Excuse me while I unclench my teeth.

I hope this quote is nothing more than BS coachspeak, because if Richt seriously believes that’s what has fans upset, he really doesn’t get it.

“I guess we’ve just got the bar raised so high that anything less than a championship is a disappointment. That’s not all bad. I want the Georgia people, the players and the coaches to expect championships. I want that to be our goal, but when you come up short of it, it hurts.”

“I guess you have to have a season like this here and there to really appreciate the other ones.”

Why does this year hurt more than the other seasons without championships?  There’s the real issue, coach.


UPDATE: Travis hits the nail on the head with this post.  Money quote:

The wheel goes round and round. If it comes up winner next year, we’ll look at 2008 as a character builder. If not, it will have been a heart-aching waste of talent.

That’s a toss-up right now.


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  1. Joe

    It’s a little scary to be reading the retread quotes that Fat was spitting for the better part of this decade. It is very apparent to anyone who cares to look that the UGA program is undergoing some serious erosion.

    Just as Fat had an inept Scu, Ray Goff, an untapped LSU and post-Bear Bama to get fat on, CMR has had Zook at Uf, a crumbling Ufk and the idiot Gailey at Gtu. Gtu has a legit (although high schoolish) coach for the first time since Joe Hamilton illegally laced em up, Ufk is about to hire the best defensive coordinator in the last 20 years of the NFL (not as a HC, but as a specialist), Meyer owns CMR and we have been vastly outcoached by Vandy over the last 3 years.

    It’s time for CMR to make up his mind on whether he wants to hide under his shell and watch his program continue to deteriorate, while hanging on to the occasional SECG appearance like Fat has for the last 8 years, or whether he wants to reinvent himself and continue on an upward trajectory.

    The comment he made a few weeks ago about the fans “not knowing” football is the one that really gets me. We do know football, coach. Your defense sucks. My wife can see that pretty clearly. Every 6th grader in the state of GA knows how to defend the option, yet your DC does not know how to assign a man to the pitch-man? Are you kidding me? We also know that your act is getting pretty tired with all the kids getting arrested. When you start losing to inferior opponent’s, that stuff becomes harder and harder to gloss over, especially when a kid gets popped during Gtu games week. You have clearly lost control, and we, THE FANS who know nothing, can see that pretty clearly. It’s time to poop or get off the pot.


  2. anon

    He’s probably still trying to decide how much wang his team sucks for losing to a team that completed one pass all game–and then torched them on the ground for 400+ yards. AWFUL. Biggest choke jobber in all of college football. Preseason #1? wtf. Go suck a dog turd you nasty dog fans.


  3. I wish, really wish, that the players and coaches would just stop talking for a while. For their own sake.

    One doesn’t get out of a hole by continuing to dig.



    3 letters…W…T…F!


  5. Wolfman

    To my recollection, once CMR has made a large mistake, he’s often been quite vigilant about making sure it doesn’t happen again. I agree we underperformed this year, but that’s assuming we have the elite talent everyone says we do. Take a look at what we had this year. Were we really that talented, especially enough to deserve a top ranking? We had a few amazing players, but Stafford and Moreno make a team not. Personally, I chart the 3 losses up to lack of talent overall. DL? Safeties? Depth at WR? I certainly don’t think we had the talent that everyone talked us up to have.

    We really should take a step back. Hopefully the people on this blog also suffered through the Goff and Donnan years. Even Dooley had years much worse than this!!! I used to brag to my friends that Coach Richt was different — that even if he did have a 5-6 year, we wouldn’t revolt like all the Tennessee people do. Why? Because we like him, because he is a good coach, and because our program is vastly superior to where it was before he got here. Our program is in shambles? Because of one season? A 9-3 season??? I’ve said it before, but it really feels like I’m reading Tennessee blogs.

    How dare anyone compare CMR to Fat Phil. He lost control of his team long ago, and it was obvious on and off the field for at least 5 years…his demise was inevitable. (I’m just surprised it was the year after a contract extension.) You want Meyer as your coach? Fine. Not me. You want CMR to make decisions on his asst. coaches based on a season or less? Ask Auburn fans how they feel about that.

    The knock on CMR has always been about his perceived lack on intensity. Last year, before the celebration, he learned he had to change from a play-caller to a true head coach. The change was made, the lesson learned. I suspect this season was an incredible learning process in regard to his experience. What happened to “Finish the Drill”? Do we still do that?

    I suppose we will find out. I know this 9-3 feels worse than other 9-3s, but why? Is it expectations? Maybe there’s a modicum of truth in CMR’s statement. Senator, I know it’s a toss up right now, and I hate the way he delivered that statement, but are we really ready to abandon ship if there’s another season like this?

    I think the bowl game will speak volumes.


