Just another bi-polar day on the Plains.

Let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way first.  Yes, Georgia is 9-2 now.  Yes, it’s likely headed back to another top ten finish at season’s end.  Which means, yes, I much prefer the season the Dawgs are enjoying to those of about 100 other schools.

But that was one strange game yesterday.  Oops – make that another strange game yesterday.  It’s tempting to chalk up a close call to a now 5-6 Auburn team to the rivalry, until you recall that Georgia’s previous game ended in nearly the exact same fashion.  And I don’t think any Dawg fan is willing to stretch the definition of rival to include the Kentucky Wildcats.

This is a team that can dazzle you in one moment – like the brilliantly called, brilliantly excuted screen pass to Moreno that resulted in the first (!) touchdown reception of his career – and drive you up the wall the next – witness the inept play from both safeties that led to Auburn’s first half touchdown on a 52 yard pass to Mario Fannin.  If you’re like me, you go from wondering almost series by series how a team that looks this good can have two losses (two bad losses) to amazement that a team that’s this undisciplined can win nine games playing the schedule it has.

These kids don’t need better coaching.  They need therapy.  And before you think I’m exaggerating (okay, maybe I am a little), take a look at these quotes gathered by David Hale after the game:

“We’re being aggressive, but a little overaggressive,” linebacker Darryl Gamble said. “We just need to be smarter about that.”

“Guys are just not using their head,” defensive tackle Corvey Irvin said. “They want to be too aggressive. When guys are running out of bounds or when the whistle is blown, they still want to hit.”

“That’s always going to happen when you’ve got guys playing aggressive and just scratching and clawing with their backs against the wall,” Curran said. “You might get a hand up or get a personal foul when you’re trying to intimidate, and that’s what we were trying to do.”

“I’m glad I see that guys are trying to hit and trying to punish,” Irvin said. “I’m glad they’re not being soft out there, not trying to wrap up. We got some penalties, and we’ll handle them on Monday and get back to the chalkboard.”

Great.  Maybe if they call another players-only meeting, they can get the penalties back up into the double digits.  And the thing is, if the point to all this macho aggressiveness was to intimidate the other team into wilting, it didn’t work.  Auburn’s offense got more productive as the game wore on.  Of the 303 yards that the Tigers gained on the day, they accumulated 195 of them on their last three series.

As much as it pains me to say it, there’s a glimmer of truth in what the AJ-C’s Jeff Schultz writes when he notes…

Nine wins? They are more the residual of sheer athletic talent than actual performance, or discipline, or plan.

It’s equally painful for me to admit that there may be something in what Urban Meyer said about his ’07 team – that it was too immature and maybe a bit too selfish to win a championship – that also applies to these 2008 Bulldogs.  The good news is that I don’t think this team is on track to lose four games this year, unlike those Gators of last season.

A few random observations about the game:

  • Whoever decided it was a good idea to put Prince Miller back out there for punt return duty needs to have his head examined (or their heads examined, if this was some sort of committee decision).  Especially for the second return, after he misjudged the first punt.
  • Is there anyone on the coaching staff that actually, you know, coaches Blair Walsh on his mechanics kicking field goals?  You read quotes from the kid and you realize he knows what’s going wrong, but it doesn’t sound like it’s up to anyone else to help him get out of his rut.
  • That all being said, it’s ironic, but ultimately Auburn lost the game because of its special teams.  The missed extra point led to Tubby’s unfortunate decision to go for it on fourth and three on the Georgia 21 in the fourth quarter (and you knew he was going to change his mind during the time out, didn’t you?).  Kick the field goal there, and Auburn’s last drive – and there would have been a last drive, given Georgia’s propensity for going into an offensive shell in those sorts of situations – would have been to win the game with a field goal instead of a touchdown.
  • Omitting the incompletions, Georgia ran a total of forty eight plays on offense yesterday.  Figgins caught one ball, Chapas ran one play and Samuel carried the ball three times.  Everything else remained in the hands of Stafford, Moreno, Massaquoi and Green.
  • As much as Schultz wants to sneer at the coaching staff for yesterday’s results, he’d best not be pointing any fingers in Stacey Searels’ direction.  Another offensive line shuffle due to injuries resulted in zero sacks and a 4.1-yards-per-carry day rushing the ball.  While it seems downright miraculous to me, it’s just another day in the office for Searels.
  • While we’re on the subject of coaching, it seemed like the players on defense went out of their way to validate their comments earlier in the week that the problems the Dawgs have been experiencing on that side of the ball weren’t because of scheme or Martinez.  The defensive game plan yesterday was solid and if it had been executed consistently my level of angst during the game would have been lessened considerably.  Without naming names, I’ll just say that the defensive line played a much better overall game throughout than did the back seven.

