Further annals in how the mighty have fallen…

That Clawfense is teh awesome:

Tennessee strong safety Eric Berry may be the best all-around player in college football. He has seven interceptions, which he has returned for 265 yards and two touchdowns. Only two Tennessee receivers have that much receiving yardage and only one has more receiving touchdowns. [Emphasis added.]



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  1. I’ve gotta say. I can’t wait to see him play on Sundays.


  2. brad

    Would love to have him in red and black. I have actually watched a couple of Tennessee games to see him play.


  3. Ally

    Eric Berry’s talent is a waste at UT like Calvin Johnson’s talent was wasted at Yech. Its almost criminal.

    Wish Berry would’ve chosen UGA, but alas the Dawgs didn’t show him “enough love.”


  4. Yeah, Berry/Ayers were the stars of Georgia game.


  5. Thomas Brown

    I figured with this title to your blog (You really need to seriously work on your blog titles Bluto.), that this blog was about the up-coming game. And, that it was discussing how the days of Homer Rice, Whack Hyder, Bobby Dodd and previous Gentlemen of Sports at the Georgia Institute of Technology and their Academics in Football no longer exist.

    How Tech used to claim 6 National Championships in Football, according to the Official NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision Records Book with all those same Polls the same who have UGA listed in the same NCAA Football Records Book with 6 National Championships too.

    Only Tech has Never Been ranked National Champion by the Final AP Poll which now this season, has UGA listed in their up-coming Final AP Poll Top 25 for the Record-Setting 12th Consecutive Season which no other football program in America has accomplished the Last Now 12 Consecutive Years.

    Listening to Tech fans (both of them) talk about Academics when we have a football game to play this Saturday morning, is a riot. Remind me again which team it is who Lost 6 Football Scholarships 2007-2008 for Academic Cheating. That’s Tech.

    Which football team it is who has the Worse Academic Progress Rate (APR.) That’s Tech.

    Which team it is who played Reuben Houston against us right directly after that same week he did an interview with this AJ-C stating that he was trying to set up a drug deal on the campus of Georgia Tech for 93 lbs. of drugs with his kid on his lap when he jumped from the van seeing the Campus Security behind him. That’s Tech.

    Next, you will tell us you are going to play Jerrard Tarrant, out on $40,000 bail for RAPE , who is your Starting Cornerback for Paul Johnson this season. That’s Tech.

    Paul Johnson hired Little Joey Hamilton as his Assistant Director of Player Personnel. How sweet. Spends his first (and only) paycheck on drugs, gets so drunk he “couldn’t even stand up,” gets in an accident driving, leaves the scene, is caught a few minutes later on campus still with the drugs in his ashtray and open container. That’s Tech.

    It doesn’t get any better than this, does it ?

    To discuss the Academics of your football team. That’s what Tech wants to discuss, believe it or not.

    Tech is harder because more of them flunk out at Tech.

    Ha ha ha.

    Heard it all now.

    Try recruiting football players who don’t get caught up in the drug deals down there in the slums of Atlanta where your “campus” is, who can do the work down there and don’t Lose to Number 33 Virginia Tech, Number 34 North Carolina and Number 51 Virginia in the latest BCS Standings while we Lost to only Number 1 Alabama and Number 2 Florida.

    Why is Tech Number 22 and UGA Number 11 ?

    That answer is because Tech Lost to 3 Unranked Teams and UGA to only Number 1 and Number 2.

    Oh, this is a cyclical series now-a-days, the AJ-C surmises this week.


    Since 1991, UGA has Won Two (2) Seven 7-Game Winning Streaks against Tech. Tech has Lost 14 of the last 17 games.

    I will not even bother telling you your 3 “wins” in the last 17 years all 3 cost you NCAA Major Infractions Database FOOTBALL PROBATION. That’s Tech.

    Then, that entire football staff MADE UP THEIR ENTIRE RESUMES. That’s Tech.

    Your attendance languishes down there with 49,000 showing up and your fans (both of them) come running on every blog here on the Internet saying some hockey game is the only reason why your washed out white-out in the last game was only one-third white anyway. That’s Tech.

    Why is it that your “student-athlete” MICHAEL HUTTS died of heroin overdose when his Dad and his Tech roommate, both, said that it was known that he was doing heroin this year. That’s Tech.

    Trey Dunmon was thrown out of the last football game for Georgia Tech for intentionally trying to injure an UGA football player last year, our Linebacker now in the NFL with 50 other former Bulldogs, Brandon Miller. That’s Tech.

    It has been a year from Hell for the Georgia Institute of Technology, this year. And, the Gentlemen of Georgia Tech’s past, are LONG GONE. Oh my, how the Mighty have fallen.

