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If this isn’t the quintessential comment about this Georgia team’s state of mind, I don’t know what is:

“We lost our edge in the second half,” senior defensive tackle Corvey Irvin said. “In the first half, we were all over the field having fun and I guess we kind of lost our composure. I guess we thought we had the game wrapped up in our pocket but we really didn’t.”

This is a team that’s been enamored with itself, with its depth and talent, for some time now.  Unfortunately, as we keep seeing demonstrated, there’s more to being a great football team than simply being talented.



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  1. Carter

    Richt’s devotion to Martinez is starting to remind me of Bush’s commitment to Rumsfeld.

    If we don’t get a Secretary of Defense Gates this off-season, then look out for another bombed-out and depleted season next year along w/ low morale amongst the troops and waning confidence in the Commander-in-Chief.


  2. Seriously

    Wow! Losing to a “mid-major” football team? UGA must REALLY suck!

    Just kidding, but I kinda owed you that one. 😉

    I’m guessing Martinez will be ousted in the off season. The defense is certainly not performing at the level one would expect considering the level of talent on the field.


  3. NebraskaDawg

    We score 42 points and still lost. We allowed 45. You’d think we were playing Texas Tech or at least someone with a passing offense. No, we were playing an offense that has been around since the inception of the game itself. Once again our defense sucked arse. But as I said a couple of weeks ago, don’t even waste your breath calling for CWM job, cause it ain’t going to happen under CMR. Once again, after listening to the post game show it was “our guys played hard, we didn’t execute” yada, yada, yada. No blame, not even a challenge for the defense to step up. We have an undisciplened, sloppy defense which showed absolutly no improvement as the year went on. I don’t think R. Jones has ever heard of using your arms to tackle anyone only the shoulder. Coach Johnson demands discipline and execution from his band of 2 star talent and they came out and whipped our 5 star defense’s ass. We never going anywhere with CWM as DC.

    P.S. It wasn’t too long ago that we were begging for some offense to match our defensive production. My how the times have changed. Get used to the Nerd Herd for the rest of the year


  4. Ally

    “Richt’s devotion to Martinez is starting to remind me of Bush’s commitment to Rumsfeld.”

    Or Tommy Bowden’s devotion to Rob Spence. And look where that got him.

    CMR needs to learn something from that situation – we won’t tolerate blindingly stupid devotion like that for 9 years like Clemson did.


  5. NCT

    I honestly don’t get the complaints about our defense. From where I sat, the defense did a good enough job, especially considering the freaky challenge of the Tech offense, which was firing on all cylinders. Our offense and special teams gave Tech opportunities to score, and the Jackets took them. Those gaffes made the difference in the game: not the defense.


  6. Good points by all. If Coach Richt isn’t willing to make a move on Coach Martinez then he deserves all criticism that will come his way in the coming months. This is an embarassment that must be fixed and I believe it begins with Coach Martinez getting fired.


  7. If Richt wants to go down with CWM, then may he live in interesting times.

    Absolutely disgraceful performance today. Worst coached team in the country, and the preening and prancing staff can’t hang their hats on just getting it done these days. No more wins, fellers.

    And yeah, I’ll say it. Dennis Felton could coach circles around a few choice coordinator(no s) on Georgia’s football staff.


  8. “I honestly don’t get the complaints about our defense. From where I sat, the defense did a good enough job, especially considering the freaky challenge of the Tech offense, which was firing on all cylinders.”

    You apparently sat in a different universe. I don’t care what Tech was running. If they were running ME out there, I still could have scored, seeing how Georgia refused- outright refused- to tackle. End of story.


  9. Amen D.N. brother, Amen. My grandmother could have scored on a 60 yard run the way our defense played today.


  10. This team = last year’s Florida team. Essentially.


  11. willie sucks

    NCT…are you on jasper and quincys drugs? if we keep willie were gonna need a triple digit scoreboard in sanford next year…jeezus tOSU is gonna kick our asses in the credit card bowl


  12. Carter

    Willie sucks,

    Oregon is handily beating Oregon State on Versus right now. If that holds, USC goes to the Rose and tOSU most likey goes to the Fiesta. This leaves us facing Michigan State. This is not a good thing, either. Javon Ringer could go for 250yds and 4 tds on a WM defense.


  13. D.N., +1. I was saying the same thing to friends on the drive back from Athens today.


  14. willie sucks

    thanks for the correction there…but yeah your right ever since mcfadden tore us up in 05 there always seems to be a superstar tailback destroy us…and dont stop at 250 yards for Ringer…he gets 30-40 carries a game, hell he might rush for 300 yards on our asses


  15. Senator- Problem here is that Florida brought back all their wood on offense, and had a DC willing to grind his corps into being a solid outfit.

