Georgia-Georgia Tech 2007: Chantastic!

If the musical question going into this game was “Reggie or Chan?”, the answer was “both, silly”.  While Gailey channeled his inner Steve Spurrier and kept trotting out quarterback after quarterback, none of them played a decisive role – for good or for bad – in the inevitable Tech defeat.

Meanwhile, defensive guru Jon Tenuta had Knowshon Moreno in his sights.  His charges did a good job of bottling Moreno up, limiting him to 45 yards on 17 carries.  Unfortunately, they failed to account for #20.  Thomas Brown shredded the Jackets’ defense to the tune of 17 carries for 139 yards.  Georgia gained more that day on the average Brown carry than it did on the average Matt Stafford pass.

The most memorable carry of Brown’s day came on this immaculately executed toss sweep that led to Brown’s only touchdown.  Brannan Southerland, in particular, was a complete beast.  The blocking was perfect and nobody laid a finger on Brown as he scored from 32 yards out.

Final score:  Georgia 31, Georgia Tech 17.

In a vague echo from 2000, Gailey would be out of a job before the bowl game.  Just like Reggie Ball, he would never know what it was like to beat Georgia.  (Gailey’s departure wouldn’t make much difference, as Georgia Tech lost to Fresno State on a blue turf and finished the season with a Gaileyesque 7-5 record.)



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3 responses to “Georgia-Georgia Tech 2007: Chantastic!

  1. dean

    That was a weird game. The ball just seemed to bounce our way that day. From Moreno’s hustle on the lateral to the breaks on the punt return gaffes. Oh and not to mention the pass interference that wasn’t (shhhh), which set up a MoMass TD. In other words tech had every opportunity to win this game. They just couldn’t do it. Here’s to EIAR, B.


  2. Here’s some math for you, Techies: 36 > 23.


  3. This game convinced me that UGA:Tech::Florida:UGA