What hurts the most…

It’s not watching the team blow a chance to tie the win streak record.

It’s not losing to Tech.

It’s not being subjected to another disappearing act (hell, I’m afraid I’m starting to get numb to them) against a mediocre team.

It’s seeing Massaquoi in his last regular season game leave his guts all over the field of play and Moreno’s magnificent touchdown run when I knew once he hit the corner he simply would not be denied the score… and knowing that the defense would use it all as a crutch instead of an inspiration to step up its play.

If that was their last regular season game in red and black, it was a sad way to go out.  Both deserved better.


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  1. anonomous

    eerily similar to shannon mitchell against fagida in 93 i think


  2. peacedog

    I was kinda shocked we didn’t onsides after making it 45-42. I didn’t think we had a chance of stopping them.


  3. pd – making it (the decision to onside kick or not) an even closer call was the fact that the team had already burned through two second half timeouts because of personnel issues.


  4. Senator,

    I could not agree more. There were some outstanding individual efforts out there by a number of players, including Moreno and Massoquoi. They were absolutely brilliant and gutsy.

    I wish I could thank them personally for turning in a performance like that. The sad thing is that many will remember the shortcomings of the overall defensive effort rather than the heart of our heros.



  5. Will Queen

    I would’ve thought that calling an onsides kick would have been easy considering that Tech was regularly starting within spitting distance of the fifty-yard line anyway.

    45 points may be on Martinez, but that one’s on Richt.


  6. ej

    I previously thought that despite the lure of NFL money, there might be a 15% chance Staff and/or Knowshon stick around because of the improved line, lack of SEC championship…

    Now I have to imagine that they are both thinking, “What else can we prove? We put up 45 freakin points and still lost!”


  7. drunk dawg

    The funniest thing to me about everything is this: Richt refuses to throw Martinez under the bus. Martinez on the other hand has no problem heaping all the blame on the players. It’s gonna be an interesting off-season.

    Whatever happens, I hope Martinez is no longer our defensive coordinator. I doubt he’ll be fired, but I’m hoping for a demotion.


  8. RaleighDawg

    Was there anyone else surprised to see our safeties continuously out position? I have seen it against UF, and UK on easy touchdowns, but my God Reshad Jones looked lost out there. Also, can we practice rapping up instead of trying to spear everyone? I don’t blaim Martinez fully on this one. He called the correct plays, the players just failed to execute, which eventually gets back to him. Could he give up coaching the secondary, and hire another coach? Is there any way we could get someone other than Fabris to coach the special teams? Fabris is good with the DEs, but our special teams are pretty wrecthed.


  9. ArchDawg

    MoMass was not only a warrior on the field today, he’s been like that all season. He’s never taken a ‘game off’. It is unfortunate that his great individual season will be adrift in the mire of this disappointing one. Hopefully, our whole team may get their minds right for the bowl game and send him and some of our other Bulldogs who’ve put in the time out the right way.


  10. Nice website. Goods brandy I been a-drinkin’! Show me something, Sis! I love those Newcomb chicks. Always have, always will! s/Old Man Tulane


  11. Thomas Brown

    What hurts the most is that the national press is and has been correct about UGA. We are not, have not been, and will not be an Elite Football Program.

    Why did we go for it on 4th down ? We all know why Tech did, but us ?

    Well, we have to do something. We cannot stand pat.

    For years, it seemed that the intact staff was a plus.

    But, we don’t pay enough to the assistants and simply giving them more, isn’t the answer.

    But, that is all Coach Richt has done.

    Is this an Elite Program ?

    Number 22 in 2001 Final AP Poll.

    Number 3 in 2002 Final AP Poll.

    Number 7 in the 2003 Final AP Poll.

    Number 7 in the 2004 Final AP Poll.

    Number 10 in the 2005 Final AP Poll.

    Number 23 in the 2006 Final AP Poll.

    Number 2 in the 2007 Final AP Poll.

    Number 19 in the 2008 AP Poll probably now.

    Coach Richt has an Average Finish in the Final AP Polls of Number 12. Dozen.

    The Aflack Question by CBS was totally in error. The question they said was who has been ranked in the Top 10 each of the last 6 seasons. Southern California out there in the PAC-1 and they said UGA. Excuse me, the 1st year of Matthew Stafford we were Number 23.

    How in the Living Hell CBS is that Top 10 ?

    Number 23 ?

    And, we have no way to get to Top 10 this season. We’re headed the other way.

    You could change the whole entire staff, for all I care.

    This season is a LOST SEASON.


    Lose to Georgia Tech ‘Tween the Hedges.