    Had a Bama buddy try telling me that ’09 Georgia will be this decade’s ’98 UT, but we can stop right there unless this defense gets any better.


  16. We can only hope ’09 Georgia will be like ’98 UT. The defense might want to figure out what it means to wrap up on a tackle before we can wish for that.


  17. Carter

    Reshad Jones tackles like he has T-Rex arms.


  18. VR Dawg

    This is all very frustrating. It just makes me sick. I can’t stand to keep “waiting on next year.” It seems like that is repeated all to often in our Dawg Nation. We need to Rise the F up!!!!!!! It’s gonna be a loooong offseason.


  19. ej

    With Georgia’s ability to score and the defense’s speed, the Dawgs could be national champions… in flag football.

    Streaks can’t go on forever. CPJ’s attitude and coaching makes GT a much more formidable rival than the than Gailey’s GT. Speaking of attitude:

    I’m never happy for losing just to make a point about my team’s weakness. I was willing to excuse the Alabama and Florida game as just getting beat by two great teams (presently #1 and #2). GT is different. I think this should be the line in the sand game in which we decide as a program where we want our ceiling to be. The attitude, mentality, and mechanics on the team have been eroding before our eyes since the West Virginia game. I’m cool with playing with a swagger, BUT when you are gashed up and down the field, it’s probably not a good idea to go with the “Sportscenter hit” shoulder tackle (looking at you Ellerbe/Jones).

    I hope losing to an inferior (and GT should always be inferior because of UGA’s resources) in-state rival is rock bottom. Whether it’s a change in coaching or a drastic change in player mentality (leadership/composure/discipline), something will have to be done.

    Cue up the getting back to basics Hoosiers’esque montage during bowl practice and the off-season. It’s time to learn how to crawl before we walk again.


  20. Ben

    To me, losing to Tech is the most disappointing thing that can happen in a given year as far as Georgia football is concerned. The way the Dawgs lost today was just miserable. Dannel Ellerbe’s missed “tackle” was infuriating on that first play of the second half, and Reshad Jones has needed a benching all year long.

    As for the special teams, something’s got to give in the kicking aspect of it. Also, Richard Samuel has worried me all year long. Wasn’t he the guy who tried to take it out of the endzone against UF? As far as he’s concerned, I hope he grows up as much as MoMass did in his time in Athens.

    This is all kind of incoherent b/c I need to hit the hay, but this is the kind of loss that hangs with you the entire offseason, no matter the bowl outcome. I hope the players feel the same way and that they can use that going into next fall.

    Also, I’m going to go against the majority opinion here and say I don’t think it was the defensive scheme today. Again, it was missed tackles and missed assignments. When the players did as they were supposed to, things looked good. The problem, though, is that it wasn’t natural to them. Discipline needs to be second nature and not something they work toward.

    That’s that.

    Go Dawgs.


  21. Hobnail_Boot

    This game alone isn’t enough for me to call for Willie’s head, but sadly it’s just the latest in a growing trend of games where Georgia doesn’t wrap up tackles and looks clueless on how to defend 3rd and 7+.

    I don’t know if it’s the injuries. I don’t know if it’s certain players not living up to their recruiting hype. I don’t know, but Martinez is getting paid to know.

    I’m more mad about our special teams play this year. It is brutal on so many fronts. Sigh..


  22. Joe

    Hey NCT, Gtu runs a jr. high school offense which every 5th grade football player in the state of GA knows how to defend. Unfortunately, our DC does not. He is fireable. Wvu, ’05, Vandy and UK ’06, Bama/UF ’08, Ufk 06, 07….the guy is a scrub and needs to be fired. CMR needs to make the tough decisions or continue being a pussy.

    Maybe Bobby Bowden was right about CMR after all? It’s just taken us 8 years to see that.


  23. ArchDawg

    Ben–defensive scheme may not have been the issue. I don’t profess to be a coach. But not wrapping up on tackles, no discipline on ‘D–when that doesn’t improve throughout the season, to the point where we are losing our last game of the year due in part to that; well, that does fall back in part to coaching. Not calling for any heads now, but that’s something to ponder and some decisions need to be made. Richt will do that.

    And we’re not going to be like any team but UGA ’08 next year if we don’t work on basic things like tackling and discipline, to start with.


  24. Coastal dawg

    Its the same song and dance over and over – mechanics, fundamentals, discipline. These are the things good coaches fix.

    I think CWM can scheme, but he can’t coach. We play with poor pad level, we over run in pursuit and take bad angles, we blow coverage, we get caught out of position so are called for PI and we couldn’t tackle in a phone booth. It is the coaches job to fix those things.

    When CMR fisrt got here he corrected those same issues carried over from Donnan. It seems we are regressing.


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