Does Georgia Tech have a better offense than Troy?

Tony Barnhart, who cries wolf about Georgia’s opponents more than any other pundit on the planet, on the challenge that Georgia’s defense faces tomorrow:

…Johnson’s offense is run with such precision that every member of the defense has to carry out his assignment on every play. If a defender tries to free lance and create a play outside of his assignment, it creates an opening for a big play. In short, Johnson has figured out a way to use the superior talent of an opposing defense AGAINST them. Georgia has been an undisciplined team at times on defense this season. Next to Florida, this will be their toughest challenge of the season for the Georgia defense. [Emphasis added.]

National rankings, as of this week:

Now maybe Tony means that literally – that while Georgia Tech’s offense isn’t in the same class as Florida’s it’s still the second toughest Georgia will see this season.  It’s just that besides Florida, this season Georgia’s already faced three teams with higher scoring averages than Tech and two that average more yards per game than Tech.


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6 responses to “Does Georgia Tech have a better offense than Troy?

  1. Wolfman

    I think it could be true, if you consider that the triple option makes it so Tech doesn’t have to have talent to be successful. Also, hasn’t run defense been our nemesis this year?

    Not that I think it will matter. Playing in the All Crappy Conference tends to make you look good anyway.


  2. Tony told us we’d struggle with Central Michigan.

    Tony talks a lot. He’s occasionally right, more often wrong, and has his talking points memorized to the nines.


  3. Earl

    D.N. Nation is right. Barnhardt talks a lot. Now, I say that with complete respect for Barnhardt. He’s one of the best, and his job requires him to talk a lot and give his opinion. But, he seems to laud Georgia’s opponent almost every week. I don’t know if he’s trying to cover up his Georgia background or what, but he’s been a little overblown with it the last few years.


  4. addicted

    Well, I guess Tony was right, huh?

    Although I don’t credit him for it. He just got lucky this time.

    However, if you watched Tech’s progression on offense this season, you would not have been surprised to see this coming.


  5. scott

    sorry wolfman what made tech look good was playing in the acc but putting up almost 500 yds on the pups


  6. Matthew

    Scott, ACC is 6-4 vs the SEC. In fact, defenses in the ACC are head and shoulders above most SEC teams.