Eh, never mind.

Just forget what I posted about the special teams.


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  1. RaleighDawg

    Defense was much improved if you remove the 2 TD plays where we couldn’t tackle fannin in a phone booth. I will always take a win, no matter how ugly against the barn. 2 weeks to get ready for tech GATA!


  2. Ally

    Just curious, anybody know how many yards we gave up in the 4th quarter?

    I hope CMR sends those refs an Outback Steakhouse gift card as thanks for that win.


  3. NRBQ

    Count ’em: six personal fouls.

    I’ve never seen CMR so pissed.

    Bet he runs ’em to death before the Urine and White game.


  4. Boz

    Runs them? I hope he brings out the gimp on them.


  5. Ally

    Thanks square. Good God.

    Gotta wonder if any other D1 team in college football has ever done this on one play: get a roughing the kicker penalty and then fumble the catch.

    Fantastic job today Fab & Martinez! Oh, and note to CMR: running gassers as punishment for penalties IS NOT WORKING! Ugh.

    K? Tks bai.


  6. Beak

    the PF on Samuel was bush, guy was standing around the pile and RS nailed him


  7. I wish we could tackle.

    That’s all I got.


  8. Macallanlover

    Needless to say, Special Teams “coaching-by-committee” isn’t working for UGA. I realize we cannot afford to give up a position coach to have someone specialize on STs, but there is no reason CMR cannot take charge of that assignment. He has total control of how much practice time can be devoted to it, and can pull top players from either coordinator’s group and not get overruled.

    UGA has been weak all year on STs but the past two weeks have been off the charts bad. Changes are needed ASAP.


  9. > I wish we could tackle.

    We can.

    After the play is over, and out of bounds. We tackle like gods after the whistle is blown.


  10. Coastal dawg

    I counted 5 times Reshad Jones went for the big hit but did not wrap up and make a tackle.

    On one he was able to drive the ball carrier out of bounds. But the only time he really wrapped up, he got the late hit penalty.

    I hope we spend the off week working on fundamentals.