No doubt this second bye week comes at a most opportune time.  Time to get healed up…



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  1. Senator, I’m of the mind that the preseason buildup got into Coach Richt’s head and not having been in that situation as a head coach, he has spent the season playing (I know, he doesn’t “play”), not to lose. The season has been curious and disappointing from the beginning. In August, I believed this could be a 10-2 season. I never thought it would “look” like this.
    Go Dawgs!


  2. NebraskaDawg

    Let’s face it Dawg fans, Our problems aren’t getting fixed this year or next year or the next. Richt doesn’t have the ego or the drive (like say Saban or Meyer) to do any better than 9 to 10 wins and a decent bowl. That’s good enough for Richt. No one on the staff is ever going to get fired or held accountable. It’s always going to be “at least we got the win or we’re happy to get a victory” etc. It’s never “we won but we played like crap and things better start turning around” etc. Face it everyone, Richt just a college coach who comfortable with what we are doing now and won’t change unless the seat gets a lot hotter.


  3. > Richt doesn’t have the ego or the drive
    > (like say Saban or Meyer) to do any
    > better than 9 to 10 wins and a decent
    > bowl.

    That is absolutely ludicrous.

    In 2002 the Dawgs were 1 play, or 1 break, from playing for the title.

    In 2005, the Dawgs were 1 extremely unfortunate injury to DJ Shockley from likely playing for the title.

    In 2007, many people think the Dawgs should have played for the title.

    I am as unhappy as most other fans about the way this season has turned out. But making snap decisions is rarely the path to success. Richt is a great coach and we are lucky yo have him. Tom Osborne, Bobby Bowden, and many other great coaches had to wait 10+ years before they got their first title and then they ended up with multiples (and legendary records for themselves and their team).


  4. Greg

    Searles is a great coach, but Moreno helps him and that line a ton. How many yards do you think King or Samuel would have gotten on Moreno’s 21 carries yesterday? Maybe 60 or 70?

    Auburn has lost games by 1, 3, 4 and 5 points this year so they are that close to being 9-2. Conversely, ALL of UGA’s 6 SEC wins were in doubt well into the 4th quarter so we could easily be a 4 or 5 loss team right now. Based on that, this game turned out about like I expected.

    As for the D-line performance, our ends are non-existent. Oh, I did hear Jeremy Lomax get his named called once….for a facemask ten yards down the field. The DE stats for the year are an absolute joke. Here’s hoping Toby Jackson is the real deal and can get in school. We need a major threat off the corner and I don’t see one coming anytime soon based on what we’ve got on this team.


  5. JDog

    Muckbeast makes great points. It’s seems clear we’re probably not going to see a drastic turnaround in the team with two games left this year. However, I can’t believe that Richt would be satisfied with the team’s play this year either. If the issues he faces are hard to fix (be it coaching or player maturity or whatever), he may waiting until offseason to do so.

    We don’t need to “throw him under the bus” right now, but watch and see how he and his staff handle this adversity for next year.


