Georgia-Georgia Tech 2006: “You win or you lose here.”

I’ve got a particularly soft spot in my heart for this game.  It was the inspiration for my first post here at GTP.  I don’t believe that I could summarize the win any better now than I did then, so I’ll just direct you there to start with.

And here’s the audio-visual aid for the game winner (posted before, but it never gets old, does it?):

I remember wondering after the two point conversion how many of the folks in the stands cheering MoMass’ heroics were the same assholes booing him during the Mississippi State game earlier in the year.

And while we’re on the subject of receivers who came up big in the clutch, here are Calvin Johnson’s stats for the game:  2 catches, 13 yards, 0 touchdowns.  It turned out to be the capper on CJ’s less than fanstastic career showing against the Dawgs.  He joins Emmitt Smith on the list of Greatest College Players to Disappear Against Georgia (although at least Emmitt had the injury bug as an excuse in part; Calvin just had Reggie Ball and Chan Gailey as his crosses to bear).

Speaking of Reggie, one can’t help but take note of his stats on the day.  As a passer, he went 6 of 22 for 42 yards (1.9 ypc, if you’re counting), with 0 TDs and 2 interceptions.  That’s good for a passer rating of 25.13, which is off the charts awful.  Oh yeah, running the ball, “Dog” managed to lose 11 yards on ten carries.  A freshman performing like that would have been a major embarrassment.  Coming from a four-year starter, it’s mind boggling.  As my brother, the Tech fan, said leaving the stadium that day, Reggie should have been honored at Georgia’s Senior Day.  It’s doubtful we’ll see his like again, that’s for sure.



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  1. Pawleys Dawg

    As we count our blessings this season of Thanksgiving, let us not forget our own times of adversity with Quincy Carter.


  2. heytogoober

    Went back and read your maiden post. Wonderful start to a wonderful blog. Keep it up!

    Made me think back to one of my favorite Tech games … the 1978 Wonderdogs. Buck Belue was in his freshman year and came off the bench to replace Jeff Pyburn. We were something like 4th and 10 late in the 4th when he hit Amp Arnold for a TD. Two point conversion for the win!

    Every Dawg fan owes it to his or herself to try and find the highlight film from that season. It was unbelievable … I believe it set the tone for the National Championship team.

    My other favorite – and maybe my first – was the 1971 game. Tech took the lead with about a minute and a half, but somehow, we pulled it out.

    Here’s how it’s described on

    The tenth victory was achieved before the national television cameras at Grant Field on Thanksgiving night. With 1:29 on the clock, Johnson began a desperate drive. On the Bulldogs’ final play, Poulos dove over from the one to notch the 28-24 victory.

    God … that makes me sound so old! For the record, I was in high school in ’78.


  3. Robert

    This may be my favorite Stafford to MoMass memory.

    Stafford’s pump-fake was perfect, Massaquoi’s catch was clutch, and the dejected look on the Tech fans faces was priceless.

    I will never forget Matthew’s enthusiasm(or Munson’s, for that matter) after that touchdown, the fist pump, leg kick, and quick head-shake said it all about the kid.

    Poor Calvin Johnson. If he would have played at Georgia, he may have won a Heisman.


  4. Don’t feel sorry for Calvin Johnson. We offered him, but he and his self-righteous parents wanted him to get that engineering degree. Ironic, considering he left early with no degree, no championships, and no wins over UGA.


  5. HVL Dawg


    “He joins Emmitt Smith…”

    I’ve always remembered being in the Gator Bowl watching Emmitt Smith come down the field toward me- sweep left and sweep right on a 7-8 minute fourth quarter drive that ended with a TD and my broken heart.

    I’m certain my heart was broken. Do I have the wrong running back?


  6. dean

    If the game you’re referring to was during the Spurrier years it was not Emmit. He left after his junior season (1989). You may be thinking of Errict (sp?) Rhett.

    That was a great drive by Stafford. The game was on the line and he looked at his best. I had some tech fans sitting behind me who were talking so much crap about this being their year and how they were going to show us how to win in Jacksonville but after that touchdown and 2 point conversion I didn’t hear anything. Turned out they left. I guess they knew Reggie was going to be, well, Reggie.


  7. sUGArdaddy

    Strangely, you can count that game as one of the greatest in Sanford Stadium history. We haven’t beaten that many rivals in the waning minutes between the hedges. We seem to either lose to Auburn or blow them out. Same with Tennessee. That was an all-timer, and, sadly, one of Munson’s greatest last calls. You can kind of hear the old, younger Munson in there a little telling us not to celebrate yet.

    Tebow is great and has had the better career, no doubt, but the next time he does what Stafford did that day will be the first. Matt’s got a calm about him those last few minutes of the game. Man, it’s fun to beat Tech.


  8. Chris

    Just listening to that made me really realize: Man, I miss Munson!



  9. dan

    What a great game. I always think of that game immediately when I hear a Stafford critic. Tony Taylor’s fumble recovery and Paul Oliver breaking up Calvin Johnson potential touchdowns. That was awesome, and one of the loudest times I remember in Sanford.


  10. How craptastic was Reggie in ’06? Brandon Cox against us that same year and Quincy in his thrown game against SC in’00 both had higher QB ratings than Reggie did that day?


  11. Ally

    “We’ve gotta hang on, and we’re too tired to hang on!”

    Munson will be at the game on Saturday and will be honored beforehand. I would give my right arm to hear him call this game one last time.


  12. Tech fan

    I noticed there wasnt too much barking out of you Dawg fans since last Saturday. Wow! The Jackets ran all over and through yall in the second half with a 3rd quarter for the history books in this rivalry. 26 unanswered. Dang. The 2nd half smack down by the Jackets topped off a downhill slide in the 2nd half of the season for the Bulldogs in 2008…The year that could’ve been for UGA. Pre-season #1, Sports illustrated cover, everybody ready to anoint yall the champions and you end up getting torched by Florida, barely beating Kentucky and Auburn, and getting beat up between your sad little hedges by the Jackets and ranked out of the top 15. Leaves a bad taste doesnt it? The kicker is that we dont even know how to run the option yet, and we only started 3 seniors on Saturday. We’re only going to get better, and the dogs are going to be wondering what happened this year. Maybe you oughta schedule some more Hawaii’s in the upcoming seasons to make you think your better than you really are. GO JACKETS! TO HELL WITH GEORGIA!


  13. Congrats, Tf. I thought the Johnson hire was a home run for you guys at the time. He’s a good ‘un.

    I think Tech’s offense will get better, but I wonder about the defense. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the back seven and the Jackets graduate three of the four starters on the d-line, right?

    You may be feeling some of our pain from this season next year. 😉