Final thoughts on Georgia-Georgia Tech

Some preliminary observations:

First, there’s no way I’m going to top the opener to Doug’s preview of the game.

Second, it saddens me a little bit to learn that SIAR, B! isn’t a selling point to recruits.

… When it comes to grabbing those top defensive recruits, Richt said, one thing that isn’t part of his sales pitch is Georgia’s seven-game winning streak over its in-state rival.

“I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it,” Richt said. “I think the kids care more about where they see themselves fitting into your system. They all want to know what are your plans for me here? I don’t think (the rivalry) crosses their mind that much.”

Third, Groo notes that while the weather may be taking a turn for the worst, it may not matter as much as we may hope, as Tech relies heavily on the old-fashioned handoff and the quarterback keeper to account for a significant majority of its running plays.

Bad weather or not, keeping the ball in the hands of the quarterbacks and Dwyer almost three quarters of the time when running the ball is a good way to minimize the risk of turning the ball over.  You’ve probably seen the stat being bandied about this week about Johnson-coached teams being on a 14-0 run when they win the turnover battle.   This year, Tech’s turnover margin in its eight wins is +1.25/game; in its three losses, the Jackets sport a -2/game turnover margin.  This is a battle within the game that the Dawgs can’t lose.  The good thing is that the trend line over this year shows that Tech has gotten more careless with the ball as the season has gone on.

One other big number that Georgia has to watch:  Damaryius Thomas has 35 of Tech’s 65 total receptions in 2008 and over half of Georgia Tech’s receiving yardage, as well.  It’s obviously in Georgia’s best interests to force Tech into throwing the ball, as Nesbitt is completing less than 50% of his pass attempts, but the Dawg secondary has to be aware of Thomas’ presence throughout the game.  Ironically, if Tech has to throw the ball, itsr passing numbers suggest that the backup QB, Jaybo Shaw, is much more accomplished at throwing than is Nesbitt, with a much better completion percentage and a much higher yards per attempt figure.

With all the focus on the triple option, it seems that almost no attention has been paid to how Tech will handle Georgia’s offense.  With apologies to Mr. Barnhart, Georgia’s offense is likely to pose the biggest challenge that Tech’s defense will face this season.  The Dawgs are ranked 24th nationally in total offense.  The next highest ranked opponent that the Jackets defended this year was Florida State, 47th in total offense, which scored 28 points and was an end zone fumble away from beating Tech in Atlanta earlier this month.

The one other number of interest that snuck up on me in looking at Tech’s stats was its field goal percentage in road games28.6%.  That’s the kind of number that suggests going for it on fourth down early and often once you cross the 50.

The psychology of this game, particularly from Tech’s standpoint, is interesting.  I don’t think the Jackets have much to lose here at all, other than playing in a more mediocre bowl game if they don’t win.  Winning their ACC division is out of their control and in the hands of two teams they’ve already lost to this year.  And if they lose in Athens tomorrow, it won’t be devastating (unless they get blown out) because of Gailey’s legacy.

But I believe Johnson’s a much better coach and much more motivated than Gailey.  This is a guy, after all, who turned down more money to take the Tech job because he had a burning desire to prove he could win in a BCS conference.  He knows how important it is for Tech to end the long losing streak and reestablish some degree of competitiveness to the series.   He’ll have his kids playing loose.  The success of the Miami game will no doubt feed into that.

Because of that, it’s important for Georgia to take charge in this game from the start.  Tech’s going to get some yards and some big plays because of the triple option, but Tech’s also going to have to deal with a balanced Georgia offense that will get more than its fair share of yards and big plays, too.  If the Dawgs can stay out of a mess with turnovers, it’s going to be difficult for the Jackets to keep up.  And if Georgia can maintain a two score lead late in the game, Tech doesn’t have the makeup skill-wise or scheme-wise to come back.

In the end, it’s Senior Day and it’s a chance for these Dawgs to put their names in the record books.  I’m guessing there’s too much pride in them to lose on Saturday.


