Paving that road to hell, again

Dennis Dodd gathers the reaction of several BCS movers and shakers to President-elect Obama’s call for a D-1 college football playoff, and, needless to say, doesn’t find a whole lot of enthusiasm in response.

You can almost hear the ice dripping from Jim Delany’s mouth when he says this:

“I think it’s that time of year. Whether it’s the president-elect or college football coaches or fans debating it, the First Amendment is alive and well.”

“Certainly it’s an important issue for college football and colleges. Where does it stand in the list of challenges we have in America today? I would say it’s not very high.”

The President-elect or college football fans? LMAO.

Dodd does point out one thing I’d forgotten:  Biden’s no fan of the BCS, either.

… Obama’s comments have added weight not only because he is about to become leader of the free world. His vice president has been a strident BCS critic. Around the time the Senate Judiciary Committee convened hearings on the BCS in 2003 Joe Biden called the BCS system “rigged” and “un-American”.

This could get interesting.  If there’s one group of folks who truly believe in the mantra of “it’s so easy”, it’s Washington politicians.  After all, they’ve done a fantastic job of fixing every other problem we’ve faced, right?


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2 responses to “Paving that road to hell, again

  1. Ally

    “Around the time the Senate Judiciary Committee convened hearings on the BCS in 2003 Joe Biden called the BCS system “rigged” and “un-American”. ”

    That’s rich coming from Biden! Honestly, there’s not enough time nor space on teh interwebs to discuss what a ridiculously hypocritical statement that is.


  2. I posted these to the “It’s So Easy” post you linked to, but since that post is so ancient I think it is better to post the comments here:

    > I’m just not convinced. If things are so
    > horribly broken under the BCS, why
    > does there continue to be so much
    > interest in the sport?

    I’ll give you a current events primer. Football is the dominant sport in popularity in the USA. NFL crushes all the other pro sports.

    College football is successful in spite of the BCS, not because of it.

    > And if a playoff is so easy to institute,
    > why hasn’t it already happened?

    Because the people who control the BCS do not want to give up that control. And because the Big Ten and PAC-10 nimrods can’t let go of their stranglehold on the Rose Bowl.

    I think the whole “next thing you know, 64 team playoff” is a really absurd canard. There’s absolutely no way that would happen. There is no room for teams to drop 2 games from their regular schedule, it would suddenly be nearly impossible to get 10 wins in a season (you’d have to be undefeated), records would be a mess, and injuries would be too big of a factor.

    The NBA plays 70+ games, the MLB plays 162 games, and the NFL plays 16 games. There’s a reason for that, and the same reason is why the playoff wouldn’t “creep” to 64 teams. That argument is a bit of a smoke screen, imho.