The EIAR, B! watch starts now.

It’s time to get our collective heads out of our asses, people – Georgia Tech’s next up!

I’ve been waiting for this game all year.  My normal attitude about Georgia’s schedule is that Florida is the game I want the win the most, while Tech is the opponent I most hate for Georgia to lose to.  Not 2008, though.  This year, there’s a point of pride to take away from the detestable insects, a record that I doubt most Tech fans were ever worried about seeing be erased.

Georgia Tech holds the series record for most consecutive wins, at eight.  As much as the series has come to be dominated in the here and now by the team in red and black, that streak still sits out there festering.  But the Dawgs are on the verge of rewriting the record books.  If they pull it off, it’ll be one of the towering achievements of the Richt era – after all, don’t forget that Richt’s predecessor was canned for the ignominious sin of dropping three in a row to the Jackets (the last of which was particularly embarrassing).

Best of all, this is a two year project.  If Georgia gets the win in Athens, it will hold the streak in the books along with Tech.  And if the Dawgs go to Atlanta next year and pull off another one… well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

Anyway, to honor the current streak, and to get the hate moving in the right direction (since we’ve got two weeks), I’ll post a review every day of each Georgia-Georgia Tech game that Richt has coached.  We’ll relive the most lopsided game in the series, Tech’s unfortunate inability to count, Massaquoi!, and, of course, the most significant playa of the streak.

To give this the historical perspective it deserves, though, I’ll start tomorrow with a post on the game just over a half century ago that ended Tech’s run.  After all, you can’t have EIAR, B! without stopping the Jackets’ streak first.

Go get your game face on.  It’s not too early.


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18 responses to “The EIAR, B! watch starts now.

  1. Reading a little of Tech’s jawin in the vent doesn’t hurt either. Reading smart asses mouth off makes me want to win football.


  2. Don’t forget the game against Tech that served as the de facto SEC East Championship Game (well, sort of).


  3. 81Dog

    Tech fans, at least the kind who post on the Hive PBM, or places like it, are delusional, comtemptible hypocrites. To them, UGA

    We have kids get arrested for minor in possession of alcohol, they have kids get arrested for trucking in 100 pounds of weed, but WE have the “thug” players. They trample handicapped UGA fans in their zeal to vandalize our stadium, throw frozen fish and bottles from the stands at an opposing team on national tv, KO a referee with a bottle thrown from the stands, and pick fights with visiting marching bands, but WE have the “thug” fan base. They get put on NCAA probation for using academically ineligible players numbering in double figures for YEARS, but WE are the “academic frauds.”

    UGA’s coach has never had an unkind word to say about an opposing coach or program or a boastful word about himself or his team. They have a coach who insists on running his mouth about his genius offense, his distaste for UGA, and his contempt for people who can’t recognize his genius offense, but WE are the “arrogant” program.

    I can hardly wait for UGA to show Mini-Skipper the same thing it showed Chan Gailey, George O’Leary, Bill Lewis, Bobby Ross, Bill Curry, Pepper Rodgers, Bill Fulcher, and Bud Carson: UGA is the better program, the better team, and our foot is going to stay right on your throats. I’d love a rout, but whether by 1 point or half a hundred, UGA just needs to remind everyone over there who rules the roost. You ain’t playing Gardner Webb now, ladies.

    EIAR, B.


  4. Ben

    Can’t wait for the recap of the Drought Breaker’s big game. Even though that was so long ago, he’s one of my favorite Dawgs. I hate Tech so much that this season will be a complete loss if we find a way to lose to them.

    I was there for the first of the three losses in the Donnan era, and I was there for the 51-7 beatdown. I was not there when they pulled a tarp over the “100 Years” logo, but it steams to think that they did that.

    I hate Tech, and I can’t wait for the hate to boil for the next two weeks.

    Go Dawgs, and to hell with Tech!


  5. anon

    Because I’m embarrased to have to ask –

    Eiar, B means?


  6. stick jackson

    Amen, Senator. Beat the rush: hate Tech early.


  7. Munson's_call

    Speaking of hating Tech early, that reminds me of a humorous memory from my childhood. I think it would have been the spring of 1976. My parents were trying to get me enrolled for 1st grade at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School and I had to go to an interview/verbal test to assess my scholastic aptitude. I remember the lady asking me a series of questions when she would give me a word and I would have to tell her what the opposite of that word was. I remember two of the questions to this day. What is the opposite of a wood house and what is the opposite of red?

    After the session was over I recall the woman discussing some of my answers with my mom. She found it curious that I correctly answered some of the supposed harder questions like the “wood house” example correctly but missed some easier questions like the opposite of red. On the ride home my mom asked what my answers were to those two questions and I told her the opposite of a wood house is a brick house and that the opposite of red is yellow. My mom was curious as to why I answered yellow for the opposite of red and I told her because, “red is for Georgia and yellow is for Georgia Tech.” My mom found that quite hysterical and her heart was warmed that I had been raised correctly to that point in my life. Apparently the lady who interviewed did not agree as I was put in pre-first instead of first grade when I attend Holy Innocents’ the next fall. She must have been a Tech fan.


  8. Ally

    Munson – that just made me laugh out loud in the middle of my Genetics class! As you can imagine, this class doesn’t garber that type of attention often, so my Prof is giving me the evil eye but I can’t share the story….because he’s a Yech grad 😉

    Too funny – thanks for the laugh. And I bet that year in Primer was totally worth it!


  9. Dawgfan80

    While we didn’t meet the high expectations set at the begining of this year, we could still end strong! We need Stafford and Moreno back to finish the drill behind a healthy deep o-line in 2009. Don’t go to the NFL, come back one more season.

    Please sign the guest book for Matthew and Knowshon at


  10. NebraskaDawg

    Funny how the NATS still want to talk trash after 7 in a row. I hope to goodness if we have just one complete game all season let it be this one.

    Dawgs – 56
    Nerds – 0


  11. ScooBoo

    I hate Tech so much, I use another word for the B.

    That’s not true…….I call them that, even when I’m not in such a hateful mood.


  12. 45-42

    Who is laughing now?


  13. The Nads, Nerds, Bumblebees, Insects, and still holder of "EIAR, B!"

    Everyone has been saying how UGA is so incredibly better than Tech. Welcoming all excuses now..


  14. First off, congrats on the win, guys.

    But where was this show of bravado before the game? 😉


  15. anon

    HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA–how about the 400+ yards of rushing. G Tech beat you guys by completing ONE pass. HAHAHAHAHA.


  16. anon

    And again…
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA–your team is the choke job of the year. Played 3 good teams all year and got drilled by all three of them. If G Tech’s secondary wasn’t 90% freshman, it wouldn’t have even been that close. Enjoy getting dominated the next several years puppy dogs.


  17. The winners

    What’s the good word:

    To hell with Georgia!

    What’s the good word:

    To hell with Georgia!

    What’s the good word:

    To hell with Georgia!

    How about them puppies:

    Piss on them!