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  1. AceG8tr

    Senator, with all due respect: if pride were a factor, you wouldn’t have lost like you did to us. True?


  2. AceG8tr

    Senator, please delete the previous post. Rereading it, I don’t like the tone. My apologies.



  3. wes hutchison

    AceG8tr you sound like thr typical florida fan yes we did get stomped by your gators but this rivalry has nothing to do with florida. We had a bad day in gainesville and the refs practicaly gave the gators two touchdowns. Their is not a team in the country that can beat florida when the zebras spot them two touchdowns. This is not an excuse we did lay down after that but things may have been different if that hadnt happened and maybe our d changes the game if our coaching staff doesnt let our freshman onside. You guys looked good, we and the officals made you look like gods. I would say if we played 10 times it would be 6-4 florida, but we will be at the cocktail party next year barkin it up again. U need to pay attention to the noles.


  4. thinkingbulldog

    The Eternal Enemy.


  5. Robert

    The Puke of the Earth.


  6. Thomas Brown

    Jerrard Tarrant, who was going to be Georgia Tech’s Starting Cornerback for Paul Johnson this year, is out on a $40,000 Bail for Rape. I see another arrest is made of a Bulldog Football player. In half of the arrests of UGA Football players after the end of last season through this Thanksgiving Day Weekend, the charges against them have been dropped. The arrests do not include any Rape Charges.

    Georgia Tech in 1998 ended up Number 9 in the Final AP Poll and UGA Number 14. In 2000, Georgia Tech ended up Number 17 and UGA Number 20. Georgia changed its coach over it.

    Tech went on NCAA Major Infractions Database Football Probation for George O’Leary Academic Cheating playing as his best 11 Football Players, players who not a 1 would have been eligible to play anywhere in America and Lost 6 Football Scholarships for the Duration of the Chandler Gailey Era at Tech.

    Since 1997 UGA has been ranked in the Final AP Polls.

    Since 2002, Tech has not been ranked any year in the Final AP Polls.

    Starting in Coach Richt’s 1st year, 2001, Tech has not been ranked ahead of UGA in any Final AP Poll and only 1 of these past 7 years has Tech been ranked at all. That was 2001 when Tech ended up Number 24 and UGA Number 22.

    In the down ACC this year, Tech seems destined to play a far better football team than they are in their bowl game because the ACC just doesn’t have any top-ranked team or teams at all while The SEC finds that Alabama is Number 1 in the AP Poll, Florida is Number 2 in the AP Poll, UGA is Number 13 in the AP Poll and Ole Miss is moving way up from Number 25 prior to their 45 to Nothing thrashing of their opponent this Holiday Weekend in the Egg Bowl.

    South Carolina seems poised to rejoin the rankings as well.

    Meanwhile, every week for the last 6 Consecutive Weeks every ranked ACC team who played a game, Lost and dropped out of the rankings.

    Will Georgia Tech be ranked in the Final AP Poll for the 1st time in 7 years ?

    Will Georgia Tech be ranked ahead of UGA in the Final AP Poll for the 1st time in 8 years ?

    When is the Court Case for Jerrard Tarrant charged with Rape as Georgia Tech’s Starting Cornerback for Paul Johnson this year ?

    Will the Loss of Jerrard Tarrant, out of Jail charged with Rape on $40,000 Bail, cost Tech its ranking, cost Tech its game and be shoved under the rug like it never happened as everything is at Georgia Tech ?

    The way to keep 11 kids from being arrested this up-coming season again, is to state to them NOW that if you are arrested, you Lose your Scholarship at UGA until such time as you are found Not Guilty.

    The other part of it in the off-season is the 18 kids injured in Camp and since, lost for the entire season this season.

