Georgia-Georgia Tech 2001: the streak begins

If the “Hobnail Boot” play was Verron Haynes’ shining moment in red and black, surely his game against Tech was his finest hour.

He was an unlikely hero, being pressed into service as the starting tailback the week before due to an injury to Musa Smith, but Haynes pounded the Jackets, carrying the ball a staggering 39 times for 207 rushing yards, as Georgia beat the higher ranked Yellow Jackets 31-17.

The win ended a three game losing streak that had culminated in a humiliating loss in Athens which cost Jim Donnan his head coaching job.  George Godsey and the Tech offense weren’t nearly so successful in this game.  Tech gained less than 250 yards on the day, Godsey completed less than 50% of his passes and threw an interception in the fourth quarter that Tim Wansley returned for a touchdown.

The other highlight of the day was Billy Bennett’s six field goals, which tied an SEC record for field goals made in a game.  No Dawg fan was heard complaining about red zone inefficiency after the win.

The game would mark the end of an era.  It would be the last game George O’Leary would coach against Georgia as the head Jacket.  Tech would bring in as his replacement the man who was Michael Adams’ first choice to replace Donnan, ironically enough.  But that’s a tale to tell starting tomorrow.

You can find USA Today’s box score and recap of the game here.


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4 responses to “Georgia-Georgia Tech 2001: the streak begins

  1. Spence

    Verron ran for over a 100 yards after the first contact in that game. I was there and remember him just bowling through everyone; typically it took like 3 or 4 guys to bring him down. One drive CMR just gave him the ball each play for the whole drive, and he got 4 or 5 yards each play. Beautiful, beautiful, ass kicking stuff.

    I often wonder how good he could have been had we played him as the #1 TB.


  2. Yeah, but the real question Spence–how was he in pass protection?


  3. Ally

    Thank God Almighty Michael Adams didn’t get his way! What a nimrod.

    I hope Uga drops a turd on his shoe & then bites him square on the ass next Saturday at Dooley’s unveiling.


  4. Kevin

    14 Penalties for 134 yards??? Sheesh