    And, you come in here like you have the bragging rights. That’s Tech.

    The Tech fans are Known to Be in Fact the Dead Last Worst Football Fans in the Entire NATION throwing debris at the players, carrying horrid signs and acting like thugs from the slums of an inner-city which has passed you by. You have 27 percent women on your campus and 41 percent Asian. That’s Tech.

    Tech cannot recruit its way out of a wet paper bag any longer with all this bad publicity, but you cannot even begin to try to address any of the bad publicity.

    BOTH of you Tech fans.

    No one could write such an Opening that you want to discuss the Academics at Georgia Tech.

    Your school president, athletics director and football coach were all 3 run out of town on a rail for the Academics of your football team.

    And, you come running in here wanting to discuss what ? Your Academics of your football team ?

    Choose your point in this post and let’s have at this discussion you state you want to have, both of you Tech fans.

    Isn’t THIS the discussion we should be having with this title to this blog, how Tech are not the Gentlemen of the Past any longer ?


  6. Wow… Thomas Brown, that was severe pwnage.


  7. Thomas Brown

    Paul Johnson’s Division 1-A (Bowl Subdivision Record at Navy 6 Years ) :

    Against Ranked Football Teams, like the 1 he faces Saturday morning :

    2007 :

    LOST to Number 15 Rutgers 24-41.

    Rutgers ended up NOT a Top 25 team in the Final AP Poll.

    2006 :

    LOST to Number 24 Rutgers 0-34.

    LOST to Number 11 Notre Dame 14-38.

    LOST to Number 23 Boston College.

    Rutgers ended up Number 12 in the Final AP Poll.

    Notre Dame ended up Number 17 in the Final AP Poll.

    Boston College ended up Number 20 in the Final AP Poll.

    2005 :

    LOST to Number 7 Notre Dame 21-42.

    Notre Dame ended up Number 9 in the Final AP Poll.

    2004 :

    Played NOT 1 ranked football team.

    2003 :

    LOST to Number 25 TCU 3-17.

    TCU ended up Number 25 in the Final AP Poll.

    2002 :

    LOST to Number 21 NC State 19-65.

    LOST to Number 9 Notre Dame.

    NC State ended up Number 12 in the Final AP Poll.

    Notre Dame ended up Number 17 in the Final AP Poll.

    From 2002 to 2007, six years, Paul Johnson did not play any other Final AP Poll Top 25 team, nor ranked team at the time of the game other than just these 8 games in 6 years at NAVY.

    Paul Johnson’s record against Final AP Poll Top 25 teams in 6 years at NAVY was Zero Wins and 7 Losses.

    The highest ranked team in the Final AP Poll that Paul Johnson has even played in all his games in the Bowl Subdivision (1-A) is Number 9 Notre Dame. That happened twice and Paul Johnson LOST both.

    In 6 years at NAVY, Paul Johnson played exactly eight (8) ranked football teams, and LOST every single solitary game. 1 of those 8 ranked teams at game time, ended up NOT in the Final AP Poll Top 25 and that was Rutgers Last Year who Paul Johnson Lost to.

    But, don’t get me off on a discussion about Un-Ranked Teams in the Final AP Polls that Paul Johnson LOST to because that number is 26 (twenty-six) including Number 33 Virginia Tech today, Number 34 North Carolina and Number 51 Virginia this season.

    26 Losses in Seven (7) Seasons for Paul Johnson to Un-Ranked Teams, including this season.

    Paul Johnson is 0 Wins and 7 Losses against Final AP Poll Top 25 teams.

    Paul Johnson also has 26 Losses against Un-Ranked Teams in the Final AP Poll.

    Boston College is slated to play LSU in the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl, and The SEC will continue to Rule the ACC, knocking Boston College out of the Final AP Poll Top 25 no matter what a Lousy Maryland team does against them this week.

    Georgia Tech is slated for something called the Congressional Bowl 20 December 2008, some 13 days before the Georgia Bulldogs play in the New Year’s Day $4.25 million dollar payout CapitalOne Citrus Bowl in Tampa. The Congressional Bowl has a payout which will not cover the expenses for sending the team who has Lost to 3 Un-Ranked Teams, and whose Paul Johnson has NEVER beat a Final AP Poll Top 25 team.


  8. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=3731656

    Looks like Lane Kiffin will be the new UT coach. Here is the part I really hate:

    One of the big draws with Kiffin was the staff that he’ll potentially be able to put together. He’s talked with his father, Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin, about joining him at Tennessee. The elder Kiffin is considered one of the foremost defensive minds in football.