    The Pick 6 was bad when we had the momentum and that changed the football game, right there. Instead of 21 to nothing, we had a tied game.

    I have no idea why we acted as if we could not run the football.

    Blessed with the 2 Best Fullbacks in the nation, we never handed the ball to either one. Even on 3rd and half a foot.

    Good Lord.

    Every TD, Tech went for 2 and made every one. That, too, was the difference in the game right there too.

    Kickoffs. I am fed up with that part of college football, for us. Kicking and receiving kickoffs.

    Look. If I told you that we have no Tight End on the team and no Defensive End, wouldn’t that be a reflection on Rodney Garner too ?

    Sylvester Croom.

    Chief, as another mentioned in a I guess dead blog here on these WebPages, John Chavis, would be a great hire – give him the cash. With the exception of on again off again Offensive Coordinator now Duke head coach David Cutcliffe, Chief is all Fulmer ever had.

    Jon Tenuta will be looking for a job with Charlie Weis a complete wash-out too at Notre Dame.

    I’ve always liked Charlie Strong too.

    You cannot have the holes we have in recruiting where we don’t have a Tight End and don’t have a Defensive End, and on the Offensive Line we have 5 we recruit 2 years in a row for 8 years and then go 6 years without a single OL. Instead, we have 17 receivers – pretty much wasted scholarships. And, what’s up with this 4 top 10 quarterback scholarships every single solitary year too ?

    But, when you change the staff, you have to fix the issues too.

    We cannot have 11 arrested and 18 injured for the season.

    29 players on scholarship.

    First, and foremost, I am fed up of being Number 12 in the Final AP Poll every year for 8 years now of Coach Richt Era and read in the GD paper every day another is arrested.

    Arrested ?


    You just Lost your Scholarship.

    You are not tainting our Reputation and getting off Scott-Free except for a Public Suspension.

    I’m fed up with it.

    And, why 18 players starting Day 1 of Camp lost for the season ? What are we doing no one else in America is doing ?

    We have 29 players suspended (arrested) and injured. We become the Number 1 team in the nation this season and what do we do ? We go out and have two (2) brawls. What ? Are we recruiting gang members here or what ?

    I will not stand for it.

    Is that why they injure each other in practice too ? Because they are arrested and suspended thugs who cannot win unless it is a very weak opponent (We beat zero Top 25 teams this season, in the Final AP Poll and no hope that any of the teams we did beat will end in the Top 25 with losses by Central Michigan, LSU and South Carolina – again for all 3.) – So, we go to practice and do harm to our starters that we cannot replace because we have all of our scholarships tied up at wide receiver and quarterback.

    Why can’t we at UGA kickoff into the damn end zone ?

    LOST SEASON, and I am NOT happy.

    Phil Steele said we had problems.

    We played 3 teams who are Final AP Poll Top 25 teams. Gave up over 40 points to all 3. What ? This is a Big XII team now ?

    A WAC team ?

    A PAC-10 team ?

    Big East team ?

    Big 10 team ?

    Good Lord.

    I will tell you what else.

    I am fed up of these WASTED 2ND HALF TIME-OUTS.

    Mohamed Massaquoi came to the sidelines winded, and a black coach with his back to us, stopped him, held him and sent him back on with 2 seconds on the play clock ?

    Who the Living Hell was that Coach ?

    Fire his lame butt, right now.


    Not tomorrow or Wednesday.


    We would have gotten the ball back folks, and had a shot at tying field goal were it not for that 1 play either. We could have called time-out and forced them to punt.

    Of course, I don’t know what Matthew Stafford was doing calling the 1st time-out of the 2nd half.


    2nd Half Time-Outs Belong to The Head Coach.


    You don’t just take 1 because you don’t want a 5-yard damn penalty.

    5 yards is NOTHING.

    We cannot put anyone away.

    Coach Richt, sir :

    If you will NOT change your staff (like all of them), then sir you can figure you are not long for this program, for on the field and off the field, you have embarrassed our school sir with those whom you surround yourself with as coaches and as thugs, er uh, I mean players. Coach Richt, sir, I am sorry but it’s just not working out. If we are going to have to settle for being Number 12 every year, on the average, for your 8 seasons here – and, put up with all the horrible press in the newspapers every day too, then – listen up now Coach Richt – you are gravely mistaken if we fans of this school are going to put up with this combination.

    It’s not working out.

