Consolation prize

I’ve been hoping, but not expecting, that Tennessee would boldly go where no SEC school has gone before and take a chance on a Mike Leach hire, both in terms of seeing how a Big XII offensive attack would translate into the SEC and also because the guy truly marches to a different beat.

Alas, if the internet rumors swirling around are true, it looks like the Vols are headed in a different direction with Lane Kiffin.  However, Chris Low does give me some hope of a personality injection if this is in fact the case.

…What I know to be fact is that Kiffin has already started talking to people about coming with him to Tennessee. One of those people is former Ole Miss coach Ed Orgeron, now an assistant with the New Orleans Saints. Orgeron was a recruiting whiz at Ole Miss, and he worked with Kiffin on the Southern California staff earlier this decade. I could see Orgeron coming as either a defensive coordinator, associate head coach and/or recruiting coordinator…

Coach O in urnge country?   That’s got some potential.


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  1. Kit

    Coach O’s quote regarding the rumor:

    “Coacha O’z rally excuhtid boutta de pozibileety of wahkin widda Lane Kiffen. Corse Coach O’z sad boutta pozibileety uh leavin da Saintz, but Coach O’z been told da crawdiddy’z in da Knocksvil isa jus az gud az de onez in da Nu Olenz. Plus, Coach O’s alzo rally excuhtid boutta gittin back to da Es EE Sea an a rally’in anudda team two many viktories.”

    Direct quote. No kidding. Guy speaks like a drunken version of Jar-Jar Binks.