  6. Heyberto

    Sniffer, you’re on the right track. After reading this, I had similar thoughts… although I disagree about the source, slightly. I don’t think it got in Richt’s head, as much as I think Richt just wasn’t able to keep it out of the Players’. Maybe there just isn’t enough senior leadership on this team. Injuries clearly affected us, but I get the sense the lack of discipline is almost part of the buildup that started with the Florida game last year. The team lacked fire and Richt injected that. That resulted in a very productive and healthy sense of excitement and fun right up to the Bowl Game last year. Move to this year, and that fire seems to have not been tempered, and the buildup from last year had overtaken the team at the cost of sound play. I’m sure its not that black and white, but just my observation.


  7. Bunch

    Jeff Shultz is onto more than a “glimmer of truth” about the 2008 Dawgs. While I have been frustrated greatly at times by #7’s mental approach to the game and accuracy, the offense has done very well considering the rash of injuries on the OL and at TE. However, for this collection of talent and experience – yes, we actually have as many upperclassmen starting on units other than the OL – to be as bad on defense and special teams as we are is the best evidence that this year’s failings are on the coaches. I agree wholeheartedly with the theory posted here that CMR apparently did not retain the program’s foundations (“Finish the Drill”) on the heels of his masterful-at-the-time Celebration and Blackout initiatives. The “Evil Richt” may have failed to cover his flank on the discipline and accountability front along the way.


  8. baltimore dawg

    schultz, who usually only manages to crap out a pure snark-turd of a column, actually expresses very well the disconnection between reality and rhetoric in this year’s edition of uga football.

    when i watch this team play now, i see a bunch of guys–players and coaches–who are just trying to get to the finish line at this point.

    and for chrissakes–can someone pick up a phone to call kevin butler to have him come in for a couple of hours to work with walsh? he’s practically begging to be asked to do this on his radio appearances.


  9. NebraskaDawg

    What did Saban say after the beatdown they gave the Dawgs? He said they did some good things but he was going to get after thier butts over mistakes and for letting the Dawgs back in the game. When is the last time under Richt with our talent level have we went out destroyed anybody? even a 1-AA team? All Richt seems to say is he’s happy to win and we’ll work on some things. Not exactly a fired up coach with high expectations. I’m not saying Richt needs to be fired, what I’m saying is don’t have high hopes (i.e. national title like Florida) for a Richt coached Bulldawg team. Your going to get the same thing every year thats all.


  10. willie sucks

    defence is STILL horrible, our secondary looks like the keystone cops, fire willie! and use some of that incredible amount of money the athletic department is making and build a machine that will resurrect ERK! thought:willie is already bald, maybe busting his own head open may make him a better coordinator


  11. “Let’s face it Dawg fans, Our problems aren’t getting fixed this year or next year or the next. Richt doesn’t have the ego or the drive (like say Saban or Meyer) to do any better than 9 to 10 wins and a decent bowl. That’s good enough for Richt.”

    Fine. Fire him. Let’s let you be the one who breaks the news.


  12. Ben

    What we’ve got under Coach Richt is stability and certainty that we will be a very good team year in and year out.

    If folks want to compare him to Meyer and Saban (who incidentally both had stops along their way to their respective destinations and also have rather embarrassing losses on their resumes to substantially inferior teams), go ahead. I’ll take the stability and certainty of Coach Richt day in and day out, and when we finally get to the mountaintop we can all be happy for that.

    And taking the football side of it out, we’ve got a true humanitarian representing our football program. He is supposedly a strong influence on the players who come through the doors of the Butts-Mehre building and helps to mold them into good young men. If you want a guy like Saban or Meyer running your show, cheer for those schools.

    Despite our losses this season, I maintain that it’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog and that it’s great to have a person like Mark Richt as the head coach. Putting it all in perspective, it’s a lot better to be disappointed with 9-2 than to be where we were before the current coaching staff got in place.

    Go Dawgs, and to hell with Tech!


  13. NRBQ

    I expect the ’08 Dawgs would struggle to put away the ’07 Rainbows.


    Notice the best fullback in CFB never got a touch yesterday? Nor Caleb King?