    It leaves our team scrambling for a set line-up, and there is no doubt that there is a correlation between the number of players lost to injury and to suspension, and our woes in being penalized, when every day for the entire year starting since the end of last season, either one of the 11 were arrested or 1 of the 18 were injured and lost for the season. We stay in the bad press.

    These are recurring themes that have left us finishing in the Coach Richt Era in the Final AP Poll :

    Number 22 in 2001 Final AP Poll.

    Number 3 in 2002 Final AP Poll.

    Number 7 in the 2003 Final AP Poll.

    Number 7 in the 2004 Final AP Poll.

    Number 10 in the 2005 Final AP Poll.

    Number 23 in the 2006 Final AP Poll.

    Number 2 in the 2007 Final AP Poll.

    Number 13 in the 2008 AP Poll before this morning’s game against Number 18 Georgia Tech.

    There is little comfort to UGA fans that Tech has NOT finished ahead of UGA in the Coach Richt Era in the Final AP Polls starting 2001.

    There is little comfort to UGA fans that Tech has its Starting Cornerback Jerrard Tarrant charged with RAPE and out on $40,000 bail when we have 11 arrests since the end of last season and 18 lost for the entire year this year due to injury, dropping like flies from the 1st day of Camp this year.

    There is little comfort to UGA fans that UGA is therefore 2nd in the nation in penalties.

    And, 1st in the papers for bad press.

    It disrupts the entire team.

    And, if you play for UGA and are arrested – You MUST LOSE YOUR SCHOLARSHIP to UGA until such time as the charges are dropped or you are found not guilty.

    If we end up as Number 13 this season in the Final AP Poll, as we are today, this gives Coach Richt a double-digit average finish in the Final AP Polls.


    Number 11 in the nation therefore average ranking for Coach Richt’s entire 8-season record.

    I presume you know that Number 11 is NOT that good ?

    1 poster here the other day mentioned that Florida is Not Ranked 1 year and National Champions the next. Which would you prefer, he questioned.

    Frankly, there is no comfort from being ranked consistently Number 11 in the Nation.


    29 Players missing games because of arrest and suspension or injury in 1 year. No wonder we are right where we are consistently in the Coach Richt Era with our NCAA Number 24 Ranked Total Offense and Number 23 Ranked Total Defense at Number 13 in the nation.

    I want some changes.


  7. RedCrake

    I agree with your general premise. However, penalties did not cost us the Alabama and Florida games. A lack of discipline overall perhaps (tackling, assignments, etc) but not penalties. Nonetheless, to rectify these problems a change is required.


  8. willie sucks

    well thats it…please god can we finally fire that piece of shit willie martinez? i mean do you need anymore reasons? ive got 45 good ones


  9. This has to be the final indictment for Willie Martinez. He clearly cannot get it done. Our defense gets worse every single year, and this game was an absolute embarassment.

    They really did almost break the record for visitors points in our house.


    And our special teams? Special Ed maybe.


  10. You did it to yourself, Willie. 5-star talent. All you have to do is reinforce fundamentals. REINFORCE. Not even teach. Not even teach! All you’ve got to offer forth is- oh yes, by the way, remember to wrap up, fellas.

    Instead, everyone’s gotten worse. Absurd. I have no idea what you can possibly do during practices, outside of setting up a point-shaving racket, that would cause this across the board.

    Fire this idiot. Please. He can no longer hang on to “at least we won.” Nope, Willie, not even close.


  11. Dear Santa:

    Will you please fire Willie for Christmas? I’ve been a good boy…

    Geezus, He had two weeks, TWO EFFING WEEKS!!!!!!!!


  12. If Willie Martinez has a job in Athens next year, the Athletic Association should not expect any checks to come from me. What a disgrace. 42 points and you find a way to lose. Time to get the heck out of Dodge, Willie.