  6. Joe

    Wolfman, I am afraid you are deluding yourself:

    “How dare anyone compare CMR to Fat Phil. He lost control of his team long ago, and it was obvious on and off the field for at least 5 years…his demise was inevitable. (I’m just surprised it was the year after a contract extension.)”

    We just had a kid get a DUI the week of the Gtu game. CMR has clearly lost control of the program on and off the field. The erosion started with the 2005 Sugar Bowl when Greg Blue constantly ran his mouth before getting smoked up and down the field. We then lost the great leadership of D.J. Shockley and have been rudderless since then.

    I think that our situation clearly parallels Ufk of the early 2000’s and Martinez is Fat’s Randy Sanders.

    I love to see people harping on our #2 finish last year while conveniently forgetting our complete no-show against ufk.

    Whether we have elite talent or not does not matter when we lose to mediocre teams like Gtu and barely squeak one out against UK. Whether we have “elite” talent has no bearing on beating those teams, because we have better talent than they do, plain and simple.

    Alabama went 5-6 last year and flat-out stunk. Saban canned Applewhite with little fanfare and brought in a pro.

    Until 2005, CMR had only lost two games by more than 10 points. The other team always knew they were in for a fight when they lined up against UGA. The last 3+ years, we have absolutely failed to show up against WVu, Ufk (twice), Uf, Vandy, Uk, Bama and now, Gtu. Those harping on CMR’s successes are clearly remembering the halcyon days of 2002 through the 2005 regular season, while completely ignoring the Sugar Bowl debacle through last weekend’s abomination.

    We are fading fast and changes must be made or we will fall behind Gtu in the state, Scu and Ufk in the SEC. We stand today much closer to Jim Donnan than Vince Dooley.


  7. Wolfman

    Fair enough. It is possible we’re in for a type of Fat Phil demise, and these are the early stages. The stats do tell a big difference in years 6-8 than previous. We haven’t been embarrassed this often since the Donnan days, beginning with Aub ’99 and continuing with the USC and Ga Tech games of 2000. (Another overhyped preseason?) Point well taken. I overlooked that.

    I assume you’re proposing that the changes that need to be made in order to keep us from “fading fast” are in the coaching dept, specifically in defense, special teams, and discipline (?) areas. I agree that out-of-control players are a major problem, especially here, but its kinda sad to see that it’s an epidemic everywhere. But I think I’d rather have a coach who dismisses Michael Lemon than allows AK wielding maniacs back on their team. (Hopefully having only one name to point to doesn’t become a trend — I wish I had more. And I didn’t hear about the DUI this week? News on that?)

    I personally disagree about being closer to Donnan than to Dooley. At this point last year, we were in discussions about playing in the national championship game. At worst, Richt made his 3rd Sugar Bowl in 7 years. I doubt Donnan has ever seen in the inside of the Superdome, much less coached in it. Even in Dooley years 6-11, there were 5 out of 6 seasons finishing with 7 wins or less. We have had an incredible run of success, even within the last three years.

    I think the key thing — and you said it, Joe — is we have become “rudderless” with a lack of on-the-field leadership. Who’s the leader on defense? Rennie Curran gets shown on TV, yet every week the great Senator posts Corvey Irvin talking about how we weren’t ready or we didn’t focus. In this case, everybody’s responsible. I thought we had learned our lesson about that last year…

    I’m a bit more optimistic, but I’m still baffled. Last year, there was a problem in the early stages — it was fixed, and the season played out well. This year, there was a problem, and it doesn’t seem like it was fixed. And it unnerves me to hear those comments delivered this year, in a ‘down my nose’ fashion. That’s not the CMR I’m familiar with. I certainly hope it wasn’t intentional.


  8. I like CMR. I have faith in him. I am, of course, upset that this season was such a disappointment.

    I cannot help but see a marked decline over the last 4 years – in defense, in discipline, in attitude, everything.

    I don’t know the exact problem, but as others have said before: I’m not getting paid millions of dollars to KNOW the exact cause. But as a fan, alumni, and donor, I certainly can see the result. And the result is not something I enjoy.


  9. Thomas Brown


    There was 1 poster to this blog who said he was not embarrassed.

    I liked this post of yours here too :

    QUOTE :


    November 29, 2008 at 3:58 pm

    This has to be the final indictment for Willie Martinez. He clearly cannot get it done. Our defense gets worse every single year, and this game was an absolute embarassment.

    They really did almost break the record for visitors points in our house.


    And our special teams? Special Ed maybe.

    Yes it is bad.

    There are those who think it is not great but who think ebarrassed is too strong a word. To them I point out :

    Of 4,500 votes on the UGA WebPages here at the AJ-C, Ninety Percent of us feel as you and I do.

    If you are not embarrassed by a team who every year for 8 years now has been ranked an average only Number 12, but who has 11 arrests and suspensions. Another 18 injured in practice lost for the season. When who they have played includes only 3 teams in the rankings today who they fell behind by 30 46 and gave up 26 unanswered to Georgia Tech…

    What intolerable act does it take for your monies to be invested in this manner before you are embarrassed ?