  14. ArchDawg

    Thanks Ben. People need to realize how fortunate we are to have a coach like Richt, who I’ll take anyday over the likes of Meyer. ANY day.

    Look, this team had the highest pre-season expectations of any Georgia team ever–even the Herschel ones I think (I wasn’t alive back then, but none of those teams were pre-season #1). Those expectations obviously have had an affect on our team–and given our youth in key areas, that affect was a negative one as we were too immature to handle it. That along with our injuries gets us to where we’re at now.

    There should be some long and hard soul-searching and getting their minds right with this team this off-season. Hopefully, next year’s team can live up to the expectations placed on this one.


  15. Wilson Bull

    Richt is a smart enough coach to know he needs to wait until the end of the season to evaluate his staff and fix the problems. The midseason firing of assistant coaches doesn’t really do much for the rest of the teams season, not to mention for recruiting.

    The boys need to do one thing now and that’s concentrate on whipping the nerds!


  16. 69Dawg

    I think the Auburn DC got it right, to paraphrase him, UGA’s O is really not that complicated they just execute it well. Well at least we do sometimes. When we are good we are great when we are off we are awful.

    I really think the D is a case of a team of individuals who do not do as they are told and think they can overcome this by being great athletes. They are not that great. A D that plays as a team will win, 11 guys running around doing their thing will get you what we have, a D that either lucks out or chokes.

    The Special Teams are not designed to be special. We use a few 1st teamers to save the day when the walk-ons get toasted. We should put the fastest players on the team on the kick off and punt teams and just get the heck on their butts. We never have anybody on the TV screen when the kick off is fielded in spit of the sky high short kick that CJF seems to think is the end all of a scheme. We need to have the if you catch it you die mentality.

    Other than that GTU will test our D bases on what I said. You freelance against an Option Team and you lose. Tech has a D that has given us tough games for years, if we let the high school option score easy we will lose and lose big. Team work is not a big plus for this D.


  17. Ben

    Just for the record, when the camera zoomed onto Martinez (1st quarter?), did anyone else hear Dave Archer say “He is one of the best assistants in the country.”? (or something to that effect)

    Holy hell.


  18. Ben

    Ben…I do remember them saying that, but the Raycom team isn’t known for their on-top-of-it-all mentality.

    The other Dave (Neal?) got so excited to see Auburn score that is was kind of like an overgrown kid watching his favorite team do something special. Kind of sad in a way…


  19. Daniel

    Just a note on the idea that Richt is ‘happy’ with 9-10 wins and that we’ll get that consistently but never any more:

    That ain’t how the world works!

    These things conform to bell curves. Excluding his first year, Richt’s average record is 11-2. Average! If that is your baseline, your exceptional years are decent shots at national championships. If we keep getting seasons like 2002 and 2007, an NC is very likely in the cards.

    The smart money, from a statistical perspective, is that if we stick with Richt we’re likely to see the occasional 6-6 record, the occasional National Championship, and consistent competitiveness in between. You can dig into minutiae to convince yourself otherwise, but what’s the point? Those two halves this season sucked, but that’s how this game goes.


  20. sUGArdaddy

    Nebrask Dawg, that’s ludicrous to say about Mark Richt. These are the golden years of Georgia Football. Richt is one of the top 5-10 coaches in college football. And you don’t win 10 games a year by not being competitive. You only get that with a fire in your belly. You base that off all you see in the media. It’s not his priority to display that fire to those outside the wall of Butts-Mehre heritage hall. To assume that any of us want to win a national championship more than him is ridiculous. He’s trying to win every game.

    Bama mostly wins with workmanlike efforts, and if they beat Fla. in the SECCG all those glitzy gator wins won’t mean a thing. Just win games. Richt gets that. One year (or 2 or 3), we’ll win more than anyone else.


  21. Carruthers

    I was thinkin about it last night, and we’re undefeated in games decided by 10 points or less.


  22. Robert

    I’m not happy with the past month of Georgia football.

