Mumme Poll admin note

There’s a Sunday night game again this week (Connecticut at South Florida), so ballots should be turned in between 9 AM Monday and 9 PM Tuesday.  My ballot will be posted on Tuesday and the poll results for this week will be posted on Wednesday.


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5 responses to “Mumme Poll admin note

  1. Jim

    What is the over and under they are on time?


  2. LSU is down 21-3 to Ole Miss with 5 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. After the beatdowns by Florida and Georgia and the embarassment last week in victory over Troy they didn’t deserve to be voted for. If they lose this game, please don’t vote for them. You should lose your Mumme Poll credentials if you do.


  3. JDog

    Ah, gotta love Verne Lundquist’s crack’s at a “certain coach in the league” making late scores during the LSU-Ole Miss game.


  4. Jim

    Would that be Florida’s coach


  5. I was waiting for Danielson to go “Cough *Urban Cough *Meyer Cough”.