    I assure you my voice reverberates at our school. For this is not harmless to our school’s reputation. This is poisonous to our school.

    The football team represents our school.

    The evening after we are Ranked Number 1 in 17 of the 23 preseason polls, our football team enjoyed themselves in two separate brawls at 2 different venues.

    There were numerous arrests for drinking and fighting.

    At the end of the season, yet still the night before we are to play the Georgia Institute of Technology, our football team is out drinking, driving and celebrating.

    This has gone on for 8 years.


    Every day for 8 years.

    And, how great is our football team representing our school this way ?

    We played 3 teams who are ranked in the polls released today. We not only lost to all 3, but were embarrassed by runs of 30 points, 26 points and 46 points against them. 11 of them were arrested and suspended.

    Please share with the others here what excruciating insupportable performance would you be embarrassed over for our school please ?

    I demand the coaches and kids be held accountable for our school’s reputation, and you think they are doing just fine. So tell us what is it going to take ? Or, are you unaware please ?


  10. Thomas Brown

    November 30, 2008 at 7:01 am
    I understand the frustration, but really?

    Since the game ended yesterday I’ve heard some really stupid things said by Georgia fans.

    Coach Richt isn’t working out?
    He’s embarrassed us?

    Dude, get a grip.
    He’s one of the winningest coaches in College Football…ever.
    And a class act to boot.

    Anyone who thinks he’s not good for UGA needs to put down whatever they’re smoking.


  11. This whole argument that CMR is regressing and the program is on the demise is just ridiculous.

    We’re 9-3 and going to play in a New Year’s Day Bowl. It may be a disappointment from our preseason expectations, but in the big picture there’s nothing wrong with that.

    If we win our bowl game, that will be the sixth 10 win season out of eight years for CMR.

    We’re one year removed from an 11-2 season where we won the Sugar Bowl.

    Yes, there are problems that need to be addressed. If not, things can and will get worse.

    But, this attacking of CMR and comparison to Fulmer is just a garbage argument.


  12. Coastal dawg

    The underlying issue is the direction of the program.

    Was the 2006 debacle the exception or was the success of 2007?

    We hoped we had turned the corner on FL and taken back Jacksonville. We have not.

    We thought wwe had seen the end of our teams folding at the end of games. Not so. Remember, we were one late fumble/gift from Vandy from seeing 2007 go up in smoke.

    I don’t think CMR has lost control, but I see the same signs we started seeing with Donnan. So we still “Finish the Drill” in our off-season workouts and at practice? The evidence of our fundamental breakdowns says no.

    During the USC-Notre Dame game, teh talked repeatedly how USC has full contact Tuesday with the 1st teams going against each other and everyone has to earn their starting positon each week. They talked at length, and it showed on the field, about there focus on fundamentals and assignments.

    I don’t think anyone can question the premier program in college football for the past 6 to 8 years is USC. The difference between them and us is discipline – at practive, on the field and off.


  13. Coastal dawg

    One last thing that has been bothering me since last week.

    If I or any of my co-workers get a DUI, we lose our job. The management of the company I work for has made this a core value to the point they offer to pay our cab fair if needed.

    Coach Richt talks about teaching the team real world lessons, well here is a chance. Underage drinking, walking around with a beer stuff like that I can live with. Run them til they puke and lesson learned.

    But DUIs kill people. That should cost anyone, Kevin Perez or Hershel Walker, their scholarship for at least a full year. Zero Tolerance.

    I will come down off my soapbox now.


  14. Thomas Brown

    Coastal Dawg, sir,

    You say a lot a totally agree with. I have read all your posts, totally.

    Zero Tolerance, I agree too, is the only answer to these 11 arrests.

    If we have another 11 arrests next season as we have had 11 arrests/suspensions under Coach Richt the entire 8-year Coach Richt Era, and another Number 12 on the average Final AP Poll Ranking as we have had now these 8 seasons, and Coach Richt continues this he “is in control of this program and not the fans who know nothing about College Football, and he is keeping Willie Martinez” as far as I am concerned – Coach Richt can save us all the troubles and bad press daily for the next 365 days and quit now while we can still go sign someone who thinks nearly $3 million a year to represent our school is very fair given the talent in this state that ride up there to his door step and say please Coach Richt, give me a scholarship please.

    If the player is DUI, charged and arrested with NO BREATHALIZER or with FAILED BREATHALIZER, he just LOST his scholarship until he is proven innocent.

    No exceptions.

    I am fed up with it all Coach Richt.


  15. Coastal dawg

    Just to be clear, I am not asking for CMR to resign. I think he is a great man and a great coach. I just want to see a little more “Tough” in our “tough love” approach to players… and assistants for that matter.