    Squeaking by struggling offensive teams like UK and AU are not my idea of Georgia football. Losing badly to the only “real” ranked teams we’ve played is not my idea of Georgia football.

    But, I am not ready to call this season a loss. Sigh.

    The Cons: I haven’t seen a defensive line that is able to make stops. I haven’t seen a secondary that can cover–anyone. I see broken tackles, missed assignments, and a DL that is getting pushed, rather than pushing and punishing. I have seen flags, LOTS of flags, and they always seem to fly on 3rd down, for stupid reasons.

    I haven’t seen an offense that spreads the ball around. I haven’t seen Knowshon Moreno enough(that’s right, I said it.) I see a team that tends to pass on early downs, get into to holes because of it, and then have to pass their way out of it. They bog down in the red zone. They run Stafford like he’s Michael Vick at the most random times. They run draws too much out of 4-wide sets, instead of letting Southerland and Chapas just hit people.

    Losing Sturdivant was bad, then went Owens, plus–we’re without Southerland for several games, Ellerbe goes down for a spell, our TE’s aren’t anywhere near 100%, Vince Vance is out and Kiante Tripps pulls a disappearing act. That’s a lot of injuries for any team. So that helps heal my 9-2 misery some.

    Pros: With all of the critical injuries we’ve been dealt, we’ve come out pretty good. We’ve got the opportunity to be 11-2, which isn’t that bad.

    But, I have seen Rennie Curran become one of my favorites to watch, ever. He’s just a football magnet. And, maybe Stafford and Moreno may consider staying(?), since the season didn’t turn out as they had hoped. We’ll see…

    Sure, we can’t win the MNC or the SECCG, which sucks.

    But, it’s another season under CMR that isn’t a losing one. He hasn’t lost to Tech. We have a 5-2(3-1 @AU) record against Auburn since 2002, including 3-straight as of now. He’s 30-4 in true road games. He could add another 10-win season to his resume, which means he could be 6 of 8 at UGA. And, 81-21 ain’t bad for an SEC coach. If it takes another year to win the MNC, I’m okay with it. We’ve come a long way since the 90’s.

    Urban Meyer went 9-4 last year with the Heisman winner–a.k.a. the GPOOE.

    I still have complete trust in Coach Richt. He’ll make the right decisions when they need to be made. We need some pressure from our DL, and the secondary wouldn’t be getting burned so often.

    I’ll get down off of my soap box now.

    Go Dawgs! GATA!



  23. Hobnail_Boot

    If the refs don’t call a really early whistle when the Dawgs forced a fumble at the goal line, nobody is complaining today.

    Great win for Georgia.


  24. NebraskaDawg

    Well at least we can all agree on one thing:


    GO DAWGS!!


  25. S.E. Dawg

    The best I can tell, Blair Walsh was doing just fine before he got to UGA. SO, what happened?

    And I agree with maybe getting Kevin Butler in to work with him.


  26. S.E. Dawg

    Everyone on the fire Mark Richt bandwagon, look at it this way. How many of you would like to play against a Mark Richt coached team every year? Feel free to weigh in but I know I wouldn’t.


  27. HVL Dawg

    How ’bout those LSU fans leaving at halftime on homecoming?


  28. > NebraskaDawg:
    > Muck,
    > When is the last time under Richt with our talent
    > level have we went out destroyed anybody?

    2007 vs Florida, Auburn, and Hawaii.


  29. Thomas Brown

    Well, if we want to make the jump to the next level at some future date with this football program, we must quit giving out all our scholarships by September when they cannot sign until February.

    There have always been some of the Top High School Talent in the Nation who just like to make a Splash Signing Day, and yet here we sit with arguably 1 of the better football teams in the nation every single year and NO Tight End on the roster and NO Defensive End.

    I have been more than a little disappointed with the quarterback signings through the Coach Richt Era, as we have had 1 too many every single year. So, we have 1 very good recruit (who could be playing Tight End or Defensive End, for example) wasted at quarterback. What lesson have we learned about that ? None. Next season, once again, we have clearly and arguably the top quarterback class committed AGAIN.