  13. willie sucks

    how much money you think it would take to get a decent DC? van gorder, muschamp,charlie strong,bud foster…hell id take joe kines or mad dog lewis back! can we please all build a machine to ressurrect (sp?) ERK? it pained me to be reading a AFC defensive strategy book and find a 20 page chapter writtEn by that great man “ELIMINATING THE TRIPLE OPTION WITH THE JUNKYARD 8” i almost threw up


  14. Ally

    It’s absolutely stunning how FAST we implode. That first half I really thought Willie was gonna save his ass again. But the 3rd quarter: 200 yards, 26 unanswered points? It’s the same pile-on we saw against Bama & Floriduh.

    Jon Fabris must share some of this indictment as well. I mean, enough is enough.

    Until today CMR was 32-0 at home against non-conference opponents. Yet another record Willie & Fab have set this year. Thanks a million guys!

    Stafford, Knowshon, and Espcially Mo Mass didn’t deserve this. They played their asses off for their team today. Coach Dooley & Munson didn’t deserve this either. What a miserable & inexcusable stain on what should’ve been an historic day of honor for UGA.

    Here’s something else to chew on: Gardner Webb also lost to the gnats by 3. But at least they didn’t crap the bed at home on Senior Day.


  15. Carter

    Quite possibly the most disappointing team I have ever followed, college or professional.

    If there are any Willie Martinez apologists left after today, they are delusional at best.

    I think we will be okay if Stafford & Moreno decide to leave, but the idea of Martinez coming back literally sickens me to my stomach.

    David, I know you said that we should have a replacement we can name when we call for a firing. How about UT’s Chavez? I’m pretty sure he’ll be available by Monday. I say tell Willie to put his things in a cardboard box, and we can have somebody else in his office by the middle of the week. I’d love to see what Chavez or some other DC could do with our defense between now and our second-tier bowl.

    Great game by Massaquoi & Weston.

    Ellerbe and Jones seem to be unaware that they are allowed to use their arms when tackling.

    Asher Allen, why couldn’t or wouldn’t you return kickoffs this year?


  16. Ally

    Hell, I’ll take Sly Croom! What about Virginia Tech’s DC. Or go after any of the line coaches at USC (the real one). Or grab Coach O before he leaps to join Kiffin.

    Folks there are LOTS of possibilities to replace Martinez. He is not the best available defensive mind in college football!! And with the resources we have, we can go after just about anybody!

    Settling for CWM for another year and not taking a hard look at getting a Special Teams Coach is simply inexcusable.


  17. willie sucks

    hey that actually is a good, idea…COACH O FOR DC! FOOOBAW!


  18. Thomas Brown

    Well, we have to do something. We cannot stand pat.

    For years, it seemed that the intact staff was a plus.

    But, we don’t pay enough to the assistants and simply giving them more, isn’t the answer.

    But, that is all Coach Richt has done.

    Review again please from above :

    Number 22 in 2001 Final AP Poll.

    Number 3 in 2002 Final AP Poll.

    Number 7 in the 2003 Final AP Poll.

    Number 7 in the 2004 Final AP Poll.

    Number 10 in the 2005 Final AP Poll.

    Number 23 in the 2006 Final AP Poll.

    Number 2 in the 2007 Final AP Poll.

    Number 19 in the 2008 AP Poll probably now.

    Coach Richt has an Average Finish in the Final AP Polls of Number 12. Dozen.

    The Aflack Question by CBS was totally in error. The question they said was who has been ranked in the Top 10 each of the last 6 seasons. Southern California out there in the PAC-1 and they said UGA. Excuse me, the 1st year of Matthew Stafford we were Number 23.

    How in the Living Hell CBS is that Top 10 ?

    Number 23 ?

    And, we have no way to get to Top 10 this season. We’re headed the other way.

    You could change the whole entire staff, for all I care.

    This season is a LOST SEASON.


    Lose to Georgia Tech ‘Tween the Hedges.

    The Pick 6 was bad when we had the momentum and that changed the football game, right there. Instead of 21 to nothing, we had a tied game.

    I have no idea why we acted as if we could not run the football.

