Profiles in delusion

If you’re not surfing the Georgia Tech message boards this week, you’re missing some comedy gold.  They’re as confident a bunch as they were in 2006.

My current favorite topic comes from the posters speculating about whether Spurrier’s (always the typical Tech fan’s favorite coach to live through vicariously) visitor’s scoring record might be in jeopardy, based on Tech’s epic 41-point scoring barrage laid on Miami last week.

For the record, that vaunted Tech triple option has scored less than 20 points in a game this year more times (five) than it’s broken 30 (four).  And for what it’s worth, Georgia has exceeded 41 points four times this season.

Keep on truckin’, fellas.



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13 responses to “Profiles in delusion

  1. NebraskaDawg

    And we thought Chicken fans were delusional.


  2. truck

    It looks like at least a few of the saner ones are trying to talk sense into the more delusional posters. On the other hand, I know several Dawg fans who have basically conceded this game to Tech. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a wider scatter of pre-game predictions, from both sides, than this matchup.


  3. Barry

    Sorry, depressed dawg fans; this game reminds me of the Hawaii game. You know: gadget offense, smack talk by the other team, huge differences in talent levels, extended preparation time.

    I know Tech has a talented defensive line, a standout defensive back and good running backs but come on ………… GTU can’t pass and our weakness on defense (no pass rush) is minimized by playing a positional scheme.

    Meanwhile, UGA was on the road for four consecutive games, against three bowl teams and a traditional rival. We’re now at home and, finally, well rested.

    Tech usually plays us tough but I just don’t see this as a close game.


  4. opsomath

    I love how the second thread degenerates into Tech fans offering to fight each other by the second page. I kind of want to go to the location they post to meet (they post a latitude and longitude from google maps, for an appropriate injection of nerdiness) and watch them slap-fight.


  5. Ally

    No silly, they didn’t mean they would actually fight – they meant in a virtual Dragon Con kind of way… with computers!

    What a bunch of weenies! I’m a buck 20 soaking wet & hate to break a nail, but I’m quite confident after reading that crap that even I could whip their collective arses!


  6. truck

    opsomath wrote: “I kind of want to go to the location they post to meet (they post a latitude and longitude from google maps, for an appropriate injection of nerdiness) and watch them slap-fight.”

    They were joking, those coordinates are Sanford Stadium.


  7. Robert

    Silly Nerds.


  8. AceG8tr

    Same exact situation as with those idiot Gators this year. We’re so much better than Tech, it’s not even funny. Just like we were with the Gators. And we’ll crush them, just like we did the Gators. What a bunch of losers.

    Confucius say: Dawgs beware of overconfidence, particularly when it comes to hated rivals.



  9. Nerds planning a tickle pile. That is all.


  10. AceG8tr: are you actually trying to argue that the Georgia Tech and Florida football teams are even remotely in the same category?

    That’s pretty harsh for a Gator fan to trash his own team like that.


  11. AceG8tr


    Good comeback.


    Not so much. I would guess that you didn’t actually graduate from UGA, which is a fairly well respected institution of higher learning. If you had, you would have learned to be a little more articulate in your responses.



  12. THWG74

    Gosh, I guess now you must feel kind of stupid for joking about how delusional all the Tech fans are. Even a week later it is still very sweet to say…45-42.

    Go ahead, tell me how you owned us the last 7 years. Guess what, we won this year and that is what matters.