    And, who do we have for commitments at tight end for next season by contrast, for example ? 1 guy with 4.93 speed in the 40-yard dash. Who do we have at Defensive End, for example too ? 1 guy with 4.93 speed in the 40-yard dash.

    For a school that has had the most Tight Ends and Most Defensive Ends in the NFL the entire Coach Richt Era, this is just astounding that we have wasted our scholarships – a precious commodity – again next season.

    Blake Barnes would have been ok at QB. DJ Shockley would have been ok at QB. Joe Cox would have been ok at QB. Are we to say the same about Logan Gray, now that next season, if Matthew Stafford doesn’t go in the draft, that we have Joe Cox as a senior, Logan Gray as a Sophomore, and 2 more phenoms – both of whom (Mettenberger & Murray) would start at three-fourths of the teams in the country.

    It’s been the same exact story every year. Coach Richt says that he always wants to have 3 Quarterbacks on his roster, but Good Lord…

    5 of the best quarterbacks in the nation and not 1 Tight End and not 1 Defensive End again next year, as it is this season.

    We are now Number 85 at sacking opposing quarterbacks.

    Frankly, we have done the same thing at running back too and at receiver positions.

    Yet we cannot have even 1 Tight End or even 1 Defensive End

    Whatever happened to 2 Tight End sets ?

    Bookend Defensive Ends ?

    We have done the same thing at Linebacker every year that we have done with too many wide receivers, too many quarterbacks, too many running backs, and that is too many linebackers every year too. And, the real problem is that we waste scholarship offers and commitments 6 months before signing day at a position already well stocked beyond any reasonable count at these 4 positions : QB, LB, RB, WR.

    If you look at QB RB & LB in the Coach Richt Era, you will see that these players are all great. We have been unable to play all the players Coach Richt has accepted Commitments from 6 months early before Signing Day at LB RB and QB every year he has coached here; and, this is year 9 next season.

    Coach Richt has had this Blip on the Radar Screen on the Offensive Line and the Defensive Line all 9 years, where we go class after class after class without any commitment whatsoever at offensive line positions nor at defensive line positions. Then, he signs 8 OL ranked the best OL class in the nation, and redshirts every single one : He does not even try to smooth it out by have 3 of the 8 signed play so that he doesn’t have 8 all in 1 class. Coach Richt signed 6 OL the year before that, and they too every one were redshirted to not lessen the impact of 6 OL in 1 class when in neither of the 3 classes before that had Coach Richt signed 1 single solitary OL.

    Look at Urban Meyer, for example if you will please ?

    What did Urban Meyer suffer from last year ?

    No Running Back and no defensive secondary stick out like a sore thumb.

    Just like Coach Richt has these HOLES at Tight End and Defensive End.

    What did Urban Meyer go do ?

    He filled those positions with the top players in the nation.

    Nick Saban has done the same thing.

    Even Jim Tressel went out and signed Terrelle Pryor. He actually finally figured out to play him this season, which he should have done on day 1.

    And, the real problem is that we have totally wasted scholarships at many positions on players that frankly don’t belong on this team.

    Did we need Butler and Walsh at kicker ?

    Did we need Brown, Evans, Miller, Cuff, Boykin, Pugh, and now Love all at cornerback ? Really ? Can you name several of those who have had zero impact on the team and could have been invested in a Tight End or Defensive End on Signing Day if we had saved some of our precious Roster Scholarships ?

    We sign players from the whole entire nation.

    We read every year that this top recruit at a needs position on this team says that he wasn’t offered, and he is moving on.

    We had needed wide receivers frankly all 8 seasons of the Coach Richt Era. Kudos for actually getting AJ Green.

    And, actually playing him and not redshirting him like Coach Richt did Knowshon Moreno, who it is rumored will be 2 seasons here and gone now, as a direct result.

    AJ Green at least we get for 3 seasons.