    Blessed with the 2 Best Fullbacks in the nation, we never handed the ball to either one. Even on 3rd and half a foot.

    Good Lord.

    Every TD, Tech went for 2 and made every one. That, too, was the difference in the game right there too.

    Kickoffs. I am fed up with that part of college football, for us. Kicking and receiving kickoffs.

    Look. If I told you that we have no Tight End on the team and no Defensive End, wouldn’t that be a reflection on Rodney Garner too ?

    Sylvester Croom is my hero.

    Chief, as another mentioned above too, John Chavis, would be a great hire – give him the cash. With the exception of on again off again Offensive Coordinator now Duke head coach David Cutcliffe, Chief is all Fulmer ever had.

    Jon Tenuta will be looking for a job with Charlie Weiss a complete wash-out too at Notre Dame.

    I’ve always liked Charlie Strong too.

    You cannot have the holes we have in recruiting where we don’t have a Tight End and don’t have a Defensive End, and on the Offensive Line we have 5 we recruit 2 years in a row for 8 years and then go 6 years without a single OL. Instead, we have 17 receivers – pretty much wasted scholarships. And, what’s up with this 4 top 10 quarterback scholarships every single solitary year too ?

    But, when you change the staff, you have to fix the issues too.

    We cannot have 11 arrested and 18 injured for the season.

    29 players on scholarship.

    First, and foremost, I am fed up of being Number 12 in the Final AP Poll every year for 8 years now of Coach Richt Era and read in the GD paper every day another is arrested.

    Arrested ?


    You just Lost your Scholarship.

    You are not tainting our Reputation and getting off Scott-Free except for a Public Suspension.

    I’m fed up with it.

    And, why 18 players starting Day 1 of Camp lost for the season ? What are we doing no one else in America is doing ?

    We have 29 players suspended (arrested) and injured. We become the Number 1 team in the nation this season and what do we do ? We go out and have two (2) brawls. What ? Are we recruiting gang members here or what ?

    I will not stand for it.

    Is that why they injure each other in practice too ? Because they are arrested and suspended thugs who cannot win unless it is a very weak opponent (We beat zero Top 25 teams this season, in the Final AP Poll and no hope that any of the teams we did beat will end in the Top 25 with losses by Central Michigan, LSU and South Carolina – again for all 3.) – So, we go to practice and do harm to our starters that we cannot replace because we have all of our scholarships tied up at wide receiver and quarterback.

    Why can’t we at UGA kickoff into the damn end zone ?

    LOST SEASON, and I am NOT happy.

    Phil Steele said we had problems.

    We played 3 teams who are Final AP Poll Top 25 teams. Gave up over 40 points to all 3. What ? This is a Big XII team now ?

    A WAC team ?

    A PAC-10 team ?

    Big East team ?

    Big 10 team ?

    Good Lord.

    I will tell you what else.

    I am fed up of these WASTED 2ND HALF TIME-OUTS.

    Mohamed Massaquoi came to the sidelines winded, and a black coach with his back to us, stopped him, held him and sent him back on with 2 seconds on the play clock ?

    Who the Living Hell was that Coach ?

    Fire his lame butt, right now.


    Not tomorrow or Wednesday.


    We would have gotten the ball back folks, and had a shot at tying field goal were it not for that 1 play either. We could have called time-out and forced them to punt.

    Of course, I don’t know what Matthew Stafford was doing calling the 1st time-out of the 2nd half.


    2nd Half Time-Outs Belong to The Head Coach.


    You don’t just take 1 because you don’t want a 5-yard damn penalty.

    5 yards is NOTHING.

    We cannot put anyone away.

    I called for this BEFORE the Tech game in the post you see above here in this blog.

    Coach Richt, sir :

    If you will NOT change your staff (like all of them), then sir you can figure you are not long for this program, for on the field and off the field, you have embarrassed our school sir with those whom you surround yourself with as coaches and as thugs, er uh, I mean players.