Pirates scuttled.

Thanks, Red Raiders… Georgia’s no longer laid the biggest first half egg in the country this year.

Oklahoma looks invincible.


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  1. sUGArdaddy

    It’s the nature of college football and it amazes me the amount of college football fans that don’t “get” that. Sometimes you play an elite team and everything starts going wrong. It happened to us twice this year. Still, this OU team was shredded by UT in the second half in Dallas. It’s just football. It’s really, really, really hard to win them all. And it’s even really, really hard to win all but one. It takes so many brakes to go your way. You need a personal foul to negate a fumble on your first offensive drive on the road in a hornets’ nest (see Alabama).

    After watching teams sleepwalk through games today and throw away chances at better bowls and division titles (see Notre Dame, UNC, Vandy, Virginia), we need to appreciate Mark Richt’s unbelievable ability to just win games…and lots of them. There are no ugly wins. Every win is beautiful.

    Things are not perfect in Bulldog Nation. We all want the D to perform better and better red zone efficiency and more fire and better big-game performances and to win a few in a row down in Jax. But at the end of the day, exactly how many programs do you actually think are in better shape or would you trade places with? Really, it’s just the schools that have recently won natty’s, but not all of them. Maybe Florida, Ohio St., USC. Texas? Mark Richt has more conference titles than Mack Brown. OU? When’s the last time OU actually won a bowl game? LSU? Really? I think we all know the Mad Hatter got stone cold lucky to win that MNC w/ 2 losses and that might be as good as it gets for them down there.

    Today (and this game in particular) is just a great example of that. We’re all frustrated because we’re kind of the old Phil Mickleson of CFB right now. Best team not to win a major. But you just keep plugging away because you’re in the hunt every time and one day…the putt falls at Augusta. In the meantime, we’ve got a BellSouth Classic to go win the Saturday after Thanksgiving. GATA! Wreck Tech!


  2. VR Dawg

    Well put Suga. Well put. however, didn’t you mean breaks, not breaks? Anyway, I like the golf reference. We need some birdies in ’09. It could always be worse. Go Dawgs! Kick some option arse!


  3. HVL Dawg

    Senator, thanks for blogging on a frozen (where I live in WNC) day.

    Who got exposed today? TT? Vandy? UNC? LSU?

    I hope our guys enjoyed the day off and are fired up after watching Yech on Thursday.


  4. NM

    Good post, ‘Daddy. More people on the blogs/boards should think that way. I admit I’ve been disappointed in this season… but you’re right, we’re still a great program right now, and if the knock on Richt is “all he ever does is win conference titles”, I think I can live with that.


  5. Damn, what a disaster tonight was for TT. Didn’t win, weren’t competitive, weren’t remotely competitive, didn’t even keep the laugh track off. Yikes.


  6. Also, LSU is stone-cold terrible. Enjoy the grumblings, Hatboy. You clown.


  7. Wolfman

    As the Hatter always says at the end of the halftime interview,

    “See ya.”


  8. Munson's_call

    Amen, sUGArdaddy.

    Now I will spend the rest of the day trying to decide between Texas Tech and USC for the last spot in my Mumme Poll Top 5. Who has better wins? Whose loss is worse?


  9. sh dawg

    I don’t care who represents the Big 12 in the MNC game as long as they beat the florida, should fl beat Bama.

    If Bama goes – Roll Tide!

    ANYONE but the mullet nation.


  10. Ally

    Sugar – I appreciate your comment & wish I shared that attitude right now, but I don’t. I’m curious though, will you still feel that way if yech whips us (at home, on senior day) like Bama & Floriduh did?


  11. Honestly, Ally, you think Georgia Tech is in ‘Bama’s or Florida’s class right now?


  12. Ally

    Of course not! How ridiculous! I don’t recall saying that either. Where in the world did you come up with that?

    I simply meant his “we need to appreciate our season despite how we’ve played” attitude is wonderful and all… but I’m surious if these same “positive thinking” Dawg fans will feel the same way if we lose to Yech next week.

    I’m grateful we’ve escaped more losses than we could’ve suffered, but I’m not at the place where I can say everything is rainbows and puppies. Especially if we don’t show up to play next Saturday.


  13. sUGArdaddy

    You miss the point. Of course, we all have things want to fix about our program and team, but we just need to recognize that there are about 114 (out of 119) teams out there that say…”I wish we were like Georgia.”

    After a totally goal-shattering, pride-demolishing loss in Jacksonville, did anyone expect anything less than ugly efforts in Lexington and Auburn? That we’ve pulled it together like we have is amazing.

    We will be ready to play on Saturday. Count on it. It would be disastrous to lose on Saturday, but saying that 9-3 is disastrous is saying something in itself. For me, everything changed on the Plains in 2006. I was convinced we had run our course with this staff and was worried about the direction of our program. What Richt and co. did that day convinced me that I have no idea what I’m talking about. They turned around a season that was in total shambles, beat 3 pretty good teams in a row, marched to a Sugar Bowl the next season, a #2 ranking, and a first ever preseason #1 ranking. All this after I was totally dejected coming back from Lexington that year at 6-4. I realized on that cloudy day in Lee County, Alabama that THAT dude Richt knows what he’s doing, and I trust him. I trust that we’ll be ready for the gnats. And I trust that he’ll do what is necessary to help us be the elite of the elite. He’s never proven us otherwise.


  14. sUGArdaddy: two great posts that I agree with 100%.

    I am thankful as heck that we have Richt.


  15. Ally

    Sugar – I appreciate your posts immensely and thank you for the better perspective.

    Wreck Tech!