Mandel: Bowls, Polls and Presumptuous Plugs

Shorter Stewart Mandel:  Mr. President-elect, excuse me while I use your naive call for college football playoffs as a shameless opportunity to plug my book.

(courtesy The Wiz of Odds)

(courtesy The Wiz of Odds)



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3 responses to “Mandel: Bowls, Polls and Presumptuous Plugs

  1. Damn you for stealing my thunder!!! Damn you!!!

    I might just have to resort to mocking his comparison of this Florida team to the ’02 Canes (no defense, losing to Rutgers at halftime), ’03 Oklahoma (Jason White injury), ’05 USC (no defense; almost lost to Fresno State at home), and ’06 Ohio State (OK, that team was a reasonable comparator). Three of the four teams he listed were not nearly as complete as this Florida team and therefore were subject to legitimate criticism. The bigger problem that I have with his point is that saying “we’ve been wrong before about teams” shouldn’t be a crutch to prevent us from trying to make critical distinctions like “Florida is a more complete team than Alabama and should beat the Tide on a neutral field.”


  2. Michael, I think we both agree that Mandel is a target rich environment. 😉


  3. By the way, there’s only so much stoopid I can take from Mandel in one sitting, so I didn’t bother to read all the way through the current Mailbag, but the intrepid Jerry Hinnen of The Joe Cribbs Car Wash managed to do so and came up with this gem:

    Because I just have to point this out: Mandel goes on to actually describe a TV character as being in a “state of destitute.” Not a state of destitution. A state of destitute. Apparently, neither the man nor his editors can even tell the difference between an adjective and a noun. Unbelievable.

    Not really…