My Mumme Poll ballot, Week 12


  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Southern California
  • Texas
  • Texas Tech


  • Georgia
  • Missouri
  • Ohio State
  • Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma State
  • Penn State
  • Utah


  • No team on my Week 11 ballot lost.  Because of that, I couldn’t find a reason to demote any school, so for the first time this season, my ballot’s unchanged.
  • There are a few teams I’m keeping my eye on for my top twelve in the future, though, as their resumes build:  North Carolina, Oregon State (both of whom have three losses, but have played serious schedules) and Michigan State (beat Penn State, and it’ll be there).
  • Following up from that, it’s worth remembering that there are still a number of significant games left to play, starting with Oklahoma-Texas Tech.  I expect that this week’s ballot is an aberration from a consistency standpoint.


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    2 responses to “My Mumme Poll ballot, Week 12

    1. Macallanlover

      We are very close to agreement on our ballots. (Switch Oklahoma for USC in the Top 5, and replace Utah with Boise as the “BCS buster” and we are totally in sync.) I agree with you about UNC. Had they not lost to Maryland, very disappointing, I would have moved them in my “best of the rest” replacing either Mizzou or UGA. I will have to reconsider Oregon State if they beat Zona convincingly.

      Wouldn’t it be karma if the Rose got stuck with a Penn State/Oregon St rematch due to their “traditional ties”? Enjoy that one Thug Delaney….oh, I forgot, he really doesn’t care about what CFB fans want to watch. I have thought the Rose was usually the worst New Year’s day match-up (say 8 years out of 10), but no other bowl will even challenge their time slot. I have never understood why the mid-day bowls layered themselves over one another and gave the Rose an exclusive time slot. Even 2nd place at 5 in the afternoon would be better than fighting for a third of the noon business, and you might even win the ratings battle if they have a clunker in Pasadena!


    2. Hobnail_Boot

      After placing the obvious top teams, one of the factors I use to fill in the rest is by looking at OOC scheduling.

      That’s why I have Cincinnati in my poll instead of Oklahoma State. I realize the Big East isn’t that great, but Cincy has been impressive this year, and one of their 2 losses was at Oklahoma in a game that was closer than the final score indicates (down by one score more than halfway through the 3rd Q).

      On the other hand, Oklahoma State is proving to be what they’ve historically been. That is, a team that scores one upset a year (Mizzou this year), but that’s about it. Their OOC schedule is a joke this year, as well.