    And, it’s not just this year. You have never had an offense here at UGA. You have seen every recruit arrested and then you suspend them. Now, you have no special teams and no defense. In the meantime, you are recruiting a mish-mash of top flight players – all at some positions such as QB and WR and not at other glaring holes on the roster such as Tight End and Defensive End. Then, there is this rolling issue of the Offensive Linemen recruits, where you go year after year after year after year with zero OL recruits. Then, you recruit 5 in the next year. Redshirt them all, then recruit 7 the next season and perpetuate this on-going rolling problem with our school on the Offensive Line. I didn’t like it when you did the celebration last year, whoever it was you expected or didn’t expect on the field. You give up short fields on every kickoff, and always have and never have anything on kickoff returns yourself. You have not learned how to run a football program. In a year you should not have gone worse than 12-2, you go 10-3 and that is only if you get off your sorry butt this week and get some staff in here who will enforce discipline, motivate the players to play, and have some semblance of a game plan. It was your plan to not run the football and let them score 26 unanswered points from breakdowns on all sides of the ball and special teams ? Oh, B.S. Coach Richt.

    There are 3 teams who will finish in the Final AP Poll Top 25 your staff and thugs played this year. You were embarrassed by all 3, and every day in the press in addition. Not satisfactory Coach Richt.


  12. Jason

    I understand the frustration, but really?

    Since the game ended yesterday I’ve heard some really stupid things said by Georgia fans.

    Coach Richt isn’t working out?
    He’s embarrassed us?

    Dude, get a grip.
    He’s one of the winningest coaches in College Football…ever.
    And a class act to boot.

    Anyone who thinks he’s not good for UGA needs to put down whatever they’re smoking.


  13. Brandon

    Willie has got to go, as long as he is here it would not matter if Brett Farve was our quarterback, LT was our running back and we had Marvin Harrison and Randy Moss playing wideout, I think we’ll look back one day and say how did we lose three games with Stafford, Moreno, and A.J Green, no defense the great equalizer, I would like to see the statistics of how many games we scored more than thirty points under Van Gorder and lost, my guess is not many, this is not a new problem with
    Willie we have been getting embarrassed defensively several times a year since 2005.


  14. ecdawg

    Dawg Sports has an excellent post by T. Kyle King about changes in Georgia’s defensive effectiveness in the past few years. Without change in the staff the game may get away from UGA. Does anyone think Tech will be worse next year? We just saw CPJ’s worst team.

    The most fundamental error in football is failure to tackle properly. These kids have been taught to wrap up when striking the runner since middle school. Obviously, the consequences (at UGA) for failing to do so are not sufficient to help players retain focus on the basics. The same lack of discipline is evident on special teams. Excellence is not a function of ability but disciplined execution.

    We have another problem. This one cannot be blamed on assistance coaches. It may also account for the excess injuries that UGA seems to suffer with linemen. It may even explain the abandonment of fundamental technique drilled into players from their earliest playing experience. THIS TEAM IS NOT IN SHAPE. Those wide-eyed looks that you saw from our players during the UF, ‘Bama and Tech games were not because they were confused by the other team. They were gassed. To win the big ones, to come back against inspired opponents, to “finish the drill”, one must not just be in shape but be in better shape than one’s opponent. When tired, injuries happen. When tired, fundamental are forgotten.


  15. Heyberto

    Well said Jason.. everyone needs to step back and take a look at reality. The loss hurts, but our defense is not 100%, and its really not an excuse, just reality that we have been playing down in that arena for quite some time. Our special teams are young and makeing freshman mistakes..and it was from that unit that the loss really came from.

    That being said, the only thing that I’m outright mad about is some of the Jackets players defiling our Hedges. That’s like stomping on the logo. Those guys are kids and that happens, but I really hope that the GT coaches were there to squash that, but true to form, the AJC only posts the pictures to incite, they don’t squash it by reporting whether or not the coach’s stopped it or repudiated it after the fact. I’ve always thought Johnson was a classy guy, and if he is, he will do that if he hasn’t already… but it is uncalled for.


  16. NRBQ

    Turnovers notwithstanding, you can put this one squarely on R. Jones.

    His attempt to chest-bump the Tech guy out of bounds on that back-breaking 59-yard run is the lynch-pin of this loss. It ground the valiant efforts of MoMass and Knowshon into dust.


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  18. Hackerdog

    Thomas Brown, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.


  19. Wolfman

    Back to the point of the post…

    That hurts me too. It’s obvious that despite having two nationally heralded players, MoMass is the offensive MVP. He gives it in a way that is not flashy, but SO important. And he means it, too. He reminds of those players that never got national recognition, but played like it meant everything, like a Damien Gary or Hasan Graham or Juan Daniels. Even if Stafford goes, the loss of MoMass will hurt more.

    Here’s to a true Dawg.