’m getting sick of Urban. Byfar he’s the biggest jerk in college football. He keeps Tebow in the game in the 4th quarter when they’re up by 50 points, he kicks meaningless field goals at the end of games, and he calls timeouts in games that have been long decided. Urban’s going to get his, if I were Mark Richt or Steve Spurrier, those “handshakes” would have included swift punches to the stomach.


  3. Baxter Sanford

    While the coach named after a geographic location keeps inching closer and closer to the gates of coaching hell, there was something deep inside of me that felt good tonight. After watching the Visor Lord beat my Dawgs up and down the field while I was in school, and ran the score up just as much on others, it kinda felt good to see Spurrier on the other side of a beatdown like that.


  4. NM

    Urban is a complete douchebag, but Baxter is correct. Sometimes, karma can be a little douche-y too. How’s it feel now, Steve-o?


  5. While a coach’s “douchiness” is usually a matter of perspective (was it “douchy” to put 56 points on Central Michigan with Moreno scoring in the 4th?), it is undeniable that, under the current system, making “statements” is absolutely necessary. Especially so in light of the fact that most poll voters (coaches) don’t watch games and only check scores.

    Headlines like “The worst loss in Spurrier’s career as either a coach or player” undoubtedly help pull a couple of votes in my Gator’s direction. To do anything less under the BCS system in coaching negligence.


  6. Rusi

    I think I gotta agree with Mergz. This was supposed to be a closer game than it was. I was, in fact, laughed at heartily when I told my two USC friends at the bar Friday night that Florida was going to beat them something like 59-3.

    Like it or not Urban kind of has to make “statements” at this point. His team has a loss and there are a bunch of excellent teams in the Big 10. He’s got to position in the human polls to make sure the computers don’t elevate a one loss Texas over them in the final BCS poll. Lest everyone forget Texas has a better schedule at this point than Florida.

    Personally, I would like nothing more than to see a non-division or non-conference winning team such as (potentially) a USC or Texas make the NC game. I would just love to see how that is explained away….


  7. If Florida beats Alabama, they’ll make the BCS Championship Game. Period. Urban knows that. Urban’s just a maladjusted prick.


  8. ArchDawg

    Yeah, Urban’s already got his shot in the SECCG. They’re already at number 3, they don’t really need any ‘more’ votes. The only ‘statement’ Urban is making is that he is a tool, but at least he took Tebow out a little earlier in this one. A one-loss Texas team will not make it over a SEC champion Florida team in the final polls (if they happen to not play in the Big XII title). And if Florida loses, then a 1-loss Texas team should jump them. It’s as simple as that.


  9. 69Dawg

    While I hate CUM as much as any UGA fan. He has got the rest of the league by the throat. He has out recruited, out schemed and out assistant coached all of us. Ole Miss not withstanding, they could play another 9 times and Ole Miss would lose 9. As a wisea$$ SOS once said”It’s not my job to stop my team from scoring that’s what your team is suppose to do.” Steve would be the last coach to bitch about the game.


  10. CLTDawg

    I have to agree w/ Mergz on this one. While I can’t stand Urban, he is doing what he has to do. And it probably doesn’t hurt for UF that he’s breaking everyone’s psyches with these beat downs. It seemed to be a pretty good strategy for SOS when he was there.


  11. I’ll try to stifle laughter when Tebow blows out his ACL in garbage time against The Citadel.


  12. AceG8tr

    My my, you guys are bitter. Relax, wait for next year. I’m sure your offense will be better and our defense will not be.

    No wait, that was this year.

    Oh well, I’m sure at some point you’ll win one again. And afterwards be very convinced that the tide has turned and you’re destined to beat us for years to come.

    No wait, that was last year.



  13. Karma

    And I’ll be laughing MY ass off when Moreno trips up and blows out Stafford’s ACL/MCL, you vicious prick.

    Bitch about coaches all you want, NEVER, EVER wish harm on the players. They’re student-athletes. Not pawns to be sacrificed on your god’s altar.


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