You’ve got your outrage, I’ve got mine.

I know that most of the Dawgnation’s anger is directed in Coach Martinez’ direction tonight, but can someone explain to me how a team can be as godawful in the kickoff game after 12 games as Georgia is now?  Richard Samuel has absolutely no instinct for running back kicks, yet he keeps getting trotted out for returns.  His teammates can’t form a reliable blocking wall to save their lives.

Most maddening of all, Blair Walsh can’t directionally kick.  He just can’t.  Multiple out of bounds kickoffs in the twelfth game of the season are inexcusable, yet the coaches keep setting the kid up to fail.

And the best Richt can come up with on this is a joke.

After Georgia struggled on kickoffs yet again, Richt joked that he might have to scour Europe in hopes of finding a kicker with a strong enough leg to help Georgia win some field-position battles.

“We might have to go to Poland or something to find a guy who can kick it out of the end zone,” Richt said. “We’ll give him two scholarships.”

I bet he wouldn’t have to travel nearly so far to find a competent special teams coach.

I hate to be snide about a coach with a winning percentage near 80%, but, crap, there’s no excuse for how shoddy this has been all year.


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16 responses to “You’ve got your outrage, I’ve got mine.

  1. “They really didn’t do anything that we didn’t expect,” Martinez said. We knew what was coming but we just couldn’t make the plays when we needed to.”

    Tough. Somehow, somewhere, a bunch of defensive studs have un-learned how to tackle. Occam’s Razor says either point shaving or lousy coaching is to blame. For the sake of the University, I’m just rolling with Option #2.


  2. Matthew

    You missed the wording there, it’s shitty not shoddy.


  3. Carter

    I guess the Polack experience w/ Sebastian Janikowski at FSU worked well enough.

    Hopefully we can hire a special teams coach who will tell Walsh, “On kickoffs, kick it as hard as you can toward the uprights.”

    Did they ask Asher Allen to return kicks before the season and he refused?

    Most everyone is a manager and/or is managed by someone. If the vast majority of a middle manager’s (coordinator’s) subordinates (players) consistently looked clueless and inept while hemorrhaging money (points), then wouldn’t a competent CEO (head coach) recognize what must be done?


  4. AceG8tr

    I know it’s no consolation, but our kicking game is no better than yours. I think FSU started every return but one today at the 40 or better.



  5. Richard Samuel has bobbled probably one in every three kick return attempts this year. Versus Kentucky, he was fielding the ball above his head or in front of his face instead of in his belly.

    He also fumbled a time or two in the running game. He has fumbled / bobbled more times per touch than Tyson Browning ever thought about bobbling the ball.

    You know what most folks call a big physical kid who hits like a truck, runs like a deer and fumbles a ton?

    A linebacker.

    We have sweeping personnel utilization issues. Kickoff coverage and kickoff return is where they are the most glaring.

    Kickoff coverage and return complaint #8812:

    Why is our 3rd team quarterback who is listed by at 186 lbs BLOCKING on kickoff returns?



  6. NebraskaDawg

    Your dead on Senator. Most of this goes back to several coaches not just CWM. Ultimately, old saint Richt has the last word on any coaching decision made by assisstant. So why in the hell do we:

    Have the only QB in D1 returning punts? WTF?

    Why is Samuel still returning kicks??

    Why do we not have some of our best players on special teams?

    Why do we not scrap this directional kicking crap?

    Where the hell is our defensive mentality? Why are we taking entire drives off?


    It ultimately goes back to caoching.


  7. Pawleys Dawg

    Blutarsky has been criticising Coach Right lately for unserious, toss off comments about team and coaching weaknesses. It’s possible Coach Richt is goverened by the old fashioned virtues of manners and discretion, and isn’t airing his dirty laundry. The off season will tell.


  8. Paul – Samuel’s most glaring weakness yesterday was constantly lining up too far upfield to receive. Thus, when the ball was kicked, he had to backpedal to catch it, which meant his momentum when he caught the ball was all wrong.

    Pauley’s – I admire Richt for not throwing anyone under the bus publicly. But it’s a long way from that to joking about something that isn’t funny because it’s a sore that’s been allowed to fester all season. I think you can call it a serious situation without being ill-mannered about it. Besides that, read the joke here – it’s a putdown of Walsh, when you get down to it.


  9. Ally

    Pawley’s – isn’t also ill-mannered to throw 18-22 year old young men under the bus? What CMR said about Walsh was uncalled-for and worse, quite frankly, then calling out your coaching stafff – you know, the guys that are actually PAID to do their jobs.

    I’d love to know what Blair’s mom & dad have to say about that quote. That was not CMR’s finest moment for sure.


  10. Lost Dawg

    I’m guessing they could hold open tryouts on the UGA campus and come up with a better kickoff specialist than Walsh. He’s a liability in that role. Even when he does catch a good one it doesn’t make the end zone.


  11. Mike B

    I agree that our special teams have been atrocious all year, with no improvement. I’m not so sure that a coaching change is the problem. I haven’t researched this, but I do recall a post either here or by PWD that made the point that we have had some great special teams since 2001 under coach Fabris. Could he have gone senile this year? Or is it a combination of things? Maybe Richt hasn’t given him the personnel he wanted on special teams. Maybe recruiting for key positions has been overlooked the way our offensive line recruiting was in the past few years.

    As far as injuries go – this same thing happened under Donnan. I remember saying to myself that year (and this year) “What’s the problem with our strength and conditioning?” After the season, Donnan had the weight room upgraded, and hired a new strength and conditioning coach. It appeared to make a significant impact on reducing injuries the following season.

    Last point. Where is the defensive guy that wants to hit like Greg Blue? I don’t expect the defensive coordinator to have that Boom MF’er attitude all the time (all though it might not hurt), but these guys seem to have the talent, they just aren’t playing with the intensity that [I think] comes from coaching.

    Oh yeah – penalties. Oy.


  12. Hackerdog

    Mike said, “Where is the defensive guy that wants to hit like Greg Blue?”

    The problem is that they all want to hit like Blue. That’s why they try to tackle with their shoulders or heads and leave their arms out of the equation. The only guy who can wrap up a tackle consistently is Curran. He probably learned it out of necessity being as small as he is. I just wish he could teach it to the other players. Because nobody else is going to.

    As for playing without intensity, I think that’s all they are playing with. Intensity without fundamentals makes you look stupid. I think CWM is a fiery guy who tries to motivate with emotion and forgets to teach kids how to get off a block and wrap up a tackle.

    Of course, every coach knows that some kids just refuse to learn. If we have uncoachable kids on defense, then I still blame CWM for playing them. I don’t believe that we can’t field 11 kids on defense that will listen to a coach and do what he’s told.


  13. mattr

    Georgia in essence quit after the Alabama game. We got knocked off our high perch and apparently decided that we didn’t want to play the rest of the year.
    Coaching has been suspect. Richt has trouble instilling fire and mental toughness in his program. God bless him but ya’ll do remember that FSU had the same problems. Richt brought them with him. We will always be pretty good, just not great. We play with soft hearts.


  14. anon

    you guys couldn’t even stop a team that completed ONE pass all game. That’s right–ONE (as in the number 1) — pass. Way to go. To hell with Georgia!!


  15. AlphaDawg

    right on concerning SP teams play, it setups up bad D play.


  16. AlphaDawg

    one more thing,(I could be wrong) but didn’t Walsh put his 1st kick out of the end zone in the 1st game, and the 2nd was in the end zone, then we went to directional kicks?