A few thoughts on Georgia Tech-Miami

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Tech’s two best performances of the season came against Mississippi State and Miami.  Both opponents offered a pretty similar package:  better than average defenses, worse than average offenses and shaky at best quarterback play.  And in both games, Tech won the turnover margin battle.

Tech’s at its best when it can get out to a lead and grind an opponent down psychologically.  In both the MSU and Miami games, it was apparent early on that neither team had the offensive fire power to mount a serious challenge, which meant that those defenses were under enormous pressure to avoid making a single mistake in coverage.  Neither was up to the challenge; Tech had 500-yard performances against each.

So what does this say for Georgia as it prepares for the Jackets?

Well, on offense, the Dawgs will present a much stiffer challenge than either MSU or Miami.  In fact, checking the NCAA stats, Georgia is the highest ranked team in total offense that Tech has faced this year at #23 nationally (next highest ranked offense that GT has faced is Florida State’s, at #43).  I don’t think Tech will be able to sit back and leave its back seven comfortably in coverage while relying on its d-line to control Moreno and Stafford, as it did last night.

On the other side of the ball, it’s Paul Johnson football, no doubt.  There are three simple rules on defense playing against the triple option:  (1) control the fullback dive; (2) maintain containment on the outside with your defensive ends and outside linebackers; and (3) wrap up and make the tackles on the ball carrier.  Miami pretty much failed miserably at all three, which is how a team winds up yielding 472 yards rushing.  You hope that Georgia’s defensive players were watching the game last night so that they could see how foolish that offense can make a defense not playing with focus look.

You also wonder if Willie Martinez, were he watching, had a few flashbacks to the West Virginia game, particularly watching Cox do his best Owen Schmidt runaway beer truck impression.  If the Dawgs let the turnovers get out of hand, Dawg fans could definitely be feeling a bad case of déjà vu all over again in a couple of Saturdays.

One good thing from this blogger’s standpoint – last night’s win should make the Tech message boards even more fun to read over the next week or so.  Hopefully there will be more than a few choice comments to share here.


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16 responses to “A few thoughts on Georgia Tech-Miami

  1. Christian

    I think last night was good for us in the sense it showed our team what happens if you start “losing your assignments” as some of the Miami players said after the game. Reddick, the FS, was quoted as saying “people started trying to do other peoples jobs”.

    As well, you are right about the Patrick Nix lead Miami offense.

    Congrats to the Jackets…it is going to be a good one in Athens.


  2. I posted some thoughts too. The key to me is to get up early and not to let Tech control the tempo of the game and put everyone in Clarke County to sleep.


  3. johnny

    Good stuff!

    I’m glad Tech won last night.

    Hopefully, Georgia Tech will get back in the top 25. This will be good for Georgia.


  4. TimeForAFirin'

    Reshad vs that Tech offense is SCARY. How many tackles will he miss? I’m putting the o/u @ 10.5.

    “(1) control the fullback dive; (2) maintain containment on the outside with your defensive ends and outside linebackers; and (3) wrap up and make the tackles on the ball carrier”

    1. We can do that.

    2. Rennie is our only hope. Actually, now that i think about it, our DE’s havent been able to get any push up field all year, so they could be in the perfect position!

    3. hahahahaahhaha, we are in trouble.

    Please Rennie, save us one more time!


  5. Ally

    I’m more than worried about the tackling issue & our struggles on D this year. But the psychological battle is big in this series and that’s very clearly in our favor. Tech may have beaten Miami & Miss State, but we are neither.

    If Yech thinks they’re gonna Waltz into Athens & get a game like they had last night, they’re in for a rude awakening.

    EIAR, B!


  6. @Ally – See Georgia/Florida in 2002, 2003, and 2008 for the impact of a lost pyschological battle. Sure, 2008 turned into a blowout but it was because the Dawgs essentially handed the game to the Gators on a silver platter with mistakes and brain farts that are becoming far too common for the men clad in red & black in J-ville. 2002 and 2003 were superior teams that had no business losing to the Zooker, but had no belief that Georgia could win in J-ville, which I would argue contributed to their defeat more than anything the Gators did.


  7. JasonC

    The key to Tech’s win was that Miami was the ranked team from the ACC. It’s insane- week-in-and-week-out, the (higher) ranked ACC team has lost without fail.


  8. Ally

    Audit – thanks, that was precisely my point. And it’s why I’m not worried about yech pulling an upset.


  9. ej

    I like to think the team watching GT-Miami was kind of like me watching Man vs Wild.

    Hopefully you aren’t dumb enough to put yourself in this situation… but just in case, here is an example of the horrbile things that can happen if you do put yourself in this situation.


  10. @JasonC – Thursday night. It’s where ranked ACC teams go to die.


  11. NebraskaDawg

    For goodness sake we can’t lose to the NATS. We would have to listen to their crap for a whole year.


  12. Robert

    Senator, can you please post the “Perfect Option” video again?

    –I laugh just thinking about it. Silly Nerds.


  13. When the time is right. 😉


  14. Hobnail_Boot

    Stafford is heads above any QB the Nerds have faced this year. Should be fun.


  15. Beak

    listening to talk radio today, Georgia has no shot, zero


  16. Ally

    Well you can understand why they’d think that. Yech put up 472 yards on the ground against Miami’s fast Defense.

    Considering how piss poor our D has been against the run as of late, can’t say I blame ’em. The Dawgs are prefectly capable of beating the snot out of yech, but if our D plays like they have so many times this year, the nats could leave Athens with a win.

    If that happens, God help Willie Martinez. He thinks the heat is bad now? Lol – he ain’t seen nothin’ yet. From preseason #1 to getting blownout by our top 2 SEC opponents, then losing to yech at home on senior day & ruining a 10 win season….