The further adventures of how the mighty have fallen

You’ve certainly got to admire the priorities of the Tennessee athletic department these days.

Although you’d think they’d be saving a bundle on doughnut-related expenses next year.


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3 responses to “The further adventures of how the mighty have fallen

  1. Well, that’s just sad. I used to usher UGA home basketball games when I was a student and the only thing I looked forward to was the free hot dog and Coke. Sad day for ushers everywhere.


  2. Isn’t it obvious? They paid Fulmer $6 million worth of hotdogs and cokes. It has become our currency: “20 hotdogs would equal roughly a nickel, depending on the strength of the yen, I’m not quite sure.”


  3. Wolfman

    +1 Wrangler

    Can’t believe I didn’t see it earlier.