    We have Signed 5 Safeties the last 2 years. 5. Are there some of these who will have zero impact on this program ? You tell me, please. Banks, Jones, Knox, Cumming, Rambo. We did not have a Scholarship to offer any Safety the year before that and only 1 the year before that. So, today we have Byrd at Safety as a Senior and no Junior.

    We are clueless at this folks.

    Did you know we have 11 Linebackers ? Only 3 are Seniors or Juniors. That’s 8 who are Sophomores or newer. You can only put 3 out there at a time. Are we so knock-kneed that we are Signing 3 more Linebackers next season and yet 1 DE at 4.93 and 1 TE at 4.93 speed in the 40-yard dash. Are there any of these 11 linebackers who will have zero impact on this program ?

    What if you had just 1 mind you top Defensive End instead ? Would we be Number 85 at sacking opposing quarterbacks this season ?

    What if we had just 1 mind you Tight End instead ? Would we be playing a Tight End who the week before we pressed him into service had announced he was having surgery ?

    We are so torn up about which of the plethora of fullbacks to actually play that we can get zero rhythm at the position.

    We signed Chapas and Munzenmaier the same year when we already had Brannan Southerland. So, we redshirted them both. Now, we have next season both of them as Juniors. And, zero Senior Fullbacks, zero Freshman Fullbacks and Zero Recruits at the position. Wouldn’t it have been more fair to Munzenmaier to have simply said we are Signing Shaun Chapas, and if you were a year separated (preferably 2 years separated) we would have signed you too and instead take a true tight end or true defensive end ?

    Well ?

    We have zero Senior and zero Junior Running Backs. So, we Signed Knowshon Moreno. What did we do ? Redshirt him. So, that we have zero Senior and zero Junior running backs. Jeez Louise, this is stupid beyond reason that we continue this clueless evaluation of position by class that we have no clue of what we are doing in this regard. So, go ahead. Tell me what we did after we Signed what everyone said was the 3rd best running back in the United States of America ? I mean besides redshirting him so we get to see him 2 years only with no RB in either of the 2 Signing Classes BEFORE Knowshon ? I will tell you what we did. With Knowshon Redshirted, we signed 5 Running Backs last year. 5. We have again, now, no senior, no junior, 1 sophomore, and now 5 freshman running backs. Any of these that just might have been useful at DE or TE for example ?

    I tell you again, that if you want to go to the next level, you need a far better evaluation of the 85 Scholarships by Position by Class. We did not have the talent this year to do better than a 2-Loss Season. And, to the totally oblivious to all this who know nothing of college football who now say they are unhappy and dissatisfied with a 2-Loss Season when we were ranked Preseason Number 1 with all these wastes of Scholarships at some positions while disregarding other positions totally on the roster, please FIND YOURSELF A DIFFERENT TEAM TO ROOT FOR because I said we would Lose 2 games this season in every single post I ever posted on this blog as a direct result of the fact that we are clueless to sign 17 players at one position all in 1 year and then not fill any other position, then the following year sign 17 at some other position and have them all mature together without redshirting them all or playing them all in the same year to spread it out at that position, and have others who everyone was quite aware would actually never fit in at their position with what we otherwise already have at their position here.

    Why is it I have to tell you these things ? You only have 85 Scholarships, the same as everyone else now. Just because you see a Matthew Stafford, Knowshon Moreno, and AJ Green all on 1 team doesn’t mean that we don’t have 17 scholarship players at other positions and zero at yet others. Some understand that; some do not. NC ? You are FOS.


  30. Munson's_call

    The guy posting above me ( I won’t soil the name of the former player he calls himself by referring to him as that) is a fool and writes worse than I do which is saying a lot. It isn’t worth the time to point out all the holes in your theory.


  31. Dawgfan80

    While we didn’t meet the high expectations set at the begining of this year, we could still end strong! We need Stafford and Moreno back to finish the drill behind a healthy deep o-line in 2009. Don’t go to the NFL, come back one more season.

    Please sign the guest book for Matthew and Knowshon at http://www.dontgodawgs.com