Mumme Poll, Week 12

Stability is the name of the game this week.  Only one voter missed out, and we wound up with the same number of teams receiving votes as we did in Week 11.  There was also little change in the overall standings, although the Gators have moved into a three-way tie for first place.


T1.    Alabama (41)

T1.    Texas Tech (41)

T1.    Florida (41)

4.      Texas (40)

5.      Oklahoma (30)

6.      Southern Cal (11)

7.      Penn State

8.      Utah

9.     Georgia

10.    Ohio State

11.    Oklahoma State

12.    Boise State

13.    Missouri

T14.  Michigan State

T14.  LSU

T16.  Cincinnati

T16.  Oregon State

T16.  Pittsburgh



  • Most common comment this week from voters:  “This was the easist ballot I’ve filled out all season.”
  • Second most common comment this week:  “I didn’t change any of my votes from last week.”
  • Given the above, biggest surprise this week was Georgia swapping positions with Ohio State from the Week 11 voting.
  • Only one top five vote was cast for a school that didn’t appear on all the ballots – Boise State.
  • Once again, Penn State has the distinction of being the only school receiving votes on all of the ballots cast that didn’t get a single top five nod from anyone.
  • Bloggers posts about the Mumme Poll:  A Bulldog In Exile; Runaround Sue’s.


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7 responses to “Mumme Poll, Week 12

  1. Stephen

    I am not a voter, and this is not meant as criticism of the poll, but I have yet to watch an Alabama game and think, “wow, this is the best team in the country.” First half against Clemson/UGA? Sure. But not an entire game.

    They have to be the least sexy #1 since…well…I don’t know…since I can remember…


  2. Ally

    Just for the record boys, I was NOT the one who voted for LSU this time 😉


  3. kckd

    Senator, are we gonna vote after the bowls. If so, are we gonna change the way we vote? It’s hard to imagine everyone won’t have at least two teams in their top five possibly including both teams who play for the NC. Are we gonna have a like a double asterisk for the team we pick as NC?


  4. kckd, I’ve been giving that some thought.

    Right now, I’m leaning towards doing the post-bowl vote the way the coaches do, which is to recognize the BCS title game winner as the #1 team on all ballots. If I do that, we’ll technically only vote for eleven teams and designate a top four.

    I’ll wait a bit more to see how things play out and probably invite some feedback from you guys on it, as well.

    To be honest, the last regular season poll is the most important one to me, but voting in the MP has been enjoyable enough that I’d like to continue it through the end of the bowls.


  5. ArchDawg

    Yeah, even though it could be tough to find 12 worthy teams, I don’t know how someone could think that LSU is one of the top 12 teams in the country; and they certainly aren’t the top three-loss team. I would even struggle to put them in a top 25 at this point.


  6. @ArchDawg – Agreed. Right now there’s no way LSU is the best three-loss team. I’m pretty disappointed that we voted Oregon State below them seeing as they both have identical records with Oregon State having the only meaningful victory of the two teams. I assume most of us that vote in this poll have SEC affiliations of some sort because the bias is readily apparent when you have LSU above Oregon State at this point in the season.


  7. Carruthers

    Come on! LSU only has two losses in regulation, just kidding. I knew that something like this was going to happen, like a tie for